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VIDEO: Talking About Diabetes and Pregnancy.

The team at Johnson and Johnson visited my home when BSparl was about 2 1/2 months old, filming a short segment on pregnancy, pre-existing diabetes, and the impact of the diabetes community on emotional health management.  (Phew - sounds heavier than it actually is.)  I am proud that JnJ decided to make my story part of their video series, and I hope BSparl enjoyed having the camera turned towards her round little dome.


I am grateful for your words. As a mom of a son diagnosed at 12, I too googled "diabetes" and was scared to death! Then, I found you and others that you have introduced your readers to and I had hope. Thanks for all you do and enjoy that beautiful little girl....!!!!!

Watched with Jenna. We had to watch it twice. Jenna's favourite part - Bsparl. But she got a charge out of seeing you check your blood sugar with her meter. :-)

ROCK ON Kerri!!! It is so important to share the day-in-the-life. Hard to believe how far social media has come in a few years...and how large the D-OC has grown.

Great message Kerri! I love these positive campaigns. They are so refreshing, especially after the link you had to WDD earlier this week. Thanks for your inspiring message and please pass the positive feedback you are getting onto J&J so we can see more of this!

Kerri, your story always makes me cry. When my daughter was diagnosed at age 4, it was me asking the doctors if she would one day be able to have children. They reassured me but watching your story has encouraged me beyond words. You are an inspiration and a reminder of the possibilities. I loved this video & BSparl is just adorable! :)

What a beautiful, positive message about living with D Kerri. Wouldn't it be great if every young child who was dx'd with the D, their parents, saw this, instead of the message your Mom was given? What a different outcome and outlook we would all have. Can instead of can't.

What a wonderful message AND the cutest baby. I am in awe of how clean your house is, too ;-)

BSparl (and you) as adorable as always! :)

"There wasn't even a story of someone having lunch with diabetes" - love that line!

I recently found out that when I was diagnosed, the first thing the pediatrician said to my mom was, "Don't worry, she'll still get married and she'll have babies." (This was in 1994.) I thought that was really sweet and I'm sorry your mom had the opposite experience. BSparl is gorgeous, by the way!

Love this!!! BSparl is so perfect!

You have no idea what an inspiration you are for other T1s like me going through the pregancy journey. I've read every word you wrote about your pregnancy, and appreciated your honesty, candour and positive attitude. Thank you, Kerri!
PS. BSparl is adorable :)

Wonderful story. I don't know if I've told you this, but you were definitely the inspiration for me starting my own blog. Your blog has been such a HUGE blessing to me. Thanks Kerri!

What a great video! And that bsparl as about the cutest dome I've ever seen.


I just have to say THANK YOU! I found this site because I was diagnosed at 3yo in 1989 (they also told my parents I couldn't have kids, I'd likely lose my sight, a leg, ect). I still haven't, YAY!!! I wonder if they think we lose our feelings along with our Beta Cells! You have given me hope that all of this hard work is worth it.

This video is awesome. Great job, Kerri!


ha! "having lunch with diabetes". I love it :)

count me in as another person thrilled to have found your blog among the many confusing and overwhelming sites out there. great video! :)

Thanks for invititing us into your home and telling us such a wonderful, inspiring story!
jnjhealth channel

Awesome, beautiful, wonderful!

Kerri, this video is so great. I love it.

I love hearing you empower everyone who lives with diabetes, and listening to you do that while watching BSparl do her thing just made it that much better.

Thank you for doing this! BSparl is beautiful and your openness to share your experiences is always appreciated.

She's so cute! :D

Hey Kerri! Thank you!! It was a wonderful message that, as Diabetics, we CAN have children, we CAN live a normal life and we CAN have lunch!!! heh heh!! My mother was given the same message as yours. I don't remember much about being in the children's hospital at age 9... but I remember that, and I remember a lot of crying. Now, 30 years later... I have a wonderful and healthy son. Sure, he came into the world a little premature and on my blood pressure's schedule, but he's a healthy 17 month old now!! :) (I think we just love them more because we worked SO hard to get them here!!) BSparl is adorable!!! :) Great job, Kerri!!

Awesome interview, great message, cute baby!
I couldn't help but notice the Chicago Manual of Style, heh heh. Great book, that is!

Great Job Kerri! You speak so well to the "normal" side of having diabetes (something that many people wouldn't even think exists!). I'm so glad to have found your blog. Also, both BSparl and her Mommy are looking great! :)

What a great little video! It is very reassuring to hear that not only can we still have children, but that both mom and the baby will be fine! Thanks for sharing!

I think you earned a You Tube Emmy for this one. I wish I had this type of inspiration during my early years of diabetes.

O.K. BSparl is absolutely adorable! I just had to say that.

Beautiful story...and I also always cry when I read or watch your story. Powerful! Thanks for the inspiration. My son was 5 when diagnosed, now a teen...you are such an inspiration for all that he can hope for the future!

Kerri I watched this video 3 times before sending my words to you: You really a great inspiring sweet person , thanks for sharing it with us. The baby is so pretty God Bless .I would love to meet with you again in FFL in June but I didn't manage to join you all this year , hope to meet in the coming FFL 2011.

What a fantastic message Johnson & Johnson is sending through this type of campaign...you are an inspiration to other sufferers of diabetes and it's fantastic that J&J has highlited a problematic disease as part of their video series...

Absolutely an inspiring message beautifully told. Thank you for sharing that.

Great, great video, Kerri!

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