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Abby the Person(No, this isn't a post about how I haven't been able to get to the gym, thanks to Chris's travel schedule, a lack of BSparl babysitters, and oh yeah, that rib I cracked while coughing for the last two weeks.  More on that later, but just for now, ouch.)

Because I am a fan of full disclosure and all that fun stuff, I wanted to let you guys know that I've sort of been losing my mind.   Life is full of good stuff, but insane stuff.  Between taking care of BSparl, my husband and I both running businesses from our home, and the regular ebb and flow of family and friends, time is tight these days.  I absolutely love being busy, but I hate falling behind on things.  And I've definitely been falling behind these days.

I needed to be able to count on someone for help here and there, and once again, the magic of Clara Barton kicked in. 

Thanks to a twist of fate that introduced me to Abby over the summer, I'm very happy to say that I've tricked her she's decided to come on board as part of my growing, happy mess here at SUM.  Abby will be helping out with some of the techy things (hello, badly-needing-to-be-updated blogroll) and helping to streamline my ragtag list of editorial needs.  Basically, she's going to help me retain the few shreds of sanity I have left.  And I am forever grateful.

So welcome to the chaos, Abby!  I'm very proud to have you on board, and I'm excited to be working with you! 

(And no, having an EA that shares a name with my cat is not a coincidence.  It's totally on purpose.  Fortunately, I do not know anyone named Siah.)


Welcome Abby! Can't wait to see what happens next for SUM :) Thanks for letting me share the journey!

Yay Abby!
Good luck!
(A long lost friend from down south;))

Awesome! Welcome, Abby!

Woohoo yeah Abby! This is so thrilling!

Yay Abby! I love you and your diabetes :)

Kinda jealous of Abby!! You are very lucky! And I also just noticed that she was diagnosed just 2 weeks before I was. I was diagnosed on Dec 3, 1998! :)

That's so exciting! I still think you need a nanny (me) for BSparl! :)

Thanks for all the support guys!

Yay!!!! Welcome Abby - the person. :)

And now that I have read her "about me" entry, I would like to add that growing up we had a cat named Abby and 10 years ago my brother named his first child Abby.

Yay for Abby! It's not your fault you have bad taste in baseball teams....but Kerri's isn't much better, soooo....I keed, I keed! :)

Hi Abby!!! Nice to meet you!!!

Welcome Abby! I'm excited about all of this! :-)

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