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Philadelphia Diabetes Meet Up.

Conferences are a good time and a great networking opportunity, but there's NOTHING like hanging out with fellow PWDs (and PWD caregivers). 

Hanging out with fellow diabetics (and their caregivers) in Philly!

Thanks for coming out last night, everyone!  It was awesome!!!


Bummer, I missed the picture!

Still, I was so glad to be there. I had such a great time meeting everyone and really loved being around other PWDs!

Jealous! So jealous!

Hey! Did I know about this? Is this a group that gets together regularly? I live in Philly burbs, but would make the trek to hang out with other interesting PWDs.

I live somewhat close to Philly. Love meeting new people.

Is there somewhere online that I could find out when and where the D conferences take place? I would love to check one out but don't have a clue where to start searching for them... Any in Canada that you know of?

I love seeing lots of diabetics getting together just for dinner. It is nice to see support that is not involved with sponsorships. I hope you all had desert!

I too live in the Philly suburbs and I am so bummed I missed it. Does anyone know of a group of PWDs that does get togethers in the Philly (or surrounding) area?

I had a great time!!! It was nice meeting everyone!!!!!

Good times Kerri and thanks for the invite - it was great to hang out with all of you! For people who posted about a group for PWD in the Philly area, Bennet over at ydmv.net (He's the guy sitting down on the left side, peeking out) is thinking about forming one. He just hosted an event in Montgomery Co. a week ago. Check out his latest at his website and check out thebetesnow.com for more info too.

So bummed I missed everyone :( !!!!!

Looks like fun!

LeeAnn is really making the rounds lately. She'll be hanging out with my mom by dinner time :)

Yay, it looks like you all had a fabulous time. :)

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