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Hammer! Doughnut!

"This is what happens when an unstoppable hammer meets an immovable doughnut!!"

The game: Hammer vs. Doughnut

The players:  Chris gives her both toys (the yellow ring apparently is "doughnut") and he encourages her to bang the two toys together while he sings "Hammer versus doughnut! Hammer versus doughnut! This is what happens when an unstoppable hammer meets an immovable doughnut!!" 

 He laughs.  She giggles uncontrollably and battles on with the aforementioned hammer and doughnut.

The conclusion:  I realize that she is all him, through and through. I live with two strange birds.


This is one of those sweet memories you will have as she grows up. It's endearing and cute and funny, oh and you can roll it out at her wedding and laugh :0)

She is so cute, I can't say it enough! Now granted I don't see as many pics of your hubby, but she looks so much like you!!

Love it!!! Although I find myself wishing this was a vlog, so we could hear Chris's song!! ;)

Gotta love those strange birds =) And her hair is getting so much darker! Such a cutie!

Go Doughnut!

She should be a Gerber baby!!

What I see is Bsparl spelling the word "to". She's a genius!

(And I agree that she looks like you.)

Do all of her toys match her outfits so beautifully?

Now you can make a birthday card for your husband from your daughter with this photo between "Happy Birthday" and "You". I saw the "to" as well -- and I'd put it to work!

OK, I just have to ask. Did you coordinate the outfit with the toys for the photo op?! :P Too cute!

Aggh, those eyes, I can't take it! Cute overload.

My god she is CUTE.

Now all you need is Triangle Man ;)

That look spells trouble!

ADORABLE!! I love that game! Go hammer! Go doughnut!! you should send this blog to Fisher Price!! :)

My little guy insists that those 'doughnuts' are like tops and they can spin around... (it's a challenge, but it can work!).

While I love every Birdzone story you share I found out yesterday that this one stuck in my head.

My office was a buzz yesterday with a supreme court ruling on meal periods in CA (blah, blah, whatever) but anytime someone would say Brinker v Superior Court all I could think of was Hammer vs Donut. I would even sing the little song in my head.

So thank C & Bsparl for me.

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