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D-Blog Week: Awesome Things.

Diabetes has some seriously dark, rotten moments and doesn't add much to my life, but the few things it has given me are almost as priceless as what it's taken away.

Some of my favorite d-family.

Diabetes has given me an extended family of people who really understand.  And it's also given me a deep appreciation for my family at home.

We were outside sniffing the flowers in the garden, and when we came inside, she tried to sniff the flowers on the wall of her bedroom.  Sigh ...

Family, friends, and support are what get us through the tough times with diabetes.  You guys are the Awesome Things.  And this whole D-Blog Week has proven that a million times over.   Much love to the DOC!!! 


DAMN she is cute Kerri!

Awwww, what a sweetie!!!! Thank YOU Kerri for all the support you lend others - you are a rock solid part of the DOC! Oh and you produce really, really cute kids.

Hands down...the DOC, and all of it's members, is the best thing that has come from diabetes!! Thank you so much for introducing you to me!!!

Good lord does birdy look like YOU there. So freaking cute. And I love awesome things.

Having 3 daughters myself, its one of the best posts I have read !

Thanks for reminding me !

I love her!

That B-Sparl. So cute.

Kerri, right now I'm in Vegas at an Educational Event with people with whom I only have one thing in common: diabetes. It's like old home week, and I have to say that these folks are one of the biggest reasons that I survive and thrive with the betes. We are learning how to better our peer education presentations while having an awesome time!

Great post Kerri - you nailed it. The family and friends we've gained is one of the most incredible things ever.

Great post but I think there is someone missing from the DOC collage :)

Sara(aah), you're in one of my all-time favorite photos:


Omg, BSparl is the cutest baby I have ever seen!

Yes! That IS a great photo! All is forgiven! :D

She is sooo adorable!!

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