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Gadget Heaven.

Gadgets rule my life these days.  There's the baby video monitor.  The laptops.  The insulin pumps and the Dexcom.  Cell phone.  The weird little white noise machine we bought to help keep the baby from napping in silence.  These are amazing bits of technology that I rely on, in one way or another, every single day.  I love gadgets.  I'm a total nerd and I love things with charger cords and little buttons and beeps and boops.

Which is why I'm becoming more and more smitten with the idea of this thing:

Coffee?  Keeps gadgets going AND me!

Thank you, Red Envelope, for showing me that "coffee" can indeed power everything.


OH THAT IS FUNNY! And a bit genius :)

Without a doubt, truly awesome post. Coffee does indeed provide all the power necessary.

That's wonderful! I'm off to find out if they are available this side of the pond...

Oh goodness gracious, I need that.

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