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TCOYD: Providence!

I'm excited to TC.When I saw "Providence, RI" on the list of cities for the 2010 Taking Control of Your Diabetes conference, I thought it was a typo. 

"Rhode Island?  Who picks Rhode Island for a conference location?"  Pause, and then a grin. "Smart people."

Because Rhode Island is awesome.  (Note:  Born and raised in Rhode Island, I'm a little biased.)  A very short drive from Boston, MA and a decent but doable drive from NYC, my home state makes for a great place to kick off the fall conference season for TCOYD.  

So what are you doing on Saturday, September 11?  I'll be at TCOYD, hanging out at the health fair and attending as many sessions as I can.  I'll also be marking my 24th year with type 1 diabetes that day, and I'm excited to spend my diabetes anniversary at such an inspiring event.  Not a bad way to spend the day. 

If you're in the New England area, give some thought to registering today for the TCOYD conference in Providence.  If you register before tomorrow at noon, you'll score the early bird registration fee of $25.  (It goes up to $30 if you register at the door, so it's a good idea to get involved early!)  And if you're planning on attending, let me know!  I'm excited to meet you!


Hi Kerri -

I just registered for TCOYD in Providence, RI. I live in Warwick, RI & have been type 2 for 5 years. In denial for most of the time. Rededicating myself to health & long life.


I'm driving down to the TCOYD in Des Moines on 9/25. Hoping to meet up with as many PWD's as possible.

Always fun. I love TCOYD and their conferences.

Sounds like a great time. The closest one to my area in Indy is likely Chicago, but haven't been able to get up there (three hour drive) to make one of those. Hoping to have the chance before long, though! Anyhow, have fun. Will be looking forward to hearing how it all turns out!

If I had a valid passport I'd be there!!! Darn -- why did I let that thing expire?! Silly border... those were the days when we could just drive on thru!! Have an AWESOME weekend!! :)

I'm coming. Dragging my husband along, but not sure how many sessions he'll sit thru before going in search of a starbucks ;)

Oh I wish I could go but I'm a few states away. Bummer!

Not useful at all, but I lived in Narragansette for approximately 2 years. LOVED IT! (I am sure I destroyed the spelling of the name, it was a while ago)

Yay!!! I'll be there. Like Val, I'm dragging my husband along - although Pete doesn't seem to resistant to going. Although Starbucks sounds great - I may just send him out to get me some coffee!! :) Can't wait to see you and for you to finally meet Pete!!

I thought the same thing when I saw Rhody on the list. I thought I was seeing things and then I realized they couldn't have made a better choice. People may ignore us because we're small, but you can't beat how easy it is for us to get to get to the major cities and still have our own peace and quiet at home. I'll be there! I'm really nervous since it's my first conference so if you see anyone in the fetal position that's probably me haha.

Thanks Kerri! All of us here at the TCOYD office in San Diego are excited to come to Rhode Island. Most of us have never been there and can't wait to meet everyone at the conference. It's going to be a great conference :)

I'll see you there :) If you're around on Friday evening let me know since that's when I'll be getting in.

I was really planning to make this. But we've got an already overscheduled Saturday. So I'll have to pass this time. I hope there's an EXCELLENT turnout, so the TCOYD folks have another East coast offering in the future.

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