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Dear Pancake,

Little peanut, you are a Beatles fan.  Already.  I can't believe it, but you are instantly soothed by Yesterday, Here Comes the Sun, and Imagine.  (And you are also too little to care if I get the lyrics wrong, hence "Yesterday, I'm not half the mom I used to be.  There's a Siah hanging over me …")

You are now six months old.  And you are fiercely independent already.  You want to put your own socks on and feed yourself with your own spoon and chew on whatever you damn please.  You like pulling yourself up when I hold your hands and you are frustrated when your chubby legs can't support your weight.  Patience, little bird - your time for walking will come before we know it.  For now, you'll need to be content with rolling like a hamster ball all over the living room.

You have a tooth threatening to poke through any day now, and you constantly rub your sore gums with your fingers and occasionally with your toes.  You have developed this new, coy little smile when you tuck your chin in and press your lips together and grin.  Waitstaff at restaurants love this face, and they bring the bread basket faster when they see you.  Don't think this is going to be your "I get everything I want" face, because I'm not ready for that.  I'm also not sure if you're vying for a pony this early, but no way, kiddo.  We have three cats.  No more animals.  Talk to your dad about a hermit crab or something.

You and I read books every day.  You are obsessed with Guess How Much I Love You (only I feel a little like a dirtbag every time I read "Little Nutbrown Hair" … what kind of name is that for an animal??) and Love is a Handful of Honey.  You always look at my face at the same moments in the story, and by the end of each reading, you've attempted to eat at least three of the pages.  You are hungry for learning, birdy.

You sleep in your Big Girl crib now, in your very own room.  I watch you on the video monitor all night long, listening to the sounds of your sleep machine in the background.  Sometimes, you shuffle around in there, sighing gently and foraging for your thumb.  You are a champion sleeper, and my new mom sanity has been restored now that you are happily lights out for the night.  (But I must admit - sometimes I scoop you up in my arms before I head off to bed, because I need hugs from you as often as possible.)  

And now?  You are starting to chow on solid foods.  ("Solid" being a bit of a stretch.  There isn't much solid in those jars of Earth's Best sweet potatoes and little cups of rice cereal.)  The first time we touched the spoon to your lips, your dad and I almost cried from laughing because all you wanted to do was suck on the spoon.  But you've come a long way since that afternoon, and now you're able to polish off a serving of solids and only wear a third of it on your chin and a third on your bid.  Soon you'll eat more than a third!  And eventually, you'll be able to eat without us laughing at you.

BSparl at the ripe old age of six months.

Nothing warms my heart more than your smile.  Nothing makes me happier than the sound of your laugh.  And nothing brings me more joy than watching you eat tutus.

I love you,
Your Mommy.


I vote for a video of BSparl rolling around the living room like a hamster ball! :D

Oh. Oh my god. The cuteness is so intense that it is starting to be painful.

Love this! :)

She is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Your posts to her always make me smile. Thanks for sharing with us.

I know you hear this a lot...but she is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Oh I just LOVE your letters to the little pancake....

Haha - so cute. Look at those eyes!!!!

Happy 6 months, BSparl!! Oh my goodness, trying to stand up? And a tooth ready to poke through? I still think of you as a tiny newborn. :)

Kerri, she is so so precious! She makes the most adorable little faces! Your letters to her are amazing and I know she will cherish them one day.

Oh, and I agree on the Little Nutbrown Hair. It's our absolute favorite book, too, and everytime I read it I have to convince myself she doesn't understand why I am snickering, and that it is in fact appropriate, haha!

Kerri, She is absolutely precious. Those eyes, toes and the quirky grin are almost too much. Before you know it, she will be singing along to the songs with her own lyrics and that will make you laugh instead of the way she eats.

Um, I know I've already told you this. But I ADORE these entries. For reals.

She is hella gorgeous... :))

Ahhhh! So sweet! Love it! :)

Dear Mom

If I want a pony, I want a pony. Don't make me wrap Dad tighter around my little finger, it may hurt him.

She is adorable!!!!

As her Grammie, I couldn't love her more if I tried. She is a sweet, happy baby. Of course I have read her the "Nutbrown Haire" book and laughed with tears in my eyes through the whole thing! Weird names but a wonderful story. Having 1 grandson and two grand daughters is just the best thing ever!! They are truly special.

Word of warning from a mom of 2 girls? Don't send her to "talk to dad"... big mistake... my husband is the first to admit he's a sucker and the girls know it.. if they want something they always ask him first

Bsparl is so dang cute

Happy Half Birthday, BSparl! You look fabulous in tutus.

THAT BABY IS BANANAS! Happy 6 month bday baby B!

She's beautiful! Thanks for sharing and enjoy it! time goes by fast!

Dear BSparl:
Smart little pancake! Just like you, my girls knew to always go to daddy. Both talked him into "Daddy and Me Prom Dress Day" when then went out to breakfast, shopped for dresses, out to lunch, shopped for more dresses, picked one and then went out to dinner. He spent more on the prom dresses that I did on my wedding dress because, has he explained after I almost fainted from the price tag "She looked like an angel. I couldn't say no." I dread planning the weddings! They know to just ask daddy!

I love your letters to B Sparl! You and I have strangely simillar lives. I too am a Dexcom and Animas Ping wearing Mama with Factor V liden, who's little boy will be 6months old tomorrow. I love SUM and read it every day. Thanks for putting a smile on my face,and making me feel like I am not alone in this walk. Keep it up!

What a precious little girl you have there! Enjoy each moment and each milestone. This week I purchased my oldest daughter's cap & gown plus she had her senior pictures taken. I can't believe she's graduating high school just seven months.

What a great post, and she is so dang cute. I can feel the love.

Cherish that beautiful little angel....she's wonderful :)

Kerri- Bsparl is beautiful! I love reading your letters to her-makes me miss NShock (haha) was that small.

Incredible photo, beautiful love letter :)

Beautiful ... your post and your baby :) She's really cute

oh my gosh I don't think its possible for her to be any cuter!! And those eyes!!! She is so beautiful :)

I used to read the book How Much Do I Love You to my girls too! Loved it! (have to agree on the Little Nutbrown Hair name..haha)
Your daughter is beautiful!

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