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Back in early December, I was at a Starbucks in Boston, and I ordered an iced coffee.  (Yes, in December.  I don't care if it's snowing - iced coffee rules all year long.)  The girl behind the counter asked what size I wanted, and since I don't speak "Starbucks," I just asked for a large.

"We have a new large.  It's a trenta," the barista said, grabbing a plastic cup and filling it with ice.

I had no idea what a "trenta" was.  I didn't really know what a "venti" was.  Every time I ordered something at Starbucks, it ended up being something I didn't really expect.  So I was used to winging it. 

"Sure.  Please leave a little room for half and half, and I'm good to go."  

And then she hands me this basin of coffee.  Something I literally could have sat in and drank, Augustus Gloop-style.  

"Seriously?  This is a monster coffee," I exclaimed, unable to keep my thoughts in my own head.

"I know."  The barista grinned.  "It's rolling out soon.  We are offering it to our customers now, though."

The coffee was big, but I thought I could handle it.  Until about an hour later, when my eyeballs felt like they were going to leap from my head, and I was convinced that I could solve complex scientific equations if I just CONCENTRATED HA HA HA okay?!  The rest of my work day was spent correcting typos that were made by my scrambled hands, and I think I drove home with my head hanging out the window like a golden retriever. 


There is such a thing as too much coffee.  When a coffee makes my blood sugar go from 100 mg/dl to 175 mg/dl without even adding cream, that's a problem.  Caffeine has always given me a buzz, and it's also given me a blood sugar spike, depending on my body status (see also: pregnant, lower BMI, higher muscle ratio.).  But the arrival of the disastrously awesome trenta and the subsequent Tweets about it and news articles referencing it, etc., I'm beginning to think that maybe - MAYBE - I should cut back on the coffee a bit.  It's not healthy to be fueled almost entirely by insulin and hazelnut coffee. 

Trenta.  Seriously?  Is this necessary?  Should I give some thought to cutting back a bit, now that BSparl is older?  Or should I just embrace my inner addict and dive in with reckless abandon? 


I am married to and am best friends with iced coffee freaks, and for them, I think this is a good thing.

It makes up for all those giant chunks of ice, right?

One of the things I discovered is that, yes, coffee has begun to raise my blood sugar in the past several months - after trying to figure out why the fern my blood sugar was hanging out in the 150 mg/dl range before lunch. ame type of morning snack as before, same coffee as before.

And as you know, I can't do crap about that other than cut back on the coffee...but I am sleeping better. Hmm.

Saw this on the news last night and immediately thought of you.

If the Venti (which is italian for 20 oz) has 480 ML of caffeine, I shutter to think what this new, bathtub size version contains...

addict or not, I think by the time any consumer reaches the bottom of their monster coffee, it's going to be the opposite of what you ordered (iced or hot)...

You KNEW I'd have to comment on this one... Too much coffee??? Well, that's just blasphemy. Pure and simple nonsense. Of course, my rejection of this "too much coffee" notion probably explains a lot, such as my own BG spike in the morning hours when I rarely see the bottom of my endless coffee mug. With all the coffee, though, I've yet to figure out how to merge my coffee pot and insulin pump... Hmmm. Maybe Trenta is the solution (E=MCx2). :)

Trenta would send my blood sugars into the stratosphere & I'm getting the coffee jitters just thinking about it!

Awe, the nectar of the gods, I actulally take 2 extra units every morning just to engage in my addiction, I say dive in!

I LOVE coffee but this might be too much. P.S. I'm loving the image of you hanging out the car window like a golden retriever!

I laughed my ass nearly off the chair when I read the line "I think I drove home with my head hanging out the window like a golden retriever."

Mike & I heard about this new size last night and I thought of you, too! I love me some coffee, but this might just be too much for me! :)

One of the funniest posts about this. I can't believe Starbucks is doing this. I love coffee too, but, yes, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH COFFEE. If the contents of the cup are larger than the capacity of your stomach (the trenta is 916 ml while the average human stomach is only about 900 ml), they've gone too far.

If they do this in chai tea, I'm in. Funny post!

Was it like Russel Crowe in 'A Beautiful Mind' with numbers flying in every direction? Sounds like someone should trademark this and call it a Disney ride. They could give kids shots of espresso as they wait in the 3 hour line too.

I should get to work on this asap...thanks for the inspiration!

i'm trying to keep my caffeine intake low because the buzz feels too much like what my lows feel like. i need less confusion in my life, not more! (although i'm impressed that someone has now created the coffee version of the Big Gulp!)

Kerri . . . you have some mad skilz with the photo editing software ;) Love the pic!

I have a simple rule: If the coffee cup is big enough to swim in, I have to pass. I'll be working hard to resist the temptation to super size, or should I say trenta-size, my next coffee... because, um, COFFEE. me likey. Great photo!!

Brown sludge. Who needs it? I used to love love love my iced venti americanos. But I am trying to live healthier, and that doesn't just mean blood sugars. Coffee didn't seem to add anything to the health equation. Now I'm lovin' my jasmine green tea . . . .

this could happen only in USA :)
in Europe nobody would ever imagine that a serving of coffee could be this big... kind of cool though ;)

I refuse to use Starbuck's stupid names for their drink sizes. When I order, I say "medium."

So even if I want a "trenta," I'll probably say "extra large."

But I don't think I need an extra large. Oh my gosh. But just imagine how incredibly productive I would be with that much caffeine coursing through my veins!

I'm bitter...but hopefully my coffee isn't.

Too much coffee? Is there such a thing??

Never heard of such a strange thing.

OMG... I snorted when I read this. "And then she hands me this basin of coffee." Out loud. ...at work!!!

Clearly you haven't seen the movie "Role Models", which, although hilariously inappropriate for most people, does explain that venti is 20 in Italian.


In Spanish "treinta" is 30, so I will go on a limb and say that trenta is thirty ounces of coffee.

Which is a freakin' lot of coffee.

I don't really understand why this is a big deal. 32 ounces of coffee or tea...so what?

Why don't we freak about the 44 or 52 ounces of SODA that is so easily accessible everywhere else??

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