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Things I Learned My First Year as a Diabetic Mommy.

Things I learned during my first year as a mommy with diabetes:

  • Not all women with diabetes have c-sections. I did, but it doesn't make me the rule. C-section deliveries are the exception.
  • A pregnancy with diabetes, even well-controlled diabetes, can have its share of complications. This does not mean I failed.
  •  I quickly learned to stash fruit roll ups in the couch cushions for breastfeeding lows.
  • Writing my blood sugar level on the bags of pumped breast milk helped instill the confidence that my blood sugar level didn't affect the quality of my milk.
  • Carrying the car seat against my hip can accidentally bolus my pump.
  • So can sticky little baby fingers.
  • When she has to wait while I treat a low blood sugar, it makes me hate diabetes so intensely that my eyebrows hurt from furrowing them.
  • Test strips on the floor aren't a big deal until she tries to eat them.
  • Bottles of glucose tabs make for the best impromptu rattles.
  • I didn't realize she was able to pull my pump from my hip and crawl off with it until I felt the site pull loose.
  • Between the baby bag, the diabetes supplies, and "regular life" stuff, I am bound to leave something behind. But so long as that "something" isn't me or her, we're fine.
  • While I don't always know the lyrics, I do know the tune. And I'm like the Wayne Brady of makeshift mommy lyrics.
  • I've never, in my life, had such in-depth discussions about poop and blood sugar numbers, all in the same breath.  ("Dude, she's taking a massive crap right now, but I'm 50 and I need to grab some juice.  Can you take this hit?")
  • Going to the beach is hard when you bring two kids under six months of age.  (This summer should be easier.  RIGHT?  Please God.)
  • I wasn't prepared for how sad I would be to pack up her too-small clothes, but I felt so proud to buy her first sippy cup.
  • I've never ordered so much crap online in such a short 365 day span.
  • Going gluten-free for the first year was doable enough to encourage us to maybe aim for a few more months.
  • And in the last twelve months, I've learned to be very comfortable, and unflappable, about my decisions on how to parent my child.
  • When she slept through the night and her diaper was soggy, I thought, "She slept through the night!" and not "Does she have diabetes?"
  • Gluten-free crackers taste nice. Gluten-free pasta is not so nice.
  • Nothing entertains her more than my Dexcom receiver. She likes the beeps, the lights, and the plastic gel case. It is the ultimate tantrum deterrent.
  • Baby Mum Mums are delicious. There. I said it.
  • Working from gave me the pleasure of not missing a moment of my baby's first year, time to safely manage new motherhood and diabetes, and instilled a true appreciation for "time to myself."
  • After twelve months, the laundry is still adorable but the diapers are less so.  (Nothing to do with diabetes.  But her clothes are cute overload in the dryer.)
  • Being her mom makes me want to have the nicest A1C ever, so I can be around to bug her for a long, long time.

My first year as a mom has taught me a tremendous amount - more than one blog post could ever cover - and I learn more about my kid (and my marriage and myself and spit up and toys that require 15 batteries and have a cleverly-hidden off switch) every day.  Also, my daughter and I owe you guys a big THANK YOU for spending the last year answering questions/quelling fears/tolerating emotional outbursts/being kind as I made this transition.

So this is what I've learned.  BUT.  I've yet to learn how to install the car seat base on my own.  Which makes Chris my hero.  :)


Wow! You've learned a lot! Some nice, some sad, but all wonderful 1st year memories. :) Good job Mama!

Great post, Kerri. Thank you for sharing all of that with us, now and during the past 365 and more! Ok... Now. I really really can't be the only one out there who's contemplating what the carb count is on Baby Mum Mums, and whether it might be something worth considering...(I have no kids, mind you.)

As a mom of two (one with d, one w/o) I love that list - all of it!! You inspire me to hope for wonderful things for my girl with d.

There is NOTHING like your first born Kerri. ENJOY.

And...the MumMum comment was too funny. I don't know what they are, but am assuming they are some sort of teething cookie thingy.


Just a glimmer of what's to come, my friend. Enjoy every wonderful, smelly, lopsided minute! Life is good :)

Thank you for sharing! It's been a wonderful journey to be a part of - to give some of us hope (for ourselves or our children) to remind others... And to prove that living life is the most important thing we do... Congrats to you, Chris, and BSparling and from the bottom of my heart - Thank you.

This was such a timely and helpful post for me! I am 36 weeks along and also delivering at BI.Thank you!!!

You made it a year! It's wicked, isn't it? It's crazy, it's chaotic, it's messy, it's awkward, it's unbalanced, but it's the best and most important thing you've ever done in your life! Congratulations on the anniversary of your mommyhood.

I too love baby mum mums. A yummy low calorie snack for the kids and um, me. Get ready for year two Kerri, it's a lot of laughs and fun :D Can't wait to read your posts about it!!!

Love it! Moms are so important in this world, I'm sure you are a great one, despite diabetes!

This made me smile. Just wait for the next couple of years! When she starts saying "my mommy is high" to the neighbors and somehow gets the idea that Skittles are actually medicine. There will be even more laughter as she gets older!

and it keeps getting better!

This was such a beautiful post. It is interesting how we work harder for others than we do for ourselves. I hope to be as good of a D-mom as you one day!


I loved the post and you're a wonderful mom. Congratulations!

Great post Momma Bird! But why no Birdie picture. Now I'll have to go look at some older posts for my Birdie fix. :P

What a wonderful post. And what an amazing year it seems you have had.

This is an amazingly timed post! I'm in my 36th week of my first pregnancy, and I was diagnosed Type 1 about 15 years ago. This pregnancy has been stress-inducing, but also absolutely wonderful, and I love reading that your first year with your little one has been the same! I've learned a lot from your blog - even if just new questions to ask my Endo and OB! My little boy is coming next week, and I'm thrilled beyond belief! I can't wait to start the journey you started a year ago - first-time motherhood! I hope I can manage it as well as you have!

Your blog is one of the few things that has given me hope that, if I want, I can have a healthy child even though I have diabetes. Your journey has made me smile, laugh, cry and has informed me what life as a mom with diabetes is all about. You are such an inspiration to the entire type one community so that is proof that you'll be able to inspire your little girl into greatness.

IDDM for 25 years- both kids celiac- but diagnosed so late that had a tough tough time (as in 2 years) healing.

If I'd only known then about celiac & iddm!!!
good luck & best wishes! :)

Thank you so much for sharing all the ups and downs of your first year as a diabetic mommy with us! My little Cruz (who turned 1 on the 24th) also loves my Dexcom receiver, and I agree baby Mum Mums are pretty delicious, and by the way they are pretty low in the carb department!

Great reflections on being a diabetic mommy. For me, being a mom with diabetes has taught me to truly slow down... not just so i can enjoy my kids, but so that I can keep us all healthy and safe. When I race around trying to do too much, i risk lows that mean I am not able to care for my kids. my own health challenges have taught my husband and I the importance of routine and healthy lifestyle.... and kids thrive on routine so it helped us ease into parenthood! Anyway, I love motherhood enough that I decided last summer to have a third.... and got pregnant with twins so any day now I will be a mom to 4! Us diabetic mommies can do anything ;-)

Hi Kerri - I've been reading your blog for about a month now and I think it's time to say hello and thank you. You're such a talented writer. You're honest, funny and insightful. I'm new to the DOC and it has opened the door to a world of support that I didn't know existed. This post brought me to tears and laughter. I have T1 and have two beautiful kids ages 2 & 5, a girl and a boy. I can relate to everything on your list! My daughter likes to put tape on her tummy so that she can look like mommy (and pretend she has a site). At first I cringed because I thought to myself that I hope she never has to put tape anywhere on her body, but then it made me realize that it's just part of who her mommy is. She's too young to know that tape on your tummy is not like putting on make-up, which she also mimics. So, I let her copy me and we pretend it's fashionable, it's cute. So, thank you for doing what you do and know that there are mommies all over the world crying and laughing with you as you navigate through this new world of mommyhood and diabetes.

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