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The Wrong Order.

A new Animas vlog is up on their site:  The Wrong Order.  What happens when you get the wrong coffee order from the coffee shop?  You end up with wicked high blood sugar.  And subtitles.  (Christmas tree not included with aforementioned wrong order.)

(And, as a total sidenote:  thank you guys for your support on yesterday's post.  It means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it.  Can't say much more than that without welling up and not being able to see the computer screen, so I'll just leave it at that:  thank you.)


I had to google "Eddie Izzard like you do" after watching this video. Haha, I love that guy.

WTF indeed. I know that's what you meant to say. ;)

I am sorry that you got the wrong order because that totally blows! I think we've all been there. As a new diabetic, my mother would carry the ketone strips with sugar indicator to restaurants to make sure I got diet soda. One time they tried to fight her and the evidence was right there on that little strip! And thanks for the "What am I going to do? Sit here in front of the Christmas tree" because it made me laugh

Kerri, I think you need to reduce your Splenda craving -- wow, 3 is a big number. I drank unsweetened coffee for many years and just started on Splenda recently, so I know it makes the coffee extra yummy. Though I still drink it unsweetened occasionally to prove to myself that I can.

I HATE it when that happens! The worst is when I'm ABSOLUTELY positive that they've given me regular soda instead of diet, so I ask for another and it's STILL regular. So I keep asking them about it because I really need to know what I'm drinking! And most servers get so annoyed at me! Anyway, for the servers who actually BELIEVE me and bother to investigate, they usually find out that they have the lines messed up in their soda fountain or someone loaded the wrong syrup into the line for "diet."

Anyway, that was a little bit of a pointless ramble but it really gets my goat that some people just think I'm being picky or on a diet. Instead of thinking it could really make a difference to my health. Because now I have no clue whether to bolus for that drink and I don't really wanna play the wait and see game and end up fighting a 300 blood sugar down the road!

Bummer about the coffee, Kerri. Those kinda things make me cringe because they are just so pointless.

Drive thrus are the WORST with wrong orders! That has happened to me MANY times with soda. I'll order a diet coke and they give me regular. Sucks cause you don't know it's wrong till like you said are on the road drinking it. If it happens in restaurants they seem offended if you send it back. I hate to play my diabetes card but sometimes I have to for them to not spit in it. LOVE the graphic with the straw in the sugar LOL

Or when youthink "wow gingerbread coffee? That sounds delicious I'm going t drink one and not realize there's 39carbs in it and be high all day" sweet.

This happened to me at my local McDs! I am addicted to the medium sugar-free vanilla iced coffee- and after 2 different episodes of losing at russian roulette, I had a nice little chat with the manager- I was pleasant and sincere about informing her about my diabetes and what an f-ing day ruiner my fave treat can sometimes be! And it has never happened again. FYI. :)

I know, I'm always double checking Q's diet cherry limeade from Sonic. In fat I've started ordering mine diet just so that they can't get confused. I have a really hard time telling the difference.

You should come enter to win my Tassimo...you could make your own iced coffee in a snap!

I hate it when that happens! But maybe next time you could ask them to give you the splenda packs and put it in yourself. That way you know if it's wrong before it ends up in your coffee.

This reminds me of something that happened to me last week. Erik, my brother, and I went to see Black Swan, and of course, I order popcorn and a diet soda. Except when I got the soda, it tasted really sweet. I made both Erik and my brother "taste test" it because I didn't believe it was diet, but then I realized it was the new Coke Zero - which *is* diet but it *tastes* like regular! Which is great for non-Ds but does absolutely NO GOOD for people trying to avoid 40 grams of sugar. Sigh. When will they think of the diabetics?!

Hahaha, this video was cute. The splenda situation, not very! I usually order my tim horton's steeped tea, one cream, no sugar, and then I put the splenda in myself even though it's more of a pain. That way I know for sure. I can tell the difference between coke and diet coke, but not between splenda tea and sugary tea.

Yes drive thrus are such a pain! We get Niger king *sometimes* and ask for a diet coke for me, regular for hubby. The number of times I've gotten regular, skyrocket-me to the ceiling coke is outrageous! And the servers don't care, I always ask them which of the two cups is diet, and half the time I can see them guessing. I ask them to do it again, but last time I saw the girl just turn around and chat before handing the exact same drinks back to me! So I give up, and don't drink it. :S

I feel your pain. Not long ago, I actually had to explain to a girl in a drive thru why Coke & Diet Coke were not the same. When I got nowhere with her I demanded to see the manager. He didn't seem very sympathetic at first, but when I informed him that a mix up like that can effect my health because of diabetes, he changed his attitude pretty fast.

Once I got home I had a big laugh because to make up for my trouble, he'd given me an order of fries & a pie. But I had my Diet Coke. And my brother got a nice treat. :P

Funny you should vlog about this! Just yesterday I ordered a Venti Iced Passion Tea unsweetened (I guess you know where I go), and it's a good thing I took a quick sip before leaving the counter, 'cause that baby was sweetened . . . . People are just on autopilot.

And why IS it that bg's can drop so darned fast at the low end, but trying to bring it down from a high number takes all the live long day? Just thinking about it is making me thirsty. For an Iced Passion Tea. Unsweet.

That has happened to me sooo many times that I now either make the coffee myself at home or order the coffee plain and add the splenda myself. Both ways are a bit of a hassle, but what part of diabetes isn't.

Hy Kerri
My name is Mariana, I am 25 and I am writing from Brazil.
I was dignosed with type 1 diabetes 8 months ago and I would like to thank you for your blog and for sharing all your diabetes experience. It is great to see how different people from different parts of the world treat the disease.
I am still on honey moon with my diabetes, just using Lantus insulin for now and diabetes pills. Next month I will move on to fast insulin in order to plan a pregnacy. I was very happy to read all your pregnancy posts and hopefully next year I will struggle with the control and receive the reward as you did.
This post was very funny, I could understand almost everything, even though you spoke very fast.
Thank you again for all the help, it was important in this beggining for me.

The Mommy censoring is cracking me up!!!!! Great video!

I hate wrong orders. I love your vlogs!

Finally got to looking at the video and loved it.

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