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Bah Hahbah.

What's the smartest thing you can do two days before you move out of one place and into another?  Why, visit the grand old land of Bar Harbor, Maine, of course!

Just before we left on Friday afternoon, I was tweaking out because there was still so much to pack and so many work things to take care of and some really important travel arrangements to schedule and ... the list goes on.  But Chris and I have been making the trek to Bar Harbor every year, and dammit, we weren't missing this year just because of some pffffft move.  (Note:  We should have gone two weeks before the move, instead of two days, but that's neither here nor there.  Actually, it's there.  As in "the past."  Where I should leave all my bitching and moaning about this move.  Done and done.)

But the trip was a good idea because there is something oddly calming about Maine.  I love Bar Harbor.

The view from Cadillac Mountain

I love the vast beauty of Acadia Park.

Kerri at 2 Cats. YAY!!

I freaking LOVE the 2 Cats Inn.  They have the best breakfast of all time, I believe strawberry butter should be served with everything, and their coffee isn't too shabby, either.

This was a hard climb for my post-pregnancy messy self.

I love hiking up mountains that I had to skip the summer before (because there was a baby on board we hadn't told you guys about yet).  I also love that these hikes replace boluses more often than not.  Ah, the power of exercise and the crisp Maine air!

Whynahree in Bah Hahbah

I love the fact that Maine has a blueberry wine (and we have a bottle of it in our fridge downstairs).  

Bar Harbor is so serene.  I dig that feeling of being completely disconnected from work and Internet and all that stuff that sucks you dry.  The flowers are beautiful.  The popovers at Jordan Pond are delicious and the perfect way to rev up on carbs for the long hike around the pond.  The rocks that resemble butt cheeks are startling.  The blueberries are so petite and I cannot figure out why.  But I do - I love the place and I really enjoy that Chris and I have made this trip part of the miles we put on our cars every summer. 

Such a shame that we've left the beauty of Bar Harbor behind for another year ... and now we're bracing for this Earl fella to show up in New England.  Have a safe weekend (and if you're bored, there's a whole stash of Maine photos in Flickr)!


I love Bah Habah. It's in the top 5 as one of my favorite places in this country. So glad you guys got to get away for a little R&R before the move we're not going to talk about anymore. :)

I haven't been to Bar Harbor since I was a kid, which is a shame because we live so close...you've inspired me to put it on my to do list!
BTW, you look great Kerri!

First of all, you look GREAT! Beautiful. :)

Next, now that you're actually in your new house - do you want to have lunch?

So you took your cah to Bah Hahbah? :)

I am so thankful that my parents only moved our family to places where we pronounce all the letters of the alphabet!

My grandma always used to say that God's paints the prettiest pictures and it's so true. A beautiful place like that can move you in ways you would never expect.

I am glad it was a good time. And Booty Rocks? I am in! LOL

Just have to say you look fantabulous!!!

The blueberries are small because they are a different variety (Vaccinium angustifolium in case you're wondering) from the kind grown in the rest of the country, mostly because they are wild (or at least they started that way).

Where's the baby weight? Looking good!

Who would have thought Kerri likes a place with dancing cats on the sign?

You're looking good :)

Congrats on your new journey....ahhhh....sounds amazing!

Oh, how I yearn for New England...

Hey totally unrealated to this blog, but I have been waiting and waiting for Diabetes 365 updates. Are there any in the near future?

the biscuit in your breakfast picture on flick made me drool. I'm still salivating. yum.

You make me want to go to Bar Harbor! I've never ever even been to Maine! Thanks for sharing. You look great!

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