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Diabetes Art Day: What If You Missed It?

Diabetes Art Day took place this past September 1st, and so many members of the diabetes online community tapped their inner artists for inspiration.  But what if you missed the day?  Can you still get your art on?

Visit Lee Ann's blog, The Butter Compartment, for more details on Diabetes Art Day and to view some of the submissions! And if you're looking for a labor of love this Labor Day, bust out your crayons (or your Photoshop) and see what you can create!


Kerri! That was awesome! I'm thinking that little strip needs a name, and a weekly (monthly?) adventure...

Cute video Kerri! Your little strip needs to go on an adventure with Marcel the Shell.

I love this!

ZOMG, I loved that! It was too cute!

To answer the question though, whoever wants to make art for Diabetes Art Day, I am most positively happy to include it or links to it on the main art page. Truth be told, I'm late for everything and have no concept of time, so maybe it's late, or maybe it's just esrly for Diabetes Art Day 2011. No matter, I really just want to see the artastic goodness :)

And as for what's art, if people visit that link to browse the art and the links towards the bottom, they'll see we have all mediums, all ages of participants, and T1's, T2's and lots of T3's. It's an amazing variety... and I welcome more!

That was fantastic! Now. About the name... I’d like to throw “Johnny Test Strip” on the table. ...and the floor, under the bed, between the cushions of the sofa, on car seats, stuck to the back of your shirt, caught in hair, on the sidewalk, in the bedsheets, bottom of your shoe... adventure possibilities are endless!

I would probably enjoy checking my bg more if my strip was as cool as this one.

Very clever, K. As per usual with your videos :)

I love the Radiohead cover! (And everything else, of course.)


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