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The Friday Six: Indiana Kimball.

Friday Six time!  (No time for a long post intro, because the Bird is asleep and I am taking advantage of the down time.)  Bring it.The Friday Six:  December 17, 2010 edition

1.  Charlie Kimball is on a victory lap already.  (When will the racing puns be considered "overused?"  Not yet?  Okay.)  BSparl's buddy Charlie (the two of them can be spied in this photo, where she is hopefully not pooping in his helmet) is moving up to IndyCar, with Novo Nordisk at his side.  According to the press release,

"Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes care, has partnered with Chip Ganassi Racing, LLC to create the Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing team for the 2011 IZOD IndyCar season. The team will sponsor a new entry in the series driven by American racecar driver Charlie Kimball. This partnership makes Kimball one of the first drivers from the 2010 Firestone Indy Lights series to move up the official "Road to Indy" with a full season sponsorship."

Congrats, Charlie, and I'm really excited for you as you make this next, exciting race towards awareness!!  (PUNS!) 

2.  Make sure you check out Cherise Shockley's interview on the WEGO Health blog, as she shares her diagnosis story and the story of the inception of the #dsma (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) chats on Wednesday nights.  Nice interview, Cherise, and great way to bring more light to the #dsma chats!

3.  The Pepsi Refresh Challenge is still going on, and the diabetes community still has the opportunity to earn grant money to help send kids to diabetes camps (like my beloved Clara Barton).  I posted about it and Amy posted about it today, so if you want to click through to the contest and cast your vote, please do!  You can vote every day until the end of December, so please take a few seconds to help!

4.  Over at Blogabetes, one of my favorite writer's, Carey Potash, talks about his son Charlie's progression towards growing up and taking over the management of his diabetes, bit by bit.  Carey's posts are poignant and always make me think, and they make me smile at the same time.  Great read, with insight into a great perspective.

5.  Last week, I participated in a MedHelp web chat about whether or not plastic products are safe, with chemistry professor Joe Schwartz, PhD.  Dr. Val covered the basics here, and Kim had a good wrap up on her site, but the main reason I participated was because of the baby bottle stuff.  Ever since we found out we were pregnant with BSparl, I noticed all these call outs on baby bottle packages, claiming "NO BPA!" in crazy bright letters.  Dr. Val and Kim are medical professionals with medical degrees, while I'm just a health blogger and a new mom, so I wanted to check out this chat to see what the "real deal" was with plastics and their safety as it relates to my daughter.  Honestly, the chemist guy said that there wasn't anything credible to worry about, but the information out there is plentiful - and it's not all accurate.  Even though I respect the opinions of my online doctor and nurse friends, I still lean mainly on my daughter's pediatrician for information on what's best for her.  I'm old school for an online dork.

6.  And lastly, there are two new posts up at Animas today, one about "Pinging" in the New Year (you know how I feel about puns) and then one addressing the Holiday Irony of our dessert party this weekend for friends.  Tonight and tomorrow morning will be spent baking cookies, a flourless chocolate cake, and possibly some lemon bars, and I am making a point not to drain my insulin pump in the process. ... Should be interesting.  :)

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the links!


Ooh! Christina has a recipe for bolus-free chocolate cake! (and it really IS bolus free....). I should find that recipe....

(and this is now officially a useless comment!) :-)

Its funny I was just reading about Charlie Kimball in a time magazine story on his involvement with Novo and drug companies push into social media,interesting stuff...here is the piece http://bit.ly/h6awuv

I loved your "pinging in the new year" post because I've often wondered what will be next for me, too. I'm not so great maintaining goals once I've achieved them, so that was nice to read!

Have fun with your dessert party ~ I bet there will be tons of bolus-worthy treats there. I'm an idiot and made the ONE dessert I cannot have for the ONLY holiday thing we have this year. (Tiramisu; which has a raw egg in it...a no no for my knocked-up self.)

Still LMAO over "hopefully not pooping in his helmet"...

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