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Diabetes: The Acrostic Poem Version.

Penning up a few posts for April.  Because I have no life.  :)

The crew at WEGO Health is hosting a Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge (HAWMC), similar to the NaBloPoMo of November.  Can we do 30 health posts in 30 days (and plan a first birthday party!)?  I'm trying to complete this challenge, and thankfully, I've got a pile of prompts to keep my brain on shuffle.  Today's prompt is "Write an acrostic poem for your condition."  Don't mind if I do!

An acrostic poem.  Boo yeah.

Diabetes is my disease-ee.  I live with this mess every day.
I don't always know how blood sugars will go, but try to make things go my way.
A big misconception about type 1 conception is that to sweets I must be addicted.
But it's luck, a full moon - this thing's autoimmune, and its cause can't be simply predicted.
Either way that you slice it, type 1 is not nice, it's a serious health condition.
There isn't a cure, and it's chronic, for sure, with no hope for a break or remission.
Each day and each night, we continue the fight, for our health and our rights and our lives.
So today, when you see a PWD, be sure to give them a high five.


I was really hoping you would rhyme "pump" with "exploding fist bump", but this works.


This is awesome!

K, now I feel the need to go write my own...... *wanders off, pen in hand*

High five!!

And it even rhymes! You are good, girl! :-)

Good job Kerri! Thanks for sharing about HAWMC. I might've missed it otherwise.

Love it !
You inspired me to get involved in this writing prompt, and I have never done 30 posts in 30 days. I am very scared very very scared

Hold me.


Much more creative than me today LOL.

Haha! I should have contracted you to write mine! Very nicely done :)

Considering I just had to google "acrostic poem", I am pretty sure I won't be participating in this challenge. Definitely wasn't an English major.... these things need to be dumbed down for some of us! (I majored in French Lit - and where has it gotten me?? nowhere - unless I start blogging in French, maybe then my degree will actually be used)


If I can do it anyone can haha

Here's mine.


Like Gina, this committing to posting frequently thing is going to kick my butt...

That was excellent! Thanks so much!

ROCK ON! and a high five!

very nice, Kerri...A+
we'll hang it on the diabetes classroom wall...

Kerri, that was so awesome you deserve a high ten!!! Hmm, wonder if I can do it. I think work might have killed the last remaining brain cells I had, but I might give it a shot.

And again, well done!

Came over from WEGO to see what you came up with for today's post. I have to say, you did an awesome job!

Where's the Like button on this thing?

Love this. I started the WEGO blogging challenge a little late so I missed acrostic day, but I feel like giving you a high five for various reasons now.

Also I was rapping it in my head. ;)

*Kerri high five*

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