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Running with Diabetes.

I don't run.  Not well, anyway.  Running isn't my activity of choice because my body doesn't do well at high speeds.  But when I go walking or any other exercise that's outside and brings me far away from my car, I grapple with that whole "what the hell do I do with my diabetes supplies" issue.

For the most part, I usually carry a small bag.  Sometimes I bust out the meter from it's protective black case and throw it into a SpiBelt, adding in a tube of glucose tabs and my keys and cell phone and ... suddenly, I'm a pack mule, careening up the mountainside. 

I am not a "travel light" diabetic.  I'm a messy, throw-it-all-in-a-bag-and-hope-you-don't-lose-the-bag diabetic.  But some PWDs have figured out a terrific way to keep tabs on their diabetes while exercising.  Like my friend Melissa (a fellow Clara Barton Camp alum), who MacGyver'd her meter into her running shoes.  Here's a shot of her kicks, that she's graciously allowed me to share with you guys:

Melissa "Rebel" Kauffman and her diabetes running shoes.
Photo credit to Melissa K.  She also has a series of glucose stashes on her run route, in case of a low.  Clever girl!  (But no, I have no idea where she keeps the actual test strips.  You'll have to ask her.)

I think this is brilliant!  How do you keep your supplies at the ready when you're on the run - literally?  Are you like me, with an awkward bag of everything, or are you as streamlined as the pictured PWD?


LOL. I was also wondering where the strips are. I don't know about for running but I do know we just got my dd a Spi-Belt for her pump and love it! I don't know how it would work for more stuff though.

Rebel is taking over sixuntilme! haha. i wear running shorts that have pockets in them, and roll them up so the pockets are secure, and in one goes my cell phone and the other gets a tube of tabs or gel, depending on what i can find. if i feel low i just eat some of whatever i have and walk back.. but i suppose i should carry a meter with me :/

awkward bag of everything. i think my purse qualifies as carry-on luggage.

The distance runners I know do what your friend does and go out the night before and stash gatorade, juice bottles, etc. The put duct tape on the bottles with their name & that it's for type 1 diabetes and carbs needed for run the next day. They use only sealed bottles so they'll know if someone messes with it. So far, no one has.

They also stach gels in the weird inside pockets that running shorts have.

I used to wonder the same thing, but then I found the Tallygear Tummitoes. It has three slots for carrying anything you need. You can find them at www.tallygear.com. I blogged about mine on my blog site - http://www.sugabetic.com/home/2010/9/7/tummitote-is-here.html

I'm streamlined also! I keep a few strips rubberbanded to my meter....but mine are usually stuffed into a pocket. I would be afraid of it flying off my shoes! I too stash juice boxes along my regular route. Crazy runners..LOL!

I bring my husband with me, to time my intervals, and I make him carry the GU packet.

I am fortunate to have a large chest so everything goes in my bra. Not always the most comfortable but seems to work oh and this includes cell phone also. I have one hell of a cleavage :>)

I met Rebel in 2008 when she was yelling about running 70 miles per week. I was definitely scared, I was lucky if I ran 10 miles per week. Eventually, she convinced me that I could run a 10 mile race. I am not a "runner" like she is. Therefore, I ran with a camelback filled with half gatorade & half water. The meter, poker & strips along with a bottle of tabs, and multiple granola bars. She thought I was crazy, but I hope that she can be an inspiration to others like she was to me.

Shoes, I never thought of that! I can't imagine it would stay put though. My pump gets clipped upside down to my sports bra, small mp3 player and key go in the little pocket in the running shorts and earphone wire goes up under the shirt (and always gets tangled with pump tubing). I wear cycling shirts with pockets in the back where i put my cell phone and then tuck that into my shorts so it doesn't bounce when I run. I then put a tube of glucose tablets in my cleavage and carry meter case and all in one of my hands. Its a very particular system that took me awhile to perfect. everything I need is on me. wow, its weird to see it all written down.

One reason I am looking forward to walking/jogging with Kate when the weather is actually below 95 degrees is that I can keep all of my junk in her stroller :)

I used to use the Spibelt too but then I found the ifitness at the Boston Marathon expo. I have the double and use it for all my short runs. Phone, sport beans, dexcom. There is still room for meter, strips, and gel packs too. Find it sturdier and less pack mule-ish.

Long runs (8 miles plus) I stick with a Fuel Belt with an extra pocket. Meter, Strips, iphone, 3-4 gels, sportbeans.

Go Team Barton. : )

I use a Fuel Belt. It's the belt that bad ass runners load up with water for long runs. I run probably like 3 miles at most (on good days) so where the water bottles should go I put other things in there - like my meter. I slip my Dexcom through the other loops and I keep glucose tabs in the pouch. I felt stupid wearing it at first, but it really works out well!

I have one of these (http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/UDU168/) for when I go running for moderately long distances (over 5 miles) or when it's really hot. I do feel a bit like a pack mule, but it's comfortable for the most part, and there's plenty of room in the pocket in front for meter, strips, lancet, tube of glucose tabs, and my iPhone. On shorter runs I usually don't carry my meter, but I put four glucose tabs in a sandwich baggie and tuck it in the tiny key pocket on the inside of my running shorts.

I wear a camel pack with my cell, meter, glucose tabs, etc...
When at the gym (I'm a personal trainer so that's 5-6 days/week) I use an I-pod armband to carry my dexcom and keep my pump in my sports bra ;)

I don't run either just because I don't like it. For long walks and hikes I have a small one shoulder back pack that I use that works well. Everything goes in the small pocket on the front and I can carry snacks, fresh socks etc in the back pack. I do really long walks. The shoe thing looks interesting, but the tops of my feet can hurt if my shoes are tied to tight. I don't think I'd want to put hard objects there.

I hesitate to call myself a runner, more somone who enjoys plodding along. My running clothes are all chosen not for fashion, but for having built in pockets. Glucose gels go in those, then I wear a double SPIbelt with meter in one side and phone (doubling as iPod and GPS) in the other. I like SPIbelts as they really don't bounce. The biggest annoyance I have is the constant rattle of test strips in the bottle as I run! I may have to give the shoe trick a go, but think I'd worry about the meter falling out, and it would also mean I couldn't test without stopping, which an art of which I'm proud.

On a daily basis though, I'm definitely a toss it all in a big bag!

I use an amphipod belt, and like it a lot. It has different size pouches you can get for it, and I have one that holds meter, strips, lancing device, cliff shot blocks, and a paper towel. My pump clips onto the belt, and so does my ipod if I'm running with it. It has water bottle attachments too, but since I usually run through a park with water fountains I only use one small water bottle. For 5K's, I usually go without the amphipod belt and just clip my pump to my shorts. But the amphipod has gotten me through two half marathons, a couple of 10K's, and a lot of training runs.

This is why I love running on a treadmil...my stuff can be at my side in my purse :) I am in awe of those that venture out with their meter strapped on their shoes. If I go hiking or something I just wear a leather fanny pack. Not very cool but, I figure hiking is cooler than sitting on the couch so...lol that is how I pep talk myself into wearing one

Though I have a SpiBelt that I like, the simplest thing I've found is RaceReady shorts with big mesh pockets in the back. I finally broke down and bought 4 pair a couple of years ago: http://raceready.com/men/shorts.html

I reluctantly wear a fanny pack.

I'm pretty minimalist when I run: Keys and glucose tablets go in one pocket of my running shorts, and my Minimed pump goes in the other. This works pretty well for an hour or less.

For longer outings, I know I'm going to need water anyway, so I stuff my meter and some gel (just in case) in the tiny pocket of my waterbottle belt.

I think having anything on my shoes would drive me crazy.

Oh, and I've had enough trouble with MM pumps dying because of moisture, that I put my pump in a plastic sandwich bag in my pocket. A bit hobo, I know...

I guess I kind of qualify as a runner now (even though I still don't feel like one). My husband and I have finished the Couch to 5K program, have run our first 5K race and have signed up for two more. We try to run about three or four times a week, doing 5K each time. So yes, figuring out what to do with all the d-crap was a must. I have the perfect solution. I cram everything I need - meter, strips, lancet, tissues, icing tubes, etc - into a good sized runners tote. I then strap it to Pete and let him lug it around. Hahahaha!! Works well since he's faster than I am anyway - maybe I should stick a few rocks in there too to slow him down. :)

Haha You know those nike shorts with the tiny pocket in the front where you should put a key that is where I put my strips. I like all the suggestions though about belts and sealed water bottles I love people with diabetes sharing running tips this is awesome! -Melissa aka Rebel-

I used my Spibelt until it got stolen. But for longer runs I swear by the Nathan pack: http://www.nathansports.com/our-products/runners-paks-music-carriers/runners-paks/gel-pak

I can jam a ton of GUs in there, a small meter, keys, $. I always buy shorts with pockets and may throw my Dexcom in there (in a ziploc so it doesn't get wet). I throw my pump in my pocket or put it in the running belt. There is an outside pocket on the belt to put used gel wrappers or test strips etc. It is very comfortable and lightweight.

I would worry about contaminating the lancet with it being so close to the ground/puddles.

For dudes, these work well for stashing anything you want for a jog: http://j.mp/dyHrg3.

Thanks for this post Kerri! So many new ideas!! I'm not currently a runner (as i'm almost 34 weeks pregnant with my second child) but i do plan on getting back to it after the baby is born - ok, maybe next spring once the breastfeeding boobs are back down to just-about-normal size. In my former, running life, i was never very creative and simply ran with a water bottle belt. I velcroed my meter case to the front/side of the belt and shoved a couple of tubes of glucose tabs in one of the pockets. My pump went in the other pocket.

I wear a super nerdy fanny pack :(

I have way too much stuff to carry and my numbers are SO unpredictable when I exercise.

These other ideas above are great though...looks like I've got some research to do!

Thanks for yet another wonderful post and topic Kerri!

I tried a fanny pack for awhile and although it worked it kept getting in the way so I set down with my sewing machine and made a belt that had pockets that fit my needs. it looks a bit hokey but works just great. It probably would not work so well without velcro though

Have you ever looked at the Tallygear stuff? The Tummietote belt ROCKS. I am the queen of looking for gear that works for my son Joe...who is as ACTIVE as they get. This is the gear. Since I posted it on my blog her business has tripled...and everyone loves it. Scope it out. tallygear.com . AND it is affordable...she'll even add a clear window for CGMS or pumps. Sorry, I am passionate about this product.

BTW, I love to run...I don't have "d" though...just a "temporary pancreas" for my son. xoxo

I found out I am a Type 1 diabetic when I was 19 weeks pregnant with my first daughter when I was 30. It's been a HUGE adjustment for me which I'm sure you can understand. I was used to 30 years not having to even think about my blood sugar. I honestly didn't even know what diabetes was before I was diagnosed. Anyways, I wanted to share a fabulous insulin pump holder that I found when I had my second daughter. I needed to find something that could attach to my bra but not be in my bra cup since I am nursing. I use these now and LOVE them! I use them 24 hours a day. Just wanted to share: http://tandjdesign.com/hiddenpouches.html

When I was training for the 1/2 marathon, it was winter so I wore a running jacket with pockets for all my stuff. Also, I trained a lot on the treadmill, which was easy since it had a place for everything. I'm sure spring/summer running next year will require more planning!

This is so crafty and creative! I love it.

You must have been reading my mind, because I am starting to train for a half marathon and have been having the same, "Where do I put my gear question." I was just about to search the web for ideas right after I checked out your blog for a few minutes....recently, I've been using my cycling gear as running gear. Cycling shirts all have little back pockets that work great for a roll of glucose tabs and a little meter.

Oh, and sometimes the d-supplies end up in my sports bra as well!

I just don't run. That's the beauty of a treadmill/other exersize equipment which I don't know the name of! :D

Does anyone ever run w/o their pump? My daughter, new to college, will not wear her pump while running, which is maybe okay?? since she only runs for about an hour?? Comments??

I've clocked many miles (and 2 pregnancies still running) on the Nathan pouch which is ok. No matter how tight, eventually, it bounces, gets in the way and looks bad in finish line photos (thats a woman for you). For hiking it's great, I cram my meter, test strips, keys, gels and candy for the kids. For running, not so much since I can't wear it in back. I'm prob going to get an arm band for my next race, great suggestions from the posters!

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