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Cornea Chaos.

So on Sunday night, I finished singing BSparl her bedtime song and leaned in to tuck her into her crib.  But because she was giggling and reaching for me, I leaned in to give her an extra hug.


Or at least that's what someone should have whispered i my ear.

Because when I leaned it, she happened to reach up at the same time and her thumb met my eye with such force that it knocked me to my knees.  Apparently, her thumb nail scraped off a section of my cornea (or, as my eye doctor said, "You know when you eat string cheese and you pull a section of the cheese off?"  Thanks, Dr. S.  I will never, ever eat string cheese again.  Ever.) and severely damaged my eye.

"Oooh, okay bedtime now!  Night night, I love you!"  I said, and crawled out of her room.  I immediately went and called my NurseBestFriend and left her the most rambly, tear-filled message:  "I'm fine, the baby is totally fine, but she just scraped my eye mad and it's wicked painful. Should I go to the ER?"  I also called my mother and filled her in:  "Ma, the baby just tagged me in the eye and I'm in a lot of pain.  I may need you to take me to the eye doctor in the morning."  (Now is a good time to mention that Chris has been in CA for the last few days and isn't expected home for a few more.)

That night, I didn't sleep more then 45 minutes because it felt like my eyeball was on FIRE.  Every time I blinked, it was like razors were being dragged across my eye.  I didn't know such a teeny area could produce such pain!  Every time I was able to fall asleep, I must have moved my eye while sleeping, and it would wake me up in tears.  I texted my mother at 3 am with a cryptic: 'Haven't slept yet.  Eye is terrible. Please come by in the morning if you can."

I spent a sleepless night tossing and turning (I will mention that BSparl woke up for a rare 2 am screamfest, and then my pump site pulled out at 4:15 am, making it almost the perfect evening), and eventually fell asleep for about 30 minutes.  When I woke up to the sound of BSparl calling for "Mama" at 6:45 am, my eye was the size of a baseball and my whole body was freaking out.  Making her bottle and testing my blood sugar, I was like a blind mad scientist experimenting in my kitchen.  I have no idea how she and I both ended up fed and dressed before my mother arrived.

Long story condensed so that I can tell it before my eye starts to fade on me tonight, the my wonderful local eye doctor confirmed that it was a "helluva scratch" and that it would take several days to heal.  "Several days of discomfort are on tap, but I want to see you every day this week to make sure that you're healing okay." 

So for the last 48 hours, I've been flanked by friends and family, who have been staying here around the clock to take care of BSparl and to help me read my meter, dose my insulin, and take care of other diabetes tasks.  And the cast of caretakers continues to amaze me, making plans to be here 24/7 until Chris returns. (My family rocks.)

In the meantime, the best way to heal this corneal abrasion is to rest my eye.  Like lay in bed and keep my eyes closed. (See also: OMG boring and also very painful)  I have eye drops and antibiotics to prevent infection, and tonight is the first time I've been able to open my computer without literally tearing up and bailing.  But I'm a bit of a sight.  If I'm not laying in bed with my sunglasses on (like a wounded starlet on the bender of a lifetime), I'm sporting my jaunty little eye patch and some bedhead.  

Exhibit A:

Arggggg!!!  and stuff.

I can't wait for this crap to heal. Because eventually, I will run out of Photoshop ideas.


The Photoshop pic is impressive...ARRRRRRGH!

And, bummer on your eye. I hope it feels better soon Kerri.

Gosh, what a horrible thing to have happen! And, to have to pin it all on the baby! Those babies, they can be trouble! And they act so cute about it. Sorry you have to deal with this, on top of all of your other eye concerns. I'm so happy there are others there to help.


Oh you poor thing. I've had eye problems before (developed an allergy to soft contact lenses at one stage) so I can really empathise!

Hope it heals quickly.

I empathize!!! I once had the same injury. Sadly mine was due to my own stupidity. I snatched a Tshirt off of a hanger causing the hanger to tag me in the eye.

I promise you will heal! In the meantime, pretend you're a sexy pirate starlet!

Ugh. Sending you loving, eye-healing thoughts. I do love the pirate look though.

Hang in there - And don't forget that pirate girls kick ass!!

Sweet Lord, what an ordeal!

Once I was home alone with my son and I bent down to pick him up just as he jumped up from a squatting position. His head met my jaw and I thought for sure that I had shattered my entire row of bottom teeth. Thankfully all I did was bite the inside of my mouth but my jaw hurt for evah! New house rule-You come to me for hugs, I don't come to you!

I hope your eye heals up quickly and your pain goes away.

Take care, matey!

Poor, poor honey!!! I feel your pain. Years ago I had an eye infection that came & went for nearly 2 years before they finally got the sucker to move on. The last bout of it had me in an eye patch for nearly a month. The first two weeks I had to wear it 24/7. Even had to tape it down when I slept so the eye stayed shut. After about 5 days of that, I started decorating the eye patches. The first one got a HUGE googly eye. Then I started putting sequins & gems on them. :P

Oh this sounds just AWFUL! Heal up fast, girl...how awesome your friends & family are so ready & willing to help out! Take care of yourself!

Oy. My son did the same thing to me twice, though thankfully only with a day or so of discomfort. SO SORRY to hear about your pain and hope it heals soon.

Oh ouch, take it easy and let it heal.

When my hubby scratched his eyeball with wire, the doctor told him it was the fastest healing tissue in the body and sent him home with antibiotics and handy-dandy eye pain reliever.

BUT OMG it was PAINFUL!! I feel bad for you! Glad you have such a great family around you. Take care.

I never scratched my eye, but a few years ago I had a corneal infection, which felt similar. Basically, it felt like I was being jabbed in the eye with a 2 x 4 every time I closed my eyes. I thought I had pink eye, but turns out, it was an infection. The doctor did give me some numbing drops, which were awesome, but once the antibiotics kicked in, it started feeling so much better. He thought it would take 2-3 weeks before I was healed, but it ended up being mostly gone in a week.

Hope yours heals just as quick!

1. That totally sucks! I hope you heal soon.

2. I can't help but think that BSparl was just trying to fit in with the cats - claws and all, you know?

3. You make a pretty badass pirate, dude.

Oh my, darlin'. Sheesh.
Arrrrg, rest up ye matey!

this one time, at band camp....... lol

feel better!

I'm so sorry to hear about your eye Kerri.. hopefully the recovery hurries up. Family is great!!

Babies are the Goliaths of the world! They have power in their movements. Sending good good good...good vibes from California!

Oh Kerri, I feel for you. My Brother and his friend decided to play baseball with a croquet set years ago and I got the nail of a croquet mallet planted squarely in the middle of my eye so I feel your pain. Please take your time to heal up and rest. Sending a lot of ((((HUGS)))) your way.

speedy healing to you, matey!

That string cheese analogy is right up there with the vitreous:Jello one!

Yuck, string cheese. Feel better soon.

Back when I was in elementary school my eye was scratched by the metal edge of a wooden ruler. I wore an eye patch too (not to school of course, I was too embarrassed). I remember pain and frustration because I couldn't see! I'm sorry!! I hope it heals soon.

^ oh the horror stories!^ Rest up & feel better soon. We'll be here waiting for you when you get back. No rush... take your time!! :) ..and like everyone else, I have to add an "ARRRRGH", too! Pirates are cool! :)

Momma's eyeball-0

Get well soon! (OUCH)

Rest up! I am so sorry! This sounds so painful :( I hope they gave you lots of painkillers. Perhaps try listening to books on tape while you heal?

SOunds like the Bird has a good jab. My lil one did the same thing to my wife, she was out of commision for a day until they froze her eyeball, and patched her up. Good thing corneas heel quickly. Cheers.

:( Ouch!

Healing vibes from me and Pete (who made me show him the pirate picture!)

First: EW!! I'll never eat string cheese again!

Second: My mother had two corneal injuries. One was when a small pebble somehow got into her eye and scratched her cornea. Guess what? Eye patch for two weeks. The second time she was using a curling iron and she somehow touched her eye with it. She said that you'd think that your first reaction would be to close your eye. Guess what? It's not...

Third: About nine months after I started wearing contacts, I developed an allergy to my lens solution. My eyes were so red and painful that I was SURE I had some horrible eye infection. And then after all that trouble and pain, just an allergy to the preservatives! Now I get to use a solution that MUST separate for six hours before I put my contacts in, or else I'll burn out my eyes. Oh what fun these eye problems are!

Fourth: I saw an eye patch in Walgreens today and thought of you. :-) Happy healing and I hope the pain isn't too bad anymore.

Lastly, was this before or after the bird-day party?

I couldn't believe it when I came across this post. About 2 years ago the exact same thing happened to me, finishing a nappy change on my boy, went in for a little kiss and bam - finger in the eye and excruciating pain.

That night I had a visitor from the school we hoped to enroll my son in and I sat through the whole interview and the person thought I was a bit weird because I kept breaking out into tears :)

Incidentally I am a Type 2 Diabetic and you probably don't want to know that after 2 years, over 12 months of wearing bandage contact lenses and surgery to chemically remove the top layer of my cornea my ophthalmologist has finally stopped the contact lenses as he believes it has now healed.
I hope yours heals more quickly.

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