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Sunday Snapshots: Banana Nutella Bread.

This banana bread recipe, minus the butter and with half of the brown sugar, swapping the white flour for whole wheat flour ... slopping in some extra mashed bananas and a dollop of applesauce.  And then swirling in some Nutella:

Totally low-carb ... right?

Makes for some delicious afternoon snacking in the Sparling household.  Sucks when baking is your forte, as a diabetic.  :)  But at least it was delicious!


LOL about the baking. We were awash in cookies most of December and the first week of January. Now it's shortbread as I try to figure out how to make it come out correctly and decorate it. (Needs to be perfected by the 27th.) I tried something different with cake decorating last week and asked some friends to help destroy the evidence. While I'm thinking about having some fun with it around Burns Night, it'd overload us with too many baked goods and I want to have a batch of Red Dress cookies to send home with my friends...

O.M.G. Seriously, I gotta get me some of that!!

Mmmm....yummy :) I'll have to try it with Jules Gluten Free for a GF treat!

Looks yummy! I may have to try that. And I don't do bread. LOL

Hi Kerri. I've been lurking around for a couple of months now and I can totally relate with many of your stories. Thanks Kerri, you've been an inspiration. As for the yummy banana bread, I'll have a virtual slice as my anniversary cake today when I'm celebrating sixteen years as a Type 1.

Yum! I'm making zuchini bread now (to help the kiddos eat some more veggies), and I wonder if nutella goes with it! Will find out!

I know I'm older than you & Chris, but can you adopt me? Please?!?!?! :D

Kerri that looks beyond delicious!

...I'm a baking major in college. It's a constant dilema.

Reminds me of the pumpkin nutella bread we made this past fall....YUM-O!!!!

Mmmmm, Nutella in banana bread. I like the way you think!!

More yummy goodness for Diabetics found in "Babycakes" cookbook. Most recipes call for Agave rather than sugar. Also, have become obsessed with Zevia and Blue Sky Free- both zero calories and made with Stevia.

I agree with everyone. That sounds and look delicious.

Jennifer Kenny - I am going to check out that recipe book, "Babycakes". I am on the hunt for good recipes using Agave and gluten free. I don't have a problem with gluten but I have friends who do.

I spent my Sunday fighting BG spikes. We did pancakes for the granddaughters. Two meals. I know, I was crazy. My husband wants to work on a good pancake recipe that is more diabetic friendly and tastes good. Any ideas??

I baked professionally for many years and never found it a dilemna. OK early morning tasting was sometimes nauseating if my bg was high. Otherwise not a problem. Maybe it's that when you do it everyday 6 days a week the desserts are no longer tempting. However being offered fried oysters and sweet potato fries at 2am was a dilemna ;)

Yum, it looks delicious. I'd be chasing highs all day long if I enjoyed a slice for breakfast. After very close to 56 years of life with type 1, I try to pick my battles carefully...but sometimes I do give in.
I enjoy reading of your adventures. Thanks,

Mmmmm...I've made pumpkin nutella bread before, (and nutella brownies) but haven't tried banana nutella bread. Guess I know what I'm making next!! Looks delicious!

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