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Below the Line.

I think I know who has finally and precisely perfected inhaled insulin.  No, not a pharmaceutical company - Target.

The photo quality is kind of crap, but I was in my car, my blood sugar was 54 mg/dl, and I was sitting in a sunny parking lot.  Not the most ideal photographic circumstances.  Also, this alt text is longer than the blog post.

What is piped through the air ducts at Target?  What is it that makes me go into that place and immediately my Dexcom starts hollering?  It's not like I'm running around the joint, flailing my arms and burning as many calories as contained in the candy aisle.  And I'm not secretly bolusing, for sport, before I go shopping. 

What gives, Target?  How are you sending me "below the line" so often?  Why do you make me so low?  And how can I replicate your efforts during, oh, let's say a post-Cheesecake Factory lunch?


So strange because 9 times out of 10 when I go to Target, the same thing happens to me! And George just tweeted the same thing the other day. And I recall others from the DOC mentioning it too. Maybe they should start a gig with the DRI or JDRF?!

Kerri, you know what I think? I think that ever since we went to Government Days a month ago, our numbers have been low, low, low. I don't know about you, but my numbers have been low more times recently than before that conference. They must have been pumping inhaled insulin into the system. Either that, or my beta cells have come back to life!!

Who knew trips to Target needed carb-loading?

Low! Every time! For me too! Good thing my Target has a Starbucks in it. "Oh no - I guess I HAVE to get some coffee now... dang..."

At least you, me, and George all headed below the line at Target this weekend. I went there right after a Coldstone trip and my DexCom graph would make any rollercoaster engineer jealous!

It's not any shopping either - it's just Target! Creepy!

I hear ya! It's happened to me too:


Must be the Peeps, calling out to be eaten! :)

Okay the similarities have to end there. Target makes me low, too. Almost ALWAYS.

Ah Target, how I miss shopping there! I avoid target at all costs because as soon as I park my car its a showdown between target and my blood sugars (and my wallet... Those damn dollar bins at the door!)

So....now I know what I need to do when I'm fighting a stubborn high! Just find a Target and hang out there!

Seriously though, that is a pretty gnarly drop.

I have the same Target problem. My girlfriend and I joke about it all the time. I guess it is the same reason that I have to pee everytime I go into a book store. We can't explain it, but we know it happens.

I also have the same problem with Wal-Mart. We don't have a Target close by. I think, I usally go after dinner with a lot of insulin on board and it causes the low. It also depends how many kids I takes as well. I have four, so lots to choose from.

The same thing happens to me ALL the time! The other day I was coasting around 200 for hours, couldn't get the numbers to budge, and the second I set foot in Target, I crashed. Oh well, I still love Target :)

Shopping, especially mall shopping always sends my girl low.

I'd recommend going to Target after a Cheesecake Factory lunch to see if that helps... for purely scientific reasons ;)

The same thing happens to me at certain places. So weird. I'll have to try Target for some diabetes management.

I think it has to be a combination of the slow and steady walking, the calmness Target inspires, a low level of excitement (that you're gonna find something great, because you know you will), and a subtle push to sell their raspberry glucose tabs (which aren't terrible)...

I can't leave there without having at least one low, even if I lower my basal rates... But I also have that problem at the grocery store and on shopping expeditions...

It happens all of the time for Wal-Mart for me as well. Instant 60.

Maybe your adrenaline is kicking in!! And you don't even know it! Lol I know I get excited when I go to Target. You know as I'm writing this my girls, too go low when shopping.

I went to Wal Mart the other day and was fine. Lowe's and Home Depot? Fine.

Target? Plummeting BG's as soon as I enter.

so freaky.

OOOooooohhhh... that explains a LOT! My last trip to Zellers (I'm in Canada), I had a super-low. It was in the news that Target bought-out Zellers. Scariest low I've ever had. I had peep-hole vision n' all. :S

I think you are on to something here...I always go low in Target too! What the heck. I once went so low in Target that I had to bust open a bag of candy and lounge on the patio furniture mid shopping trip.

I'm with Scott. Obvious solution:
Step 1: Go to Cheesecake Factory and eat.
Step 2: Shop at Target.

Now that is a perfect food-retail therapy combo.

It doesn't just happen to me at one store, it happens to me whenever I go shopping! It must be all the walking and excitement!! haha

When I know I'm going out for an awesome meal that will make me go sky high, I've actually planned trips to Target afterwards! Especially when I was pregnant, did it ALL the time to stay 150 or under post meal.

I get low every time I go to the mall and to Target. My family says it's because the excitement of shopping sends my metabolism into overdrive!

It is amazing to see how many people have this same problem. And I thought it was just me. I like the inhaled insulin theory. I just need to remember to plan a trip to Cold Stone right before Target trips, I guess. Moving to the Middle East has solved my Target lows - no Targets here.

Ironically, I have a part-time job at Target. I have met a few other diabetics while cashiering and working at Guest Service. Several of them were paying for opened candy bars or half-gone regular Cokes. Also, there are three type ones working at my store. We have had many discussions about the joys of Diet Coke and helped each other with tricky carb counts. Target and diabetes go together like low BG's and cupcakes.

I have the same issue except at my grocery store. I actually turn down my basal before i go grocery shopping. I tend to drop anywhere from 40 to 70 points on average. I have having lows at the grocery store.

KERRI- not joke, me too. Lately, the more i keep going to Target my bs plummet. No matter if i had JUST eat or not, it's INSANE. I worked at Target all through high school and most of college, and never had that problem. Shopping there seriously makes me low each time. You're NOT alone..

Hey, I say it's a new treatment plan... unusually high? Gotta go to Target. Carb-heavy meal? Follow it with a trip to Target. :)

I'm going to watch my DD's numbers and see if she gets the "Target syndrome" as well.

Were you wearing a red shirt and tan pants and somehow got caught up in the Target worker tide? :0)

Love this...it happens EVERY time we're at old navy for my daughter. It's like we walk in the door and I might as well get out the juice!

This has been happening to me for years! It happened today, so I just *had* to get a Mocha from Starbucks. In my low haze I also *had* to get 2 boxes of chips, a box of fruit leather, 5 boxes of mac & cheese, 2 Highlights hidden picture books, Brita filters, Annie's Cheezy Ravioli, and a Hershey's bar. Apparently, being low makes you spend 5 times what you planned to spend!

Oh and do you know how many times I've had to have them scan an empty bottle of chocolate milk? "Uh. Ma'am? Do you realize this bottle is empty?" Uh. Yeah. I do. Scan it.

Funny to read this, because I wrote this post about Target yesterday: http://diapeepees.blogspot.com/2011/04/when-you-dont-have-wii.html

Also, the other day when you posted about your baby's birthday, I had my 10-month old on my lap, and she was making very happy faces at the pics of your baby. Pretty funny. I think she found a friend.

You all are hilarious! I agree with the post that it must be the combination of calmness and walking into the store! Enjoyed reading your posts!

Why is it just when I'm ready to do some serious shopping (grocery, retail, etc), I have to get all bleary-eyed and wobbly-knee'd and my sugars plummet? It makes it really difficult to get in some quality retail therapy and Target is one of my favorite "clinics!" ;-)

YES! This happens to me almost every time I shop for clothes anywhere--had no idea this happened to other people.

Very peculiar! Walmart for me! Totally drop usually three quarters of the way thru my trip. Could be chasing my kids around though? Cheers!

My 7-year old almost always goes low when we go shopping--anywhere. Here is my take. I think it is a combo of the walking, shopping excitement, and visual stimulation. The brain runs on pure glucose, so I am thinking that those brain cells just start sucking up the glucose the second those magical automatic doors open, because there is so freaking much to look at at Target. I love that place! Seriously, the best thing ever invented for stay-at-home moms. I had a Target wardrobe for about 5 years. Food, clothes, toys all in one place! I call it heaven, and The $100 store because I can't seem to get out of there for less than $100!!

My husband thinks it's because of the new-clothes smell. Really.

Target and low BGs? No, I've never eaten candy by the handful in Target. :-) I've never eyed the glucose tabs section because I was wary of the low I'd just had...

Seriously, Brooklyn, NY itself must pump insulin into the air for the health of its inhabitants, because I seem to only get low walking there. When I'm home, I can run the treadmill all I want, nothing. I walked three miles today, I was two points less than I was before I left. Walking around campus in Brooklyn? Guaranteed 54 (my meter's favorite number). Maybe it's just that their Target is SO massive that it spreads its insulin around!

I am afflicted by this retail low phenomenon at Costco and Lowe's, it never fails!

I've been sick in bed all day and this just made me laugh out loud! I think I just appreciate the visual of the flailing arms, ha!

I tested this theory out yesterday. I ate fruit with no bolus and my blood sugar skyrocketed to 199. I spent 15 minutes in Target to get cat food. I dropped consistently over the next few hours and only took half my bolus for a very large mac and cheese meal and one hour post meal i was at 113 and two hours after i was at 109. Target FTW!

Seen this trend before...the Cheesecake Factory is evil, btw... :)

Same problem here! It must be all of that retail-shopping calorie burning, carrying bags of purchases! It happens almost every time I do any long shopping trip, or even short one, at that. So hilarous.

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