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There are a few new columns up at Animas, and I wanted to share the links with you guys.  Because that's what happens during NaBloPoMo on the weekends - you post links to articles and photos of cats shoved into bananas. Like you do.

First:  Links! 

"For people who aren’t living with diabetes, National Diabetes Month is a time when the health focus of the company is turned towards diabetes. Public relations companies send out their press releases about the “newest treatment for diabetes” or “a food that can help you get your blood sugars under control,” and news media outlets run their somewhat generic segments on diabetes.

And for the thirty days of November, everyone is tuned in.

But for those of us living with diabetes, this is just another month. Because we’re living with diabetes all year long."

- Read the rest of Raising Your Voice for Diabetes Month.

"This year has been one of incredible change for me and my family, so I thought it was fitting that I give thanks to some of those people who have been part of this wild ride towards motherhood. You know, as part of Thanksgiving. (Puns are fun.)" 

-  Read the rest of Thanks.

And second:  Banana Cat.

STILL makes me laugh. 

There you go. 


Can I use this opportunity to tout Kahlua, the Vegas whore cat, again? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge - http://talesofrachel.com/2010/11/19/a-different-kind-of-friday-cat-blogging/

No? Ok, I like Siah as a banana. And your columns, even if I may disagree. ;)

Rachel - Tout your whore cat as often as you'd like. Same goes for disagreeing with me.

Super cute! I wish my girls were small enough to dress up in costumes. Now they just steal my clothes and shoes and don't give them back! Enjoy while you can !

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