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Month Five.


Seriously?  Five months old you are?  (And apparently Yoda I have become?)  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was prepping for surgery, trying to mentally prepare for the arrival of my daughter?

BSparl, you are getting BIG.  Of course, in your case, "big" is a relative term, because you're barely clocking in at the 25th percentile for height and weight, but for your little peanuty-ness, you are kicking ass AND taking names.  Rolling over is so last month, and you're now working hard on creeping along the floor.  If you roll over onto your front, you are quick to get on your knees and try to scoot along on the ground.  I think we're just a few short weeks away from crawling, and once you're mobile, we're in deep ... stuff.  

You've discovered your voice, and you love testing it out.  Sometimes you'll play on your playmat and YELL at your toys, hollering your face off as you tell the teething monkey toy, "Your feet are MINE!"  You babble incessantly:  at your toys, at your feet, at the shower curtain while I'm showering, at the video monitor attached to your crib (that's a fun one, having you look right into the camera and say "AHHHHHHH!"), and at anyone who makes eye contact with you.  Waiters at restaurants are now the recipients of your highly audible HI!!!s and your drooly grins.  You want to chat up everyone in the world, and when they give you a smile, you throw one right back at them.  You're a friendly little bird, and your agreeable nature is contagious. 

Kid cracks me up.

You are also helping me earn my mommy stripes.  Like yesterday.  We visited Target to pick up a few things, and you ended up giving me the gift of a massively filled diaper while we were there.  No worries - we just went into the bathroom to take care of business, but while we were in there, you were accosted by a sweet older lady who wanted to tell you what a cutie you were.  To thank her for her kind words, you proceeded to dip your socks into your icky diaper, leaving a trail of messiness in its wake.  And it wasn't until we were back out in the store that I realized the same messiness had ended up streaked up my arm.  Awesome.  Walking around Target, literally covered in poop.  Thank you, little bird, for making me feel like a real deal mommy.   (And thank you, People of Target, for letting me open and use every hand wipe in aisle 12.  I felt strange paying for empty containers of wipes at the checkout counter, but the cashier didn't ask, and I wasn't going to tell.)

This past month, you had your first extended overnight stay at Grammie's house while we were traveling, many visits to Home Depot (the guys in the flooring department love you), and we're getting ready for some solid food in the next week or two.  And later this week, you'll be sleeping in your own bedroom in the Big Crib (which looks like a football field when your teeny self is in it).  You like going for walks in the stroller, and visiting the mall (you also appear to like Ann Taylor, smart girly), and losing socks.

And I've heard that beautiful sound on your lips a few times today.  That "mmmm-mmmm" sound.  The one that will eventually lead to "Mama."  I can't wait to hear my new name from your sweet little mouth.

Love you,


She is beyond cute. And you deserve a medal for the Target poop adventure.

OMG! She is wicked cute!!

Ohmygoodnessholycow she's delicious! I haven't been subjected to an away-from-the-house poop yet, but now that Anna's on solids and pooping pretty much semi-hourly, it's only a matter of time. God help me. (If you're interested, I blogged about Anna's first solids. It's a Don't-try-this-at-home post. :P)

Good luck with the crib. For us it's a nightly struggle that usually ends in (our) defeat.

Hi Kerri,

I realize now that it has been a while since I've comment here at SUM. Five months, wow, it's amazing how time flys. I'm 19 weeks pregnant now, that's almost 5 months to :) Baby looks good and gives mummy good kicks already.
Love BSparl's picture, she's really really cute!!!


Kerri, she is precious! So much personality! I'm so glad to hear she is already an Ann Taylor fan- so classy :)

I. Heart. Her.

Crawling??? My BFF had the best idea when my godson started crawling. A onesie made out of Swiffers. That way, they can crawl AND clean your floors all at once. :)

Too cute! She is simply adoreable!
She'll be running before you know it! Get ready!!! LOL :-)

She is a doll! I love that I have read your blog since the time where you were just thinking of having a baby and now you have the cutest little one! So inspiring Kerri!

Kerri - you made me laugh and cry in one post! She is amazingly cute and adorable and you are inspiring! Thank you for sharing so much of your story with all of us and for making us laugh the whole time!

Oh man! The ovaries ache again! She is soo cute!

P.S. She is ALL Sparling in that picture!! :D

It really is crazy how fast they grow but I'm glad you are enjoying it! And I lol'ed at the part of her yelling at the shower curtain while you're in the shower - they really do follow you everywhere huh? My 3 year old niece wanted to come with me to the bathroom while I was watching her over the weekend + I told her I don't think so! :p She really is such a cutie pie!

Where do I place my order for one of these??? She is so stinkin cute it's almost unfair to the rest of the babies. :)

I think you might have quite possibly the cutest little girl ever! :) That grin is adorable. :)

Oh my gracious but she's ADORABLE. And also? Looks exactly like her daddy. (Who, from pics I've seen, is also adorable, if somewhat less drooly. I hope.) ;-)

Ah, the poop stories begin. I could tell you more than a few. :-)

Your daughter is beautiful, I can't wait to see her in person again.

Your daughter is one of the most adorable babies ever! And I love hearing the realities of mommyhood...you tell them like it's nothing...

She is beautiful! And I see both mom and dad in her. Which would make sense right?

What a beautiful baby! I LOVE your BLOG!!! It has really helped me through some tough times! I am so happy you and your daughter are having a wonderful time! Way to go Mom!

she's so precious! glad everything is going so well for you and your family! i can't lie, i'm slightly jealous, can't wait for my baby boy!

Oh, she is precious! OT I heard my first ad for Buried on NPR on my morning commute. So excited and happy for your family!

She is so pretty! I guess you hear that a lot :) Lots of happy moments with your baby!

om igosh... she's GORGEOUS!! (of course!!) Happy babies are so beautiful! :)


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