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A Swiftly Failing Body.

I feel all ancient, like the old guy from UP!Despite diabetes, I've always felt like I was in "good health."  (Quotes are necessary, but even though I toted syringes around as a kid, I never felt like the "sick one."  Thus, making "good health" sort of a relative term.)  I have never broken a bone.  I don't often get colds or the flu.  While my friends were busy hacking up their lungs and hiding in their beds, nursing whatever plague ailed them, I was usually germ and virus free.

Until about three weeks ago.  

I don't know if BSparl weakened my immune system.  Or if the move to the new house/baby wrangling/excessive travel contributed to some major exhaustion.  Or diabetes just sort of reminding me "Hey, um ... still here."  (As though I could forget.)  Or if it's just some crazy perfect storm of chaos.  But whatever the cause, I'm currently inhabiting a swiftly failing body.

First off, my wrists are still a mess of tendinitis and carpal tunnel.   Physical therapy is definitely helping, but the process is very slow and since we're talking about my hands, it's not like I can go a day or two without using them.  (See also:  holding the baby, typing, carrying anything, putting on new infusion sets, testing blood sugar, picking up vital coffee cup)  Not to mention, the wrist braces at night aren't doing anything to go against that whole ROBOT feeling.

Secondly, I've been sick with some kind of freak show plague since the very beginning of November.  Started off with a sore throat, progressed to completely losing my voice, and then settled into this really lovely and incessant cough.  I haven't felt right or sounded right in three weeks.

And thirdly, while I was having a coughing fit last week, I felt this pop in my side and after being scrutinized by my best friend (the ER nurse), we both determined that I had bruised or cracked a rib from coughing.  Who does that?! So now every time I cough (which is thankfully becoming less frequent) or sneeze, the pain is pretty intense.

I deal with diabetes decently enough, but I have no patience for this extra crap.  Painful wrists?  Nagging cough?  Busted ribcage?  Hey pain, screw you and the horse you rode in on. ... and then I realize that the horse it rode in on is me, so I have to do something.

I finally have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon to address the plague.  I have scheduled my physical therapy appointments.  And I'm not shy about taking pain reliever to help out with this rib thing.  I need to fix this swiftly failing body because I don't have the patience to deal with all the mess.  Besides, it's ANNOYING.  I don't like having to further dumb down my workouts because of these issues.  I don't like going in for a husband hug only to have to say "Be careful of my ribs!"  And nothing annoys me more than reaching down for my baby to score a snuggle, only to have the action punctuated with pain.    

So, to recap:  I am a ninety year old woman. 

I hope the mending comes quickly.  Chronic pain was not on my holiday "to do" list.


Feel better soon, doll!!!

Pwd's essentially have a weakened immune system, so we are more susceptible to anything that comes our way. Even the minor stuff can be devastating if not caught early enough or so said my endo when she convinced me to take the flu and pneumonia vaccine.
hopefully its something minor and you kick it,I just learned recently that the average diabetic has 3.5 other chronic condition and that only 1 in 6 just have diabetes, crazy stat yes but doctors are not testing for even the most common co-morbid conditions....
by the way you look great for a 90 year old lol

I fell in the tub and broke a few ribs several years ago. It was the most unimaginable pain I've ever had. I couldn't move or breathe without it hurting, and was confined to bed rest for 2 weeks. You have my utmost sympathy for trying to deal with that. I can imagine how coughing would make it hurt like a mofo too.

Glad to hear the coughing is starting to subside though, and I hope you're on your way back to "good health" soon :)

Good deal about the doctor appointment. A number of respiratory ailments (short- and long-term), if they involve vigorous coughing, can crack ribs. There's also something called "pleurisy", which I've been told can feel like cracked ribs.

Glad you are finally getting to the doctor, missy. ;)

With all the work being done on your house, I would bet that it's kicking up crap that normally wouldn't irritate you if you hadn't just had a baby - many women I know have been just darn sick the first year or two after baby.

I had the coughing, feeling like crapola a few years ago, but still functioned barely, finally went to the MD and had a chest x-ray and guess what I had pneumonia, I suffered for weeks. As far as your wrists did you mention the kinesio taping technique to your therapist, I swear it cured my wrist issue.


Swiftly Failing is the key here. I would say that many diabetes begin to notice this "Swiftly Failing" body after about 25 to 30 years. I know I did at about 30 years of fighting diabetes and it is a fight. The one thing going for you is your attention to staying on top of your health problems and NOT letting diabetes conquer you. Your statement under your mast head has it correct, "Diabetes doesn't define me, but it helps explain me." My mother-in-law is 90 and you are NOT a 90 year old woman and you sure don't look the age you are you look much younger.

Hang in there dear. Get the help from the doc and get some rest!! Luckily, I have not been felled by any plague-like disease (knock on wood, as I teach) but it is always terrible to feel crappy, never mind be in pain!

Yep, this year's kennel cough-like bug is funzies, eh? I had the exact same symptoms as you. So did my non-PWD husband and niece, so I don't think it's an immune system thing this time. Take it easy & hope you're on the mend soon :)

Get BETTER SOON, Kerri!!!

I agree with this quote from above:

" I would say that many diabetes begin to notice this "Swiftly Failing" body after about 25 to 30 years."

I have been a type I for almost 33 years. But, I'm fightin' it every step of the way!

PS- Oh, My Endo told me that- "since we an auto-immune disease .. then we most likely with have Two, to Three other auto-immune disease problems(out of the 100, or so, auto-immune problems!)."

Perhaps the best thing you could do for yourself is actually act like you are sick right now and SLOW DOWN! If you were still pregnant, you would be resting and doing everything necessary to keep the baby healthy. Do me a favor and do the same thing for yourself, 'kay? This time of year can get even busier and more stressful than our busy and stressful lives already are; and I bet you are burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. Your body can't recuperate. Please, "put your own oxygen mask on first" eh?

Yikes....I broke a rib (or cracked it or whatever) a few years back from a hacking cough. Mike thought I was full of poo for suggesting it until I went to the doc to have it confirmed. Hurt like a beyotch! Sadly, rest was the only thing that made it better....so rest up will ya!?!?

I'm hoping you feel better soon! I was dx'ed with T1 two years ago at age 27. In the next year I was diagnosed with three other autoimmune disorders: interstitial cystitis, Reynaud's syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Talk about feeling like your body just up and quit on you! At one point I just wanted to stop going to doctors so they'd stop finding things wrong with me.

You are such an inspiration because you illustrate precisely what every chronic disease suffer has learned the hard way: how we react to the disease is what makes us who we are...not the disease itself.

Keep plugging, Kerri!

I totally feel your pain - I believe I have a similar plague to yours, and mine just started last week. It's now graduated into exhausting coughing fits that leave my throat feeling like cat claws are inside it, and my head is so congested it might explode. And oh yeah - I'm 18 weeks pregnant, so not a lot of meds I can (or will) take for it. No fun! Sincerely,
Me, who empathizes

I really want to be all cheerleadery and supportive - but can I just say, honey, it only gets worse from here?? Wait until you are as old as I am (although thankfully you have quite a while). My right knee and hip have been bothering me for months. And my right shoulder has something going on that brings me to tears if I move it a certain way. Ugh.

Okay, complaining over!!! Rah rah, good for you scheduling those appointments! They will have you feeling like new before you know it! :) (Better, right?)

I am not sure why but it seems that having diabetes makes you so much more aware of other painful things. last week I cut my hand (small cut) nothing to worry about but for some reason it was the most painful thing! I mean I stick my fingers countless times a day nothing! but this was to much!!. You would have thought I had hacked my arm off. So my husband (trying to be funny) says it is to far from your heart to kill you you'll be fine. HUMMMMMMM! I am not sure I ever liked him much mmmmmmmmmmm!

Feel better soon!

Listen to your body. It's telling you something. Take a little time for yourself. There's nothing wrong with a little mommy time and with not going, going, going. Over Thanksgiving, try just hanging with the hubby and B-Sparl and relaxing.

First, Very sweet video this morning. Second, if I may be so presumptuous regarding "A Swiftly Failing Body" (lovely pun by the way), don't take to the porch swing yet. I watched what happened to my wife during her pregnancies which superimposed a huge physical demand on an already "pedal to the metal" professional. She was like you suffering all sorts of theretofore unexperienced maladies. You have come through an extreme ordeal (pregnancy, forced bed rest, delivery, nursing, sleep deprivation, focusing on bunches of new and complex things) it is little wonder that your body is somewhat in tatters. But you will rebound. Meantime, sorry for the pain and cough, and thank you for still finding time (which is incredible in itself and a testament to how strong you remain) for us.

I blame it on the 30's. Aging. And giving birth. I have half the brain cells I started with and half the immune system. You have GOT to rest or it DOES NOT go away.

Hang in there Kerri! It's gonna get better, just hang on tight!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Hi, I am not a diabetic, but I do have constant health issues and always love to learn more about health. (plus the secret fear that I may one day get diabetes.) I saw your post about your sore throat turned haking awful cough and I just recovered from the same thing with MASSIVE help from cvs version: "chest congestion relief dm" it was the ONLY thing that worked after practically buying the whole pharmacy. Try it. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I love reading your blog. Please keep up the good work and a late happy thanksgiving. -Sasha

You've been dealing with a lot of pain and discomfort there Mrs. Sparling. That sucks.

Here's to some quick relief and that the journey starts coming back around to feeling great.

I am the mom of a 10 year old with type 1 who was diagnosed 3 years ago. I'm wondering if you've ever looked at anything by Robb Wolf? He has a blog (www.robbwolf.com), a podcast, and most recently a book.

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