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The Last Breastfeeding Post.

This is the last TMI post about breastfeeding, so bear with me as I lay out these last, awkward details.  :)

BSparl is five months and one week old, and for three months straight, we did breastfeeding only.  Around the three month mark, we started to work in a bottle of formula here and there, and about three weeks ago, I started weaning her in earnest. 

I've heard horror stories from other moms about the weaning process.  I've heard that your poor boobs can become so engorged and sore that you can actually get a clogged milk duct or mastitis.  I've also heard that the weaning can be extremely painful, both emotionally and physically, and that the mother and the baby go through varying levels of discomfort and detachment.  Basically, I've heard that stoI'm sorry - the opportunity to reuse this photo is too good to pass up.  :)pping the breastfeeding process sucks.  (Pun frightfully unintended.)

So that's why I started weaning slowly, and stretched the process out over a few weeks' time.   At first, I started replacing breastfeeding sessions with a bottle for BSparl, and I would see how long I could go without pumping.  I started by skipping some of the evening feeding sessions first, as I seemed to make less milk at that time of day anyway.  After a few weeks, I was able to go about seven hours without needing to pump.  Over time, I was able to cut out the breastfeeding sessions almost entirely, except for the morning one. 

And last week, I stopped the morning sessions, too.  Admittedly, those are the ones I miss.  Having her wake up with a big grin and kicky legs, and then we'd settle into bed without waking Chris up, snuggling close and doing our thing.  But due to the weaning and the slowing down of my body's natural production of milk, even the morning feedings weren't enough.  I started to have to supplement her with formula even after I'd breastfed her.  And I didn't have the desire to take any of those teas, etc. that stimulate more milk production.  If my body was deciding I was done, I didn't want to push it. 

So we had a long talk one morning, she and I.

"BSparl, it's time to go full-throttle on the bottle now, okay?  Are you okay if we stop breastfeeding?"

She stared at me.

"So in the morning, we'll have a bottle together. We'll still snuggle and stuff, but your food will be formula.  Cool with you?"

She grinned and opened her mouth in an attempt to shove her foot in.

"Okay, good.  I love you.  So much."

"I love you, too, Mommy."  (Okay, so she didn't actually say that.  She did mush her fingers up my nose and say "Mmmm-aaaaaaah-goooooo-naaaaah!"  Which, to me, is close enough.)

The decision to stop breastfeeding wasn't an easy one, but it's best for me and my family.  My daughter had the benefit of three full months, and then two more months of partial breastfeeding, and I hope her immune system thanks me for it.  And now I'm free to go back to my previous medical regimen, which will include switching from Labetalol back to Altace for my blood pressure, and also the inclusion of L Glutamine and mass amounts of coffee. 

Now?  The challenge will be to make sense of my insulin needs, now that the breastfeeding months are behind me.  I'm currently on a teeny amount of basal insulin (0.25 per hour) due to the calories burned by milk production, so now I need to find out what my new, post-pregnancy insulin needs are.  And judging by the 200 mg/dl that would NOT leave me alone on Monday, I think it's time for a basal test - stat.

Personally, I'm proud that I made it five months with breastfeeding.  It wasn't easy, but after a few weeks, it definitely wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  And while I don't care how anyone else decides to feed their child, I'm glad I had this experience with BSparl.  


Cute shoes on your photoshopped image! :)

Congrats! It's so nice to get your body back after 1 yr+! But, a little bittersweet at moments. When that happens, just have a cappuccino, latte, wine, etc and savor that you can!

You should be very proud of your accomplishment! I know firsthand how challenging bf'ing can be without adding in the challenge of T1 on top of it. I hope that one day as my little girl (who has T1) is able to produce a beautiful healthy baby and feed her as successfully as you have yours...if that is what she chooses. It's all about what is best for BOTH mom and baby and what works best in your situation! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise or knock you down for your decision!

Such a good job! And take care of you (and BSparl too!).

Great thoughts Kerri and I believe that everyone does what is best for their families. If you aren't learning it now, some moms can be militant in their approach to bottle or breast. What works for you and BSparl and FamilySparl is what counts. You should be proud of what you did and how you are making it all work!

Hey, awesome job! Glad you guys are weaned somewhat smoothly and looking for your next fun-loving adventure together. Good luck with the basals...your current 0.25u/h is where my 7 year-olds smallest basal rate is at. CRAZY - HUH?

So glad you managed to breastfeed 5 whole months :) Thanks for telling us about it!

Totally OT...to the man with a "bright future," from my hometown paper:


yay for more coffee ;)

Not related to breastfeeding, but do you think your (possible) increase in basal rates might be due to the change in the weather? I've noticed that my insulin needs increase when the weather starts to get a little cooler, usually around the first week of fall (this week). I have no idea why this is, but it is a pattern I've noticed.

good for you...that is such a hard choice and a personal one. Im not one of the formula haters but i did try to breastfeed my daughter, after about a week of h*11 and she still hadnt latched on properly so she was getting very little i pumped for 3 months. I feel it was the best thing for my daughter, she didnt get sick for the first time until she was over 6 months old and we were almost done with winter so i see that as an acomplishment. Of course she also did just dandy once we switched to formula and grew up to be a healthy happy little girl! yes she still ended up getting t1d but that with breastfeeding is a whole nother ball of wax ;)(which i personally thing has nothing to do with it one way or another but to each there own opponion right) You are raising a beautiful happy little girl so good job mom to you!

9, er 10 (mean old doctors, they should make that more clear) months pregancy + 5 months post pregnancy = 14/15 months w/o coffee. Grap a big ol' fat one and enjoy it--you've earned it!!

OKAY I have to be that one, yes you did a great job bf bsparl for so long 5 months but i really don't understand why bf was so much harder than a bottle of formula. BUt hey I don't travel much, I am not in your shoes.

Emily - Breastfeeding affects my blood sugars significantly. Making a bottle of formula doesn't affect them at all. Diabetes can be a bit of a pain in that way.

Thanks for being "that one," though! :)

Congrats on 5 months of milk :)

Funny, cuz I just reposted yesterday about the end of my breastfeeding journey.

You know your body and your family's needs...glad to see that you're following your instincts about what's right for your life!

Ya did right good, Kerri!! ;) You know what's best for you & your family. I hear ya on the plummeting sugars while bf. Almost as bad as waking up with a low. (hateful!)
on a side note: DS (18 months) is starting to notice that mommy takes medicine. He sees me taking injections and just looks at me, kind of puzzled. (Probably because my meter and my cell phone are both hot pink!! ..lol I should probably change that!)

Labetalol -- Were those the really, really bitter pills?!? I remember being on something when pregnant that was horribly bitter...

My pain free way to stop breastfeeding??? Land in the hospital with ketoacidosis and a T1 diagnosis! Good thing my 8 month old was eating some solids, as he probably hadn't been getting any milk out of me for some time! It sure makes the baby weight come off easily though:)

So glad breastfeeding worked out well for you and BSparl!! What an awesome gift you gave her... thanks for sharing with us all! :)

Hi Kerri,

It's me again. I keep popping by to catch up on your blogs and to see how things are going for you.

I did the same amount of time as you. I exclusively breastfed for 3 months when my son decided that he would rather the bottle. So, I regretfully found out what 'nipple confusion' was, and I found out the hard way. I felt rejected by my boy, but continued to pump exclusively for him for the next two months. He was 5 months old when I had to start supplementing with formula. But, I must say, I enjoyed how it all ended up because I was in much less pain by letting my milk go away when my body wanted it to. So, way to go! I think 5 months is a big accomplishment in the life of a T1!

Take care, and be proud of the gift you have given BSparl!

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