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The Friday Six: Writer's Block.

The Friday Six:  August 6, 2010 edition.I felt it circling, like a shark (ooh, Shark Week!).  Writer's block.  It sucks.  I have it, big time.  But thankfully I'm alone in my blockiness, because there have been some seriously awesome posts rolling around the diabetes blogosphere of late.  This week's Friday Six is all about sending some link love the posts I've really enjoyed in the last few weeks:

1.  George at Ninjabetic writes so earnestly that I always find myself actually leaning in towards the computer.  His writing draws me in, that literally.  And his post, Just Love, made me want to hug my baby and my husband (and even the cats) all at once together.  

2.  This post, from Karmel Allison at A Sweet Life, is one that I read over and over again, letting the words wash over me as I remembered the expectation of expecting, all muddled with excitement and fear and intense love.  Powerful poem, Karmel.  Thanks for sharing it with us all.

3.  And Scott made me laugh out loud when I read his post, See Other Arm.  I love reading about diabetes meet-ups (love attending them, too!) and the pictures from his latest one gave me a grin that wouldn't quit.  Click through to see what I mean!

4.  Another post I really enjoyed was Chris's post about the pure evil of Pop-Tarts.  Personally, I don't think Pop-Tarts are discussed enough on the diabetes blogosphere (I think we're all afraid to admit we've eaten this crap - even though we all have at one time or another), and now I'd like to see what a cookie dough Pop-Tart is all about.  Though, after reading the nutritional information, I should wait until my pump is fully stocked. ;)

5.  I'd be hampering efforts for feline world domination if I neglected to link out to this post on Tales of Rachel, including guest ... meows? from the homonym pair of Casey and K.C., hosted by the always-hungry Perl.  Since Siah enjoys a good guest post here on SUM now and again, I have a high appreciation for other cats who are willing to tap out a few words on the ol' laptop.

6.  This one, admittedly, is my favorite of the bunch.  This post, from Jacquie at Typical Type 1, is called Beauty and the 'Betes, and it's a diabetes fairy tale.  And I love it.  Love, love, love and if you haven't read it already, you are seriously missing out on something that seems ripped from the Brothers Grimm but instead came from the Islets of Jacquie.  (What a horrible pun, but I already warned you - I have writer's block.)  Definite must-read.

Enjoy these posts from the talented writers of the diabetes blogosphere, and have a great weekend!!


poptarts! we have those in the vending machine at work...very handy when i'm low and about to run into a meeting (about 1/2 a tart does it).

I admit to the poptart thing. However, I don't eat them often cause I prefer the ones w/ no frosting (don't stone me!) and they get harder and harder to find...
Also, I am in the process of writing a post right now that is about my own writer's block! Ahhh! It's driving me crazy.

Thank you for your kind words Kerri. It means a lot to me and I have to say that Jacquie's post is one of the only blog posts I can think of that I continue to read every couple of days just because it is so great! I have triple love for it too!

Mmmmm there is nothing tastier than a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart (except of course when you toast them and the insides become like the surface of the sun and burn your mouth.) Mmmm.....hot lava goodness...

I've been thinking about the "See Other Arm" tattoo all week.

I totally want to steal it, but I'm too chicken.

I have to admit it, I love poptarts, but to my defense I can't remember the last time I had one. :) Thanks for sharing these great posts from these other amazing blogs. Jacquie's was so awesome!

Really, the Siah posts are too much. In a very LOL way. Thanks for my first laugh of the day!

I too have a sausage-like fat cat who believes he has rights to everything and everywhere in my house. He's adorable and I love him almost as much as my babies.

I don't know about the other two kitties, but I think Perl will appreciate the mention. Especially because she likes to be noticed...by everyone but G... ;)

Aww, thanks :) That means a lot to me coming from an actual type 1 mother!

I am not sure that Q has ever had a Pop-Tart in her entire life.

But just last night at the store* she pointed to a box of them and said "Can we try these?" And I said "Keep on moving."

But don't tell, I sometimes buy the organic ones (without as many nasty ingredients) to keep at work for days I don't have time for breakfast.

*We did buy Newman's organic cookies. 2 bags of 'em. So I'm really not high and mighty.

Ever since I mentioned Pop-Tarts all I hear about are the Brown Sugar Cinnamon ones. I feel like I've been deprived a slice of life. Either that or the entire world has gone mad.

:) Thanks for the shot of Kerri-oids.

Well if THIS is what we get from you having writers block, I say block on sister, block on!


Seriously though, I love all of the stuff you mentioned here. Great stuff that I haven't caught up on yet - except for George's and Jacquie's (I too love, love, love her "Beauty and the 'Betes").

Mmmm. Pop-tarts...

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