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Appreciating the Dexcom.

After BSparl was born, I was overwhelmed with adjusting to life as a mom, and diabetes took a backseat to just about everything.  I was healing from my c-section, attempting to snap up all the snappy things on BSparl's clothes, and figuring out how all the pieces were coming back together after having been completely blown apart.

I experienced some extreme diabetes burnout, where I stopped exercising, cut way back on testing my blood sugar, and the Dexcom receiver collected dust in my bathroom cabinet.  

But I've been really trying to get my act together here.  Now that we're quasi-settled in our new house, I'm back at the gym, testing with an increased frequency, and tuning back into my diabetes management.  I couldn't force these issues, though.  I needed to get things rolling again once I was really ready, and not beforehand.  With BSparl a little older (almost six months old!) and her schedule actually resembling something plot-table, I knew it was an okay time to start focusing on myself a little more.

I'm resolved to make exercise part of the equation once again, and I'm doing well with that goal.  And to be filed under "TMI," I'm keeping my glucose meter on the bathroom counter and am testing after every visit.  (Sounds weird, but it helps me remember to test and helps shrink the gap between blood sugar checks.)  And I'm back to Dexcom'ing it 24/7.  

I didn't realize how much I missed this thing until I took a few weeks off.  

Dexcom warrior rides again!

It's easy for me to slack off when I'm avoiding my glucose meter.  Mostly because my glucose meter doesn't scream at me every few hours.  But the Dexcom does.  Once it's on and calibrated, it BEEEEEEEEEP!s every time I'm high, low, or if it needs a blood sugar number.  I am the puppy to its Pavlov, and having this sensor stuck to my body doesn't feel as cumbersome as it did when my stomach was swollen with BSparl and then recovering from birth.  I feel ready for this information again, instead of overwhelmed by it, and I'm ready to make use of this data.

In the last two weeks, my meter average has come down from 179 mg/dl (ouch) to 148 mg/dl.  And I'm hoping that I can bring it down a little more in the next two weeks, hopefully while avoiding the extremes on either end of the spectrum. 

While I know plenty of people with diabetes wrangle in their numbers without the use of a CGM, I seem to be better off with one.  Something about that constant stream of information keeps me both accountable and tuned in.  Even though I'm not a fan of wearing a second device (hello, skin real estate issues), my health is better for it.  Sometimes it takes coming back from a round of diabetes burnout to remind me why I fought so hard for this device in the first place.

[Dexcom disclosure]


I, like you, hate wearing a second device, but I do so much better with it. It's hard to forget to check your blood sugar when you're constantly beeping. :)

I feel naked without Dex in my pocket. Over the last 18 months, I've come to rely on and even dose (occasionally) based on info from Dex. I could not exercise without it. I'm pretty sure my A1C dropped a full 2pts. due to the vigilance Dex affords. Glad you're back with your program.

Great post. Just adds to my CGMS envy, but sadly on the UK CGM's are not available full time without a pump (and even then only rarely for adults it seems). Right now I'd prefer to stay with MDI. Well this week I would anyway...

I have been CGM free for a while now. I had a really painful site a while back and have avoided putting myself through that pain for a while.

Sometimes I feel like a cgms apologist but I think I'm better off too. I'm worried about the cgms burnout because I'm 38 weeks pregnant and have heard about this from other diabetic mothers- it makes sense totally but I (atleast now, before baby) want the extra information. I was running low all night and needed those predictive low alerts. I hate that its not 100% accurate and I hate how it itches, but I heart it for those predictive alerts alone. (My a1c went up .1 but I think its because I'm low less).

I'm one of those PWD who can't seem to get "good" bg results without a CGM either. I tried so hard for the first 2+ years of pumping to get my a1c down but it just wouldn't go below the mid 7's. Bring in the continuous monitoring of glucose levels and I'm finally under 7. I haven't gone longer than a day without my Dex for over a year now and I wouldn't have it any other way. Glad to hear you're appreciating it again :) And good luck getting more into things again, I know it's not always so easy.

My numbers are WAY better than they were without Dexcom. I don't see how anyone's numbers couldn't improve with that device. It has been especially helpful at night (when I don't wake up when low) and during pregnancy (catching those lows before they get too low and catching the highs on the way up). I too, feel naked when I don't have that thing clipped on to me. BUT, I do hate having to wear more than one device. I feel so bionic.

For what it's worth.. I have a meter placed on the sink in the bathroom, too. Just easier.. especially for morning checks haha

I'm not a Dexcom user so excuse the question if it is foolish (and anyone can answer), how often do you recalibrate your Dexcom? I don't like the variability of the test strips that go with my meter but what does a Dexcom user do when the numbers on one don't jive with the other. I saw someone recalibrate a Dexcom today because the test strip gave a different reading.

I am having trouble with the whole second device thing... but think I will go ahead and do it soon. My pump trainer gave me a good analogy - she said without it, it is like driving with a blindfold, and taking the blindfold off every once in a while to see how you're doing. With the Dexcom (or whatever CGMS you use), you don't have a blindfold on. That made a lot of sense to me!

Go get em tiger. Get yourself a hat with a pocket to spice it up. Nothing like wearing it on your forehead.

Where in the world did you get the nifty case for your Dex? It's much nicer looking than the case it comes with & I can't seem to find anything like it!

That's simply beautiful and you're in the zone!

Okay, hilarious, I have also started keeping my meter next to the sink in my bathroom! It's a nice little reminder, and well, out of the way for when Kate starts crawling and trying to eat everything, including, I assume, my poker!

While at work, my receiver fell into a bucket of water. What can I do?? I'm sure that it is ruined...It has no signal whatsoever. The manual states that it is NOT waterproof. There has to be a better way to wear these things. It has fallen from my belt clip several times before. Once it even rolled under a car (that was parked, thank goodness). Does anyone know how much it costs to replace the receiver?? Is that even an option??? I am just sick about this.

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