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PWDs in DC: A Little Diabetes Math.

PWDs + Washington, D.C. + cupcakes = HAPPY


(More on this whole JDRF Government Day experience later, but for now, exhaustion and travel and meetings are eating my brain.  In the meantime, can you name all the people with diabetes in this photo?  And also, much love to everyone who came out to eat Mexican food and cupcakes last night!!  :) )


I can name most of them, but nope, I can't name then all. (Unless a few of the people in that picture have working pancreases . . . uh, have working pancrei . . . heck, make their own insulin.) Care to post a cheat-sheet for us?

We should do that again sometime. If possible with more Unicorn Sprinkles.


I'm so bad with names, but every one of them is awesome.

I'm SO bummed I wasn't able to make it after all. Hope to the next time!

This was such a great dinner -- I left feeling like EVERY dinner should have so many dexcom receivers on the table.

I see lots of familiar Twitter avatars! But who is the guy with the rockin beard??? That thing is awesome!!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE....this entire weekend has been so much fun for me and I wasn't even there! LOVE YOU ALL :)

It's TOO SMALL! Bigger version please. I know many of the folks here, but not all. Have a blast, I can't wait for the trip report.

Windy - That's Kevin from Parenthetic Diabetic! With his rockin' beard.

Bernard - Full photo here:


I'm so jealous that so many of you were right in my backyard! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Did you enjoy your Georgetown Cupcakes? I've never been.

How flippin awesome!!! Love the D-OC!!

I enjoyed following your tweets and sharing them with DH.

I see my wonderful friends Kerri and Scott!

I feel like this is a test (Scott & I joked about this while he was doing the wonderful introductions).

This being my inaugural DOC meet-up, I can't really express how great it was for me (too hard not to ask: "was it good for you?").

Going counter-clockwise: Me (the bearded-one), Lindsay, Kerri, Kelly, Chris, Allison, ?? (sorry, we didn't chat), Mike, Allison? (sorry, again we didn't chat), Miriam, Cherise, Kim, Sarah, Scott, and Dayle. Hopefully I didn't botch any of them up (Scott can check my math).

Thanks again to Chris & Dayle for organizing this, and to all the bloggers participating in the JDRF government day(s)!

Totally cool! Sidenote: I made a deal with Kevin (from Parenthetic Diabetic) that if he would send me a copy of his awesome Excel bg logbook, I would name one of our (soon to be born) calves after him. He did and we did and Kevin the cow is now romping around in our pasture! Do you remember that Kevin? Too funny!

i am soooo jealous!! looked like so much fun! wish i could meet up other d-moms & d-dads & PWDs!!!

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