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BWE10 Outtakes.

Every conference comes with dragging that camera around all day long.  And while the camera bag strap is digging into my shoulder (maybe my new 5 Million Dollar Home one from Crumpler won't give me that kind of trouble?) all the livelong day, I grumble about bringing the camera everywhere.  But when I go to upload the photos, I'm always glad I brought it.  Here's a quick look at BlogWorld 2010 through my lens:

Oh a giant cup of happy!

There was a giant cup of coffee that was aiming to break a world record for ... most giant cup of coffee.  And it broke both the record and my heart.  Oh I love coffee.  It's keeping me sane and productive these days.

Hanging out in Center City.

A group of us met up in Center City at P.U.B. one night in Las Vegas.  (And yes, that's George Simmons you see grinning in there - he drove out from LA to hang out!!)  Aside from the waitress hating us for not ordering much food (but many drinks - so she can shut it), it was a good night.

Kerri Sparling, Scott Johnson, Scott Hanselman, and Amy Tenderich

We attended Scott Hanselman's session on 32 Ways to Make Your Blog Suck Less, and afterward, the diabetics united for a quick picture (taken by our diabetic-in-spirit photographer, Jenni Prokopy).  Scott's session made me feel like I had a lot of blog work to do, from web redesign to URL structuring ... I realized that some of this is way over my head.  (Or at least over the head of someone who is doing both design and editorial on a site.  I would love to redo my blog, but I'd surely end up chucking half the useful stuff into the bin by accident.  So I'm leaving it alone for now.)  Check out Scott's blog for more details on making YOUR blog suck less so you can have a small anxiety attack about all the things you don't know.

Vegas at night.

And this photo is from the bar on the top of Mandalay Bay - I think it was called Mix.  The view of the Vegas strip was spectacular, and I joined the crew of people leaning against the railing and snapping off photos.

There are a bunch of other photos.  Like the one of the giant coffee cup in all its glory.  Or the shots we took in the Southwest Airlines booth, making it look like we were hanging out on the wing of a plane.  Or the Ford that we all signed with our handprints, leaving crazy trails of magic marker on our hands.  Or our photoshoot with the Chinese dragon in Center City.   Or the Grand freakin' Canyon from the plane.  (Ignore the one of Jenni with the wall boobs.)  More photos on Flickr!


As I teacher, I too am usually covered in blue overhead marker. Alcohol removes ink well (from clothes too, but wash immediately after applying!).

It's not like we diabetics actually carry alcohol wipes on us ;-)

Just wait until BSparl is older, it will be a wierd day when you don't have marker on your hands!

That was so worth the drive! It was fun hanging out and clearing Dragon Thing's nasal passages.

Good times, Kerri! Can't wait to do it again. And thanks SO MUCH for lugging your camera. I suck at doing that ;)

I am a daily reader (mom of a Type 1 nine year old cutie) and was in Vegas at the same time! It would have been a real treat to meet you. I wasn't doing anything so highbrow as attending a conference. General partying and nuttiness for a friends 40th. It was a wonderful break from diabetes care but meeting you would have been a delight! Can you believe how the twenty something girls were dressed in Vegas? Yikes.

Also a teacher, leave school often with marker over my hands. Often more than one color...

Marla! It would have been AWESOME for you to join up with us! I would have loved that. :-)

And yeah, there was no shortage of freaks out there! Got a little too crazy for my Midwestern tastes by Friday evening.

Missed so much of this! At least we goofed off around the gigantic coffee cup! :)

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