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A Friday Six on the Wrong Day.

The Friday Six:  Wednesday edition.  :)Too many bloggy bits to share today to wait for Friday.  So here's today's Friday Six ... only the Wednesday edition.  :)

The ADA I grew up with wasn't exactly known for it's outreach to the type 1 community, and to be honest, I always felt that their methods were antiquated.  Until very recently, when I met Dayle Kern and listened to her speak passionately about the efforts being made by her organization (the ADA) to reach out.  And the proof is in the post pudding, it seems, because the ADA has started their own blog.  With Dayle at the forefront of the ADA's social media outreach, I think things are going to start looking up for Big Red.  

2.  Also, there's a new meet-up group being put together in the DFW area in Texas.  Lindsey Guerin, blogger extraordinare at Blogabetes, is heading up the charge.  Here are the details:  "We'll be meeting once or twice a month. Anyone is welcome...diabetics and their families included. We'll be doing events like movie nights, bowling, dinners, and just general support. Our first meetup will be October 20 at 7:30pm, hopefully."  You can reach Lindsey at lindsey_guerin@yahoo.com.  For more information, check out the TuDiabetes group and the Facebook page.  (And October 20th is tonight.  I'm sorry for putting this up last minute!)

3.  The crew at Johnson & Johnson grabbed some videos at BlogWorld last week, and they happened to catch me after my panel was completed.  The interviewer wanted to know what prompted me to start my blog and what motivates me to keep writing it.  So I answer that question, at a freaking breakneck speed.  (Apparently, the three hour time difference of Las Vegas and the constant flow of coffee made for a fifteen thousand word per minute delivery.)  Here's a link to the video!  (And here's hoping they post the outtake, where Manny Hernandez decided it was a good idea to make faces at me while I was recording, causing me to laugh like a lunatic and ruin the whole take.)

4.  And in other video news, there's a new video up at Animas, talking about the battle for better body (because that's such a journey at this point - the gym is not bringing me back to my jeans fast enough) and featuring a special guest at the end.  (Actually, three special guests, if you count Creepy Kerri Impersonating a Low Blood Sugar and also the Abby cameo.)

5.  On Halloween morning, Team Six Until Me will be walking for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  So far, fundraising has been a little scattered, but the Sparling family is ready with their costumes, so we're halfway to prepared.  :)  If you are able to make a donation to our JDRF team, I'd very much appreciate it.  And if you aren't able to donate this year, please consider walking in your own local JDRF walk team.  Every little bit helps, be it awareness raising or fund raising. 

6.   Lastly, Huffington Post blogger Riva Greenberg is bringing the spotlight back to diabetes with her post "Curing Diabetes:  How Close Are We?" Her interview with Diabetes Research Institute's Dr. Camillo Ricordi relays a lot of terrific information, but this one quote from Dr. Ricordi is enough for me:  "I started this work to cure diabetes. My goal has not changed. I will keep working until I get the job done." 

Enjoy your Wednesday - I'm off to rake the yard.  (Fall is so aptly named a season.)


Cutest baby ever! I admire the fact that you know you're going to have this uphill battle to get back into the swing of exercising, yet you still push yourself to do it because you know you need to. I have a really hard time getting to that mindset. I hope to get to your level of resolve at some point. Thank you for always sharing your honesty. :)

Awesome 6!!!

Does anyone know of a meet up in the Baltimore/Annapolis/DC area? I have been looking on TuDiabetes, but have not seen one.

Hi Kerri,
I read the article with Dr. Ricordi last night and it also put a smile on my face, I especially liked the part when he said there is going to be a cure in our life time. I can't wait for that!!!I love your posts

We are moving the DFW area meetup since nobody seemed to be able to make it! Check out the TuDiabetes or Facebook page or email me for more information/updates!

Thanks for the link to the article...looks great!

Holy crap that first video was fast. And holy crap that second one was windy! :)

Great to meet you at BlogWorld, Kerri! Maybe a tad quick but I thought your energy was engaging and upbeat, and captured the spirit of the conference perfectly :)
Alexis (jnj interviewer)

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