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The Most Awesome Thing.

The most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes is this:

BSparl's first moments with her mama

Diabetes has had more than its share of moments in my life, but not this one.  Becoming a mother is the most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes.  When I first held my daughter in my arms and felt her warm cheeks against my lips, when I realized that motherhood wasn't denied to me because of my uncooperative pancreas, when I realized that my life wasn't defined by anything before, but was now defined by my baby ... these moments were mine.

Planting some smooches on a two month old BSparl. 

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K, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful and personal photos. The first one brought tears to your eyes. Much like you, my soon-to-be-baby-girl makes me a pile of mushy goo and the though of her makes me go weak in the knees. I loved this post. :)

I knew that's what you'd pick. You're totally right. She's the best thing in spite of diabetes...or anything else. :)

Smiles :)

how beautiful! congratulations

Yet another reason I

I am happier than words have power to describe for you, Chris, and that gorgeous, happy little one. Lucky, lucky family.


Oh yes, hands down the most awesome thing!!!! :)

And look how very small she was! It's so easy to forget what a wee peanut she was and how much she has grown. Sending kisses to her!!

I did not have diabetes when I was pregnant, but it was indeed the highest, most incredible moment in my life when I first held him in my arms. I am so glad that you were able to achieve that. Diabetic pregnancies have come a long way! The top picture is a classic! I'm enjoying watching her grow up -- she's beautiful. Vicarious experience, since my son is now 37! :-)

She is totally awesome. You are totally awesome!

well done.

such inspiring courage

Beautiful! You brought tears to my eyes.

Congrats!!!! Life changing - well done!


Congratulations! I can imagine your happiness. When I realized that motherhood was denied to me because of my diabetes complications along 28 years, I knew diabetes took away from me one of my greatest dreams. It´s very hard for me, but I have 2 nieces that I love with all my heart and make me feel alive, that´s priceless. Congrats for your beautiful family!

Congratulations on your daughter! I too believe getting pregnant and giving birth to my child, now 3 years old, was the greatest thing I have done with diabetes, I worked so hard to have this perfect little boy! Life is good!

I agree, Kari. Having my two girls, despite the betes, was a major accomplishment in my life. It was very challenging, but worth every sacrifice I did, twice!!!

You are such a badass, you give me such hope for my daughter. I know, that like you, she will be able to do whatever she sets her mind to!

i so agree. even though the pregnancy with my son was spent in a whirlwind of "i have what?" "you don't look like a type 2, but adults don't get type 1" "what are ketones?" "you are starving your baby!"

i pray that someday i will be blessed to steal my body from diabetes one more time and get to hold one more little one in my arms inspite of it all.

your post is an inspiration to try one more month, inspite of the disappointment month after month, miscarriage after miscarriage. it's a reminder to keep trying because it's sooo worth it, and diabetes cannot steal the end result from me. it cannot steal those moments no matter how hard it tries, once that moment is achieved.

thanks. you have no idea how much i needed that reminder.

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