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Dear Birdy,

Happy seven month birthday! (Late by a few days, but who's counting?  Oh yeah, me.)  Thanks for being my best buddy.  You amaze me because every single, solitary morning, you wake up grinning.  And not just grinning, but thumping your fleece-clad feet against the crib mattress every morning like a joyous mermaid.  I'll admit it - I'm jealous.  You are filled with some serious joy every day.  ("I'll have what she's having!")  I don't know what's put you in such a good mood every day, but I'm glad you are a happy little bird.  It makes the few hours of sleep I'm getting feel a little more powerful. 

Your physical changes are happening every few days, and I'm afraid to literally blink for fear of missing something.  In just the last two weeks, you've started to sit up on your own, creep forward and backward on your tummy, and pick up blocks with both of your hands. It's like you're figuring out that you have the power to command your body to do things, and you aren't afraid to explore that power.  Like your repeated attempts to roll off the changing table.  Or the way you raise your arms in the air and yell happily, like Baby King Kong.  Crawling is coming soon - I can feel it - and after that, all hell will break loose.

Seven giggly months old.
Seven giggly months old

I love the personality that we can see developing in you.  You are a really agreeable little mess, and your joy is contagious.  It's fun to watch you taste new foods for the first time, or to knock over the tower of blocks.  (I think I'm creating a monster, though, because I'm encouraging you to destroy something I'm building.  This will eventually backfire on me.) We read books, we do goofy dances, and sometimes we let you pet the cats.  ("Nice kitty" isn't coming naturally to you.  "OMG KITTY!! YAAAAAAA!  BABY SMASH!" seems to be more your instinctive response.)  You've also discovered that your mommy is wired, and tugging on the tubing of my insulin pump is your new favorite sport.

Teeth are on tap.  It's obvious.  Aside from the incessant drooling and putting your toes in your mouth every change you get, you're gnawing on everything.  You like to read your books and then shove them into your mouth.  You like to play with blocks and then shove them in your mouth.  You enjoy a good stuffed animal and then it ends up in your mouth.  Just about everything, from your thumb to the bird toy attached to your play saucer, ends up the target of your giggly gumming.  Teething is fun!  (Especially when you won't go to sleep at night, you poor thing, because your gums are throbbing.  Teething isn't really that fun.  Sarcasm is, though.)

And you are thankfully not a picky eater ... yet.  So far, you will eat any fruit or vegetable without making a face.  (Except for peas.  But who likes peas, other than Daddy?  And Daddy is a freak.)  You like rice cereal, food from those crazy little jars, a slice of avocado shoved into the mesh food bag thing - everything!  But we need to address how delicious your baby food is, because I'm finding myself finishing what you are not.  Those little Earth's Best jars of apples and apricots, or sweet potatoes?  You eat 3/4 of the jar and I house the rest.  This does not make me feel like a grown up, licking the inside of a jar of infant food.  Actually, it makes me feel like a weirdo.  (But it tastes good!)

And lastly, you're testing out that voice.  You giggle.  You yell.  You flap your arms like your nickname's namesake and try to take off from your highchair.  You think it's funny to babble while you're yawning, and you have serious conversations with your toes at every opportunity.  You have all these words stored up inside of you and I know they're going to start tumbling out soon.  And once they do, you'll never shut up. 

Just like your mama.

Love you,


Awww, how wonderful! She is adorable and growing up so fast. It feels like just yesterday when we were all anticipating that tweet telling us you were done with your C-section and BSparl was out. I bet you guys are excited about her first Christmas this year. =)

You have been truly blessed with such a happy little girl. She obviously gets the vibe from somewhere :) I hope she stays like that always!

She's so cute! I just wanna give her a hug. And I love the batman shirt. :P
Oh, and BTW, I love peas. :P

Cute story! Thanks for sharing. She is absolutely adorable.

Wow! 7 months. My boy sat at 7 months also. Just watch, later this week, she will try pulling herself up by the furniture! It does change so fast and it does sound like you are cherishing every moment. Enjoy!

Speaking of serious babbling conversations, watch this: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1254261195230

(Courtesy of this language log post: http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=2605)

P.S. I like peas!

Forget crawling and walking, you are SO in trouble if she never shuts up. She may drown you out.

Oh, how I tease ;)

How cute! Have you tried making your own baby food? It's so easy just get a mini food processor (at wal mart for under $20) and you can zap any food you like to make baby mush. You can then freeze it in ice cube trays for later use. Easy, healthy and you know whats in it. Why buy jar bananas when you can smash one quick and it's fresh.

When my nephew was a little one he loved peas so much that we would have to HIDE them from him while preparing them. He would get SO excited he would squeal "peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas", jump about in his hi-chair (and frequently rocking it back & forth, scaring his mom to death.) I'm not sure if his now uber-cool 10 year old self likes them much, but he sure did as a baby! :)

Almost spewed my coffee and kolache reading about you licking baby jars! Nice...

Loved this, Kerri. Made me awash in nostalgia for those early months with my own.

Except for the teething part. Nope. No nostalgia for that. (Ahhh, but when those teeth are all in, the sleep you will get... bliss, I tell you. :-)

Ooh mashed avocado, an old favourite and a weird colour too!

You grabbed that image from a stock photo website called CUTEST BABIES EVER, right? Like, I seriously can't get over how ridiculously adorable baby b is. Love your letters to her!

She sounds like such a happy little BSparl! Purple is so her color (and those are some seriously clean floors)

Erik likes peas too. I also think he's a freak.

She looks so happy and healthy (and CUTE!) Way to make the DOC proud by bringing her into this world. :)

Kerri, thank you so much for sharing your precious daughter and her antics with us. She is a beauty.

She's so beautiful. Happy 7th month, BSparl...just WAIT until you get to your 9th month...you're seriously going to LOVE that one!!!

Enjoy your beautiful baby from this mother's heart to yours :)

You win! You have the cutest baby ever!! Enjoy every minute!!

From what I can tell - every day her looks grow more and more like her dad and her personality grows more and more like her mom. :)

I can't beleive she's already that old!! She's beautiful!!

Simply adorable. Cheers!

Ohhh, she is SO PRECIOUS. I love reading these posts. It's so clear how much you adore her.

She's precious. And, it's lovely reading about your joy in her! I hope you keep your posts about Birdy for her to read. (I'm a big traditional and digital scrapbooker; the kids love having something to hold in their hands and read.) For the teething, try Hylant's Teething Tablets. They were a miracle for my kids. With the avocado, we mushed it with breast milk and the kids loved it. It's such a healthy fat! Your baby is happy, because you are a loving mom! Keep up the great work!

Wow Your little girl is getting big. What a nice story and she is so Photogenic like her mom. She is a cutie

I really love your letters to B-sparl. They are touching and inspiring.

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