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Helping Out Diabetes Camps.

I loved diabetes camp.  Actually, that should be in present tense because I continue to love diabetes camp, even though I'm not a camper anymore.  Attending Clara Barton Camp for those five summers changed the way I looked at life with diabetes, and my health has always been better for it.

But I've talked about camp before.  I'd love to play a role in sending other kids to diabetes camp.  And thankfully, we as a community now have that chance.

The Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) is in the running to win one of the Pepsi Refreshment Project grants.  If they earn one, they'll use their winnings to send kids to diabetes camps and will also arm them with digital filmmaking skills so that the campers can chronicle their experiences with type 1 diabetes.  As a diabetes camp alum, a patient advocate, and the wife of a filmmaker, I think this is a fantastic idea.

You can vote either by voting for "dStory" on the Refresh Everything page, or you can text 104696 to Pepsi (73774).  (I'd guess that standard texting rates apply, but I'm not sure.  Double check me on that.)  Either way, you can vote once a day, every day in December.

For those of you who went to camp and it made a difference in your life, please vote.  And if you didn't have a chance to attend a diabetes camp, just think about the possibility that you could help send a child to camp just by voting.  

Thanks for your help, and here's hoping DECA wins!!


Thanks for sharing this Kerri! At the moment, the sign-in isn't working, hopefully because so many people are voting to make former campers out of more children!

Some additional info about how the voting works....
if they make it into the top 100, but don't make it to the top 10, the idea rolls over into next month. You can vote both online and via text, so technically, you get 2 votes per day, however, the program recognizes IP addresses, so you might have trouble if you have multiple people in the same household on the same computer attempting to vote.

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