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NYC Meet Up.

After a long day of traveling into the city, and then meeting up with some of the diabetes crew for the Discovery of Insulin exhibit, and then joining a few friends at the JDRF Promise for a Cure Ball in Chelsea, I'm exhausted.  Like super exhausted.  (Like almost fell asleep in the cab on the way back to the hotel only I sort of woke up a little more when I came to the building and saw that they were filming Batman right on the street.  Saw me some quality Batmobile.)

I'll have a post that includes more words later, but for now, here's a photo from today's meet-up:

Diabetes meet up crew in NYC
Diabetes Meet Up crew in NYC, right underneath that really important word up there:  INSULIN

(And Lesley, it was great meeting you!  And I totally meant to get your email.  Drop me a note if you have a minute!)


Happy World Diabetes Day Kerri! You are a ROCK STAR!

Sorry I missed it. It was my turn to be home with the kids while my wife hung out with her siblings.

Oh we just missed you! My husband, three daughters, and I went to the exhibit Friday! We're in NY, visiting from Minnesota. Our 7-year-old has Type 1 and celiac. I would have loved to see your smiling faces there. We could have shared Kleenex. At least I couldn't stop the tears reading the original letters and notes. I felt gratitude and responsibility as a T1 parent to keep up the work.
We're on the East Coast a few more weeks. Are there any other meet-ups we could join in? That would mean a lot. We love the DOC!

Wow! I misssed you guys by one day. I was just in NYC with my husband and we went to the Insulin exhibit.
Just like others there, I found myself crying particularly at the end when I realized that I/we are just so darn fortunate for everything we have and all the history & research we have behind us.
It would have been awesome to have met up with everyone there, what are the chances.

Almost every one of my favorite bloggers in one place at one time... and I wasn't there. :'(
I loved the exhibit and was so glad I got a chance to see it in October.

Yay, it really was a great day. Although it wiped me out too - I could barely stay awake during my train ride home. I guess I should have licked some more cupcake frosting. ;)

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