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D-Blog Week: Diabetes Bloopers (From Abby)

Bloopahs!!Abby's Take on D-Blog Week, Day Three:

While sitting here thinking about my bloopers, and I am quickly realizing most of them concern my pump. So pumpy, I’m sorry, for all that I have put you and your mom-pump and gradmom-pump through.

One time I got into my mom’s car so quickly that I didn’t realize my pump had fallen out of my pocket. The tubing/site combination was conveniently located so that the pump sat right where the door meets the car. You guessed it, big ol’ smash-a-roo.  My green Minimed 508 came out of that debacle with only a crack but had to be replaced anyway. Whoops.

And then there were all those times I forgot my pump. Now, I know what you’re saying. “How could you possibly forget your pump??” Let me tell you, it’s easier than you’d think. I always took my pump off during dance class and cheer practice, unless I had been running high or we were having less-active practices.  This lead to many phone calls back to the studio/gym/school asking if they’d found my pump and if so to keep it safe for me until I got there. My dance teacher in college actually got to the point where she reminded me before I left to make sure I had it with me.

Embarrassing, but thank goodness for her, because it was a long trek to my dorm room from the studio in those cold Vermont winters.

I also distinctly remember one time in high school when my family and I went up to Lake George on a Thursday night to watch fireworks and get ice cream. Left pumpy on my bed for that one. Didn’t realize it until halfway through a small soft-serve cone. Double whoops.

Even though my pump currently dons a zebra print skin sticker from skin-it (which I got for free from camp because I refuse to pay $15 for a piece of fancy duct-tape with designs on it), my pumpies have seen less attractive days. Interesting choices including, but not limited to, nail polish, my name in sharpies, a sticker version of a picture of me and my 10th grade boyfriend, a collage of tiny stickers at camp thanks to my nurse-friend who I think majored in pump decorating in college, and the collection of neoprene zip-up cases I had in middle school to match every outfit/costume/uniform I ever wore.

Then there was that time I fully corrected a 370something at 10pm with no symptoms, and 15 minutes later was 45. Probably should’ve triple checked that weird high reading, rather than spending the night with small doses of glucagon and PB&J sandwiches.

How about when I forgot to bolus LAST WEEK for dinner. Yep, even after thirteen years, I forget I have diabetes.

In conclusion: diabetes bloopers are funny, but only in hindsight.

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(This post is part of the Second Annual D-Blog Week.  To participate, check out the details on Karen's blog!  And thanks, as always, to Karen for organizing such a great advocacy effort.)


I think every one ends up with bloopers.

My favorite few are forgetting that I had a pump at all hiding in my swim shorts while jumping onto the flow rider on a cruise (and then having to skimp on the rest of the awesome food that week), leaving my pump in the dorm room bathroom as I left to spend the day on a field trip 4 hours away (which didn't occur to me until way I started eating dessert with lunch), or my continuous demands that my insulin pump can be dragged around by the tubing in the mornings (hasn't snapped or screwed up anything...yet).

We all survive though!

One time we were on vacation in Arizona, back in the days of the MM 507 0r 508. The girls were up at the pool and I told Sean to go check on them. He wanted to make sure Lauren's pump was stored in a safe place. So he finds her -- in the pool -- and says "Where'd you put your pump?" The look of horror on her face said it all. She forgot to take it off. MM got us another one the same day!

Hind sight indeed. They usually are a pain when dealing with them. The soft-serve-no-pumpy must have been a BIG BUMMER.

Maria, isn't that how we are supposed to get out of bed in the morning? Pump hanging from the tubing like a dog on a leash??

I've forgotten the dang thing soooo many time!

Oh, and how about the time I got a new, much brighter screened pump (anamas ping), it was in my bra, and I walked into a work meeting, where nobody knew I was diabetic...and the thing lit up....it was shining throughh my shirt! I looked like a robot! So embarrassing!

Or my first date with my husband....he didn't know...we went back to his place (I wasn't expecting it to go this far...) and as soon as he unbuttoned my shirt, good ol trusty pump falls out into his lap! He was like, huh!?!?
He was a good sport though....but I sure was brig red...no more avoiding "the talk!".... Killed the moment! (but not for long!!)

So many bloopers moments with robot parts attached!

Thanks for sharing!

I could go on and on!

I, too, have a tail in the morning, pump dangling from me. Even if I wear the PJs with pockets, it inevitably falls out.

Definitely have left a pump behind when going to a meal.

What great stories! :)
We all have great bloopers, and I have a pump dangling from me too! The time I ripped it out, kept bolusing, and wondered why my BGs kept going up...? Or tried to bolus, only to realize that my pump was still in bed and I couldn't bolus because I wasn't wearing a pump! Definitely did that too!
I've been through three MM pumps now too. But three in 10 years... fortunately , I've never lost or broken a pump. But I've certainly left it behind. :)

School in Vermont, eh? Bennington by any chance? (that's where I went)

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