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First Walk.

We walk to show that we're in this together.  That we are an extended family of people with diabetes - young and old alike, all living as well as we can with this disease.   That we rally together and celebrate our lives, even when they're ornamented with insulin pumps and glucose meters.  We bring our moms and dads.  Our husbands and wives.  Our friends.  Our children.   It's an event crammed with people who love and who are loved, and we walk because we're part of this diabetes family.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to this year's JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  Your support means so much to me and my family!!

And the walk was a great way to kick off Diabetes Month, where (hopefully) the attention of the nation will be turned to diabetes in all its forms.  I know there are many projects and awareness initiatives taking place across the diabetes online community, and I'll do my best to help spread the word here.

In the meantime, BSparl enjoyed her first Halloween on the outside, and she charmed her mommy and her daddy by beaming out some smiles in her pink kitty costume:

Kid cracks me up.

I love being part of her life and seeing her smile every day.  I'm working hard to be around and bothering her for a long, long time.

... we walk because we want people to know there isn't a cure yet.  But there should be.


Cute kitty!!!

What a muffin! Glad you all had a great day to walk!

What a darling kitty :)

So exciting you got to do the walk! And seriously, that is one adorable peanut!

The only thing more beautiful than your words in the is post is the picture of your little "kitten".

Beautiful post, and BSparl is just adorable. :-)

"we walk because we want people to know there isn't a cure yet. But there should be."

Right. On.

Bsparl is soo cute!!!!

What a great way to teach advocacy to the next generation!

Walking in Houston this weekend!

She's just adorable! I had to miss our walk this year and was disappointed. Hope to be able to bring Baby B next year!

BSparl is sooo cuute and cuuute and cuuuuuute !

btw I love ur blog :)

Greetings from Norway :)

Very well said. Thank you for being a voice for those things others of us think but don't say (or write).

Also love how cute and happy BSparl is. But I have to say the guy picking his nose in the background takes the cake!

She is super truper cute!
Nice job Kerri and Chris!:))

And for the record: I am sure, that there already is a cure for diabetes, but we bring so much muny to the pharmaceutical industry, that they will wait with the breakthrough so long, until they find a disaese that brings more money!

She is truly one of the most gorgeous little girls I have ever seen!

Great job you guys!

she's such a cutie!

Cutest baby ever :-)

All the walks in South FL are scheduled for March/April. Gotta get used to it being warm enough for walking outside that time of year!

what an adorable little girl! Congrats on the walk - thank you for inspiring me. SO glad we've connected. Keep up the incredible work.

Very cute and happy belated holloween!

Oh my word that picture just melts my heart into a puddle. :-)

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