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Feeling Thankful.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the States, and I'm feeling pretty thankful.  While tomorrow is reserved for turning hand tracings into turkeys, today is a good day to highlight what I'm thankful for this year:

I'm thankful that we have a backyard that the cats can go crap in, because I was tired of cleaning that litterbox.  (And I'm also secretly glad that our neighbors have a ridiculous cat that comes over and starts trouble with ours, because when they pile into the bushes out back and cause the shrubbery to vibrate with their Andy Capp-style battles, it cracks me right up.)

I'm thankful for our family and friends, who have helped Chris and I adjust to our new lives as 'parents' and who make "home" a place that matters.  We're so glad to be sharing this chapter of our lives with the people and in the places we love the most.

I'm thankful for having good enough health to take it for granted, and to actually have the luxury of feeling frustrated when I'm "sick" because it's such a foreign concept.

I'm thankful for the wonderful work opportunities that have come up in the last few years, specifically for the companies and organizations that have embraced the voices of patient advocacy and who have decided to become part of the conversation.  

I'm thankful I have an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor that can help me make sense of the holiday meals.  Also known as:  Pie?  Yes, please.

I'm thankful that the lady across the street doesn't judge me when I wander in the front yard to check the mail, clad in workout clothes, slippers, a sloppy ponytail, usually with the baby strapped to the front of me a la Bjorn, my cell phone secured to one ear, pump tubing swinging in the breeze, and an army of cats weaving in and out between the maple trees.  She must think I'm a work-from-home crackhead.

I'm thankful that the Internet has brought a group of fellow PWDs into my life, and that I'm healthier and more informed as a result.  To boot:  I've made some very close friends through these bloggy blogs, and I'm grateful for their friendship every day.  Life is good when you're surrounded by those who don't make their own insulin. (And let's not forget that I'm also thankful for Abby the Person, who already rocks.)

I'm thankful for my husband, who is my best friend, my partner in parenting, my editor, and remains my hero.  And I'm thankful for my healthy and extremely happy baby bird, who wakes up every day with a smile, and helps me to do the same.  I didn't realize how much I missed her until she arrived.

And with that, I'm thankful for video:


I love that she nodded when you asked if she was ready. "Three notes... that's all you're getting!"

I love this post!! I have so much to be thankful for this year myself. Thanks for sharing yours and Happy Thanksgiving to the Sparlings!

You are an inspiration! Your journey gave me the hope I needed to think about having a child. I am thankful for that!

And we-your loyal followers- are thankful for YOU & your sharing this "journey" in diabetes- land.....every gorgeous picture of Bsparl inspires all us moms of daughters with type 1 to BELIEVE!

So wonderful! Hope you and yours have a most awesome holiday.

That's some hardcore piano jammin'! Love it -- and your list!

Kerri, thanks for sharing your so cute BSparl with us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, you're right we have so much to give thanks for.

All very well put Kerri. And that video is beyond cute! I'm giggling like a maniac at my desk. I hope you, Chris and BSparl have a great Thanksgiving!

She's such a cutie!!!!!

Music to my ears :)

I'm thankful for your insight and I'm thankful I took the plunge and decided to blog.

I've found so many friends...man...I think I'm tearing up a little :)

I am thankful there will be hand tracings tomorrow - been looking forward all week :)

BSparl is a star in the making...

Cute doesn't begin to describe that baby! I hope the Sparlings have a wonderful First Thanksgiving with the little bird (and I don't mean the one on the table!)

Start saving for Julliard!

At the hospital last week Q taught a nursing student how to make hand turkeys. I told the young woman that that's a skill she will use the rest of her life! (But I was also wondering who on Earth, or at least the US, doesn't know how to make a hand turkey!)

Thank you for posting your sweet little nugget! Thankful indeed! And you expressed every parent's thought - I didn't realize how much I missed her until she arrived.


Oh my gosh, she is so big!!! And she nodded yes when you said "ready?". I. Heart. Her!!!

I also heart that your neighbor doesn't think you are crazy. (A bit odd, maybe, but not crazy. *wink*}

That baby is brilliant (clearly takes after you)! :D

Kerri, thankful for your continued sharing.

And for that video, which made me smile today. I also loved how when you said ready, she gave a little nod. Took a breath and then went on a' jammin'. AWESOME.

xo Happy Thanksgiving.

Good grief! She's just about the happiest little nugget of cuteness I've ever seen!

She's so cute Kerri -have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for all you do for us.


Too cute!

I happened across my daughter's "pumpkin" at school on the bulletin board of what she was thankful for. Rachel is 10 and a 4th grader. Besides being thankful for her house and her brother and her parents, Rachel wrote: "I'm thankful for my insulin pump and juice boxes."

that video makes me smile every time i see it--what a precious gift she is! Happy Thanksgiving.

Kerri, a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Nice video and cute baby!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I love it that BSparl "jams" on command! Adorable!

I love the little note about the boots! It came through, even through my reader, and was a great little surprise!

The note about the boots was awesome indeed!

Reminds me of Kevin's blog, where he'd have parenthetical anecdotes off to the side. They are awesome.

We, Kerri, are very thankful to have you out there repping hardcore for the DOC, and doing that friend thing too. :-)

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