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D365: Third Time's the Charm?

I accomplished a full year of Diabetes 365 back in 2008.  It was the year I was getting married, and looking back, I love that I have a year's worth of photos to mark the fun buildup to that huge moment in my life. 

I tried again in 2010 in efforts to chronicle my pregnancy and the chaos of new motherhood, but failed miserably.  Once the baby arrived, my camera only had a lens for BSparl.  Diabetes photography fell by the wayside.

So ... glutton for punishment that I am, I'm giving the Diabetes 365 project another go for 2011.  I'm making today my starting point, and hopefully next spring I'll be loading up the last of the photos and enjoying a milestone of photographic success.

... or I'll be writing some other post about how I bailed on the project again.  We shall see.  Only time and the camera will tell.  

My 2011 attempt kicks off with an item that's near and dear to my heart:  coffee.

COFFEE!  It's like insulin, only cheaper.

Coffee and I go way, way back to when I was a breakfast waitress in college, slinging eggs and refilling people's coffee mugs while wishing away hangovers.  (College was a fun, but exhausting, time.)  Now, I start the coffee up each morning while I make BSparl's bottle.  My, how things have changed.  

If you have a camera and a sadistic desire to attempt this project, join me on the Diabetes 365 Flickr pool!  And you can following this year's attempt on the SUM Diabetes 365 page.  Happy shutter-snapping!


I should really join you, maybe starting Monday marking the beginning of my seventh year with T2? We'll see :)

I'm just really pumped to see 300 new Bird/Cat pictures. And I love seeing pictures from your freekin sweet camera!

Perhaps I'll join you! My hubby and I are planning a pregnancy this year, so it would be fun to have that all documented!!

RE: Coffee
I think I discovered this wonderful beverage at age 7. My father let me drink about 1 tablespoon of coffee (instant) in a cup of milk. By the time I was 11, I was drinking coffee regularly. It is, to this day, my favorite beverage, hands down, and it does not affect my BGs. My favorite flavor is Hazelnut, from The Coffee Beanery! (I've had Type I diabetes for almost 39 years!)

Best of luck to you in succeding in another 365. I have tried twice and failed twice. Don't think I have it in me to try again.

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