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Be Part of the Cure.

(And no, this doesn't mean you have to become Robert Smith.)

With more than two decades of diabetes clocked in, my faith in a cure has been shaken with every diabetes anniversary.  Each September, I realize that more has been done to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes, but little has been done in giving us the hope that a cure - a real cure - is possible in our lifetime.

Except last year, when I made a trip to Florida to visit the Diabetes Research Institute, my hope was reignited.  The Diabetes Research Institute is functioning solely to provide research for a cure for diabetes.  And I have cautious hope that they will be the ones to make great strides in curing type 1 diabetes.  If not for me, then for the generation after me.

Which is why I am part of The Cure this month for Diabetes Month.  I made a small donation to the DRI and uploaded my photo to the Cure collage.  (You can find me in the bottom left hand corner of that sassy little E there.) 

Be part of the Cure!

Camillo Ricordi, Scientific Director and Chief Academic Officer of the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute, stated in a recent interview on the Huffington Post, "I started this work to cure diabetes. My goal has not changed. I will keep working until I get the job done."

I can get on board with that.  Be part of the Cure.


*deep sigh*

This has been on my mind a lot lately. Joe mentioned it the other day...the "C" word. I never even knew that he thought about it. He hopes that maybe Santa can do it. UGH.

Great project. I will jump on board. Thanks for posting.

Caleb in the "R" waving to you all. :)

Great idea - tried to put A on but Finland wasn't on the list of countries, when it came to donate! Strange as Finland has one of the highest incidences of type 1 diabetes in children in the world....

Donation made!! Research is so important. I hope to see a cure in my lifetime for all type 1 diabetics. They better hurry up!
K's Mom

Me too - I'm in the "R"!

I read your blog every day. I ran across this on another site I read and wanted to share this page -
http://www.dailyspark.com/blog.asp?post=lets_help_stop_diabetes_during_american_diabetes_month from DailySpark.com.

Thank you for pointing this out Kerri. Half of my picture is in the bottom of the C (but all of me is there).

We are in the "R"....thank you DRI for giving us hope!

hmm maybe someday

Can you share your thoughts on what specifically about the DRI gives you the cautious hope that they will be the ones making great strides towards a real cure? I have been frustrated lately trying to understand/ evaluate all the research worldwide and trying to determine who if anyone is close to an actual ( not technological cure) I hope you are correct!

It's all about "MONEY!!" The Pharm R/X companies do NOT want us to have a cure!! Ahemmm... As it hurts their bottom-dollar profits!! My Endo. Doc told me this.... as well as ~ "Don't you find it strange that all the major Diabetic break-throughs come from small European countries.... that the US can buy, and sell, one-million times over. This is not by chance. Greed in this country killed that!!!

I have high hopes that they will find a cure, too. I see a great endo at Georgetown and he is part of a study that plans to take individual stem cells from one's own body, convert them to embryonic cells, then re-convert/grow them into whatever you need (in our case, a pancreas that doesn't suck). The study is in its early stages (ethics) but it has amazing potential. The risk of rejection is almost 0 because the cells originate inside the person they're going into after. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

I love your blog!

Thanks for helping to spread the word about this Kerri.

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