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Gross Things I Eat.

Growing up, we had these large, potted plants in our dining room, within throwing distance from the dining room table.  (Stick with me - this is an important detail.)  The plants were big and had wide, draped leaves and they made the corner of the dining room look like a veritable jungle.

Also, these suckers were really convenient for hiding food.

When I was little, the "diabetic diet" school of thought was based on the exchange program.  This meant that my meals were structured around my calorie needs and the needs of my (then) peaking insulin doses.  An average dinner would include one meat exchange, two starch exchanges, a dairy exchange, a fat exchange, and a fruit exchange.  (Exchange, exchange, exchange.)  When I was on insulins like Regular, NPH, and Lente, I needed to consume these portions in proportion, or I would end up with a very high, or very low, blood sugar.

So my mother (bless her anecdotal-medical-degree'd heart) would carefully measure out these exchanges and that would be my dinner.  EXACTLY one meat exchange, and those two starches, etc.  She worked very hard to make sure my meals were calculated and well-balanced. 

And in response, I would hide my vegetables - aka "gross things" - in the dining room plants. 

I know she knew I was doing this, because someone was scooping out the discarded broccoli every few days (Maybe it started to smell?  Even the best broccoli starts to smell like fahts eventually …) and putting a little more potting soil in there. 

If my then nine year old self knew what her thirty-two year old self would be eating the "gross things" BY CHOICE, I think I'd hit me in my head.  Because my new favorite lunch snack is a sliced up avocado, sliced up egg whites, and balsamic vinegar dressing.

"EW!" Says nine year old me. 

"Yum!" says older me.  

And way-in-the-future me reads this archived blog post and says "Don't make me turn this spaceship time machine around!  Stop your bickering!"


Yum! to the egg and avacado.

I still sometimes use the "exchange thing". Especially when I am doing a WAG (Wild Asss Guess)thing. After 38 years as a type 1 I can look at the food and say that is a 6 unit meal.

Veggies in the plant soil makes great compose.

Yup,"little-me" would never believe that "not-so-little-me" is thrilled to eat spinach and summer squash and asparagus!!! Although I never remember hiding food - I think maybe my mom spoiled me and just catered to my picky palate.

I went through a childhood phase (long before the D) where I would only eat forms of cheese (fondue, grilled cheese, mac n cheese...) and hotdogs.

Now, I'm a super adventurous eater (so long as it's not spicy). Tartar, confit, sweetbreads... And I love to make and eat my veggies. My mother is still amazed...

When I look back at the stuff that grossed me out (green beans) and some of the stuff that I ate (raw hot dogs), I am glad many have traded spots. eww.

My mom would send carrots and celery in my lunch box. I'd eat the carrots, but for some reason no one ever wanted to swap out the celery for there Oreos. The trash got that.

Oh my gosh, as if on cue, my 2 year old just saw your avocado/egg delight and declared, "Yucky!"

mmm, avocado and egg is an awesome combination!

i was a strange child because i ate everything...except peanut butter - which i now love :)

My kids won't war vegetables. Now I feel compelled to check the houseplants.

I used to hide peas in the bottom of my glass of milk. Just needed to remember not to finish my milk.

Strangely, I felt so deprived (at age 16, in 1972, when diagnosed) by not being able to eat this or that, that I craved all those vegetables " because they allowed me to eat a lot of SOMETHING - even though I was so limited in terms of choices of food. That "exchange diet" actually made me a healthier and better-nourished teenager than I ever would have been had I not developed Type I diabetes. I still LOVE vegetables! Yes - avocado is one of my favorites!

LOL...this made me flashback to the days that I used to wad up the "gross stuff" into a napkin and shove it onto a little support beam on the dinner table that was conveniently right beneath my spot at the table...fortunately for my mom I had table clearing duty and would sneak it out and toss it away in the trash.

Mmm. Avocado.

Ohhh, how I hated veggies. But I think that's because my mom only knew from frozen peas and carrots (still hate 'em) and apple sauce from a jar (ditto). I don't remember salad appearing at the dinner table until I was in high school and I loved it! My tricks were: spreading the veggies around the plate (oh, yeah, I bet that fooled her!) and feeding them to good ol" Boots, our veggie-loving dog.

When I saw your pic, I thought it was avocado and hearts of palm, also a good combo. My fave was avocado and tomato and feta cheese . . . until I learned how much fat is in avocado and that I'm only allowed a slim wedge. No fun, anymore! It hardly seems worth cutting one open.

OMG that sounds so good with some olive oil and salt and maybe a rolled up turkey slice on the slide. Totally hitting Central Market.

I was in college before I ever saw an avocado. I loved it immediately. I'm right there with your 32 year old self. I think it's hysterical that my youngest grandson will eat anything. At 18 months old his favorite thing is brussel sprouts. The kid will even sit with his father and eat sardines and black olives. I think he might be able to compete with your 32 year old self and win the gross contest.

OMG, I love this!! Thanks for sharing. Just had it for lunch today. I added some cherry tomatoes and it was really good. Quick, easy, and low carb!

Looks/sounds delicious and I'm going to try it. I am a huge believer in the Exchange System!

Your chosen food doesn't look that bad and actually looks very healthy.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fruits and vedgies. But fish no way unless its tuna salad.

Looks good. I have a hard time with my 3 year old eating anything with eggs. I gave him and avocado before and he liked it.

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