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D-Blog Week: Letter Writing Day (From Abby)

Welcome to the Abby Bayer mailbag.

Welcome to Abby's Collection of Short Notes to Key Diabetes Players, Volume 1:

Dear Pinky Fingers,

I know that my toes get all the press when it comes to diabetes, but I have to tell you, you are my favorite digit in diabetes land. You never result in an 'Err5' on my meter, I almost never get re-gushers from you, and no matter how cold my little fingertips get, you never fail to step up and give me blood. Thanks for everything you do, and keep up the good work.


Dear Abdomen,

You and I don’t see eye-to-eye and haven’t since the Silhouette era when I used you, and only you, for about 5 years.  I get that you are tired of sharp things invading your space, but I have to tell you I think it’s time to stop complaining. Can we come to a compromise? You function without extreme pain and occlusions with the new fabulous pink Mios that I use, if I promise to never use you for a sensor? How’s that sound? Let me know what you decide.


Dear Everyone I’ve Ever Known,

Sorry for talking about diabetes, camp, friends with diabetes, friends from camp, my blood sugars, my pump, my doctor appointments, and Diet Coke so much. I’ll try to tone it down.


P.S. If I know you from nursing school, I’m sorry for the way I acted in every class that diabetes was mentioned.

Dear Mom,

You can have the vegetable drawer back in 4 months.


*   *   *

(This post is part of the Second Annual D-Blog Week.  To participate, check out the details on Karen's blog!  And thanks, as always, to Karen for organizing such a great advocacy effort.)


Great blog! Just stumbled upon it when I was looking for other diabetes blogs. I have type 1 as well and just started blogging

-if you want to check it out

The cartoon thought bubble over my head reads: "I love the pinky finger one the most." Awesome post, Abby!

I want to cry...I love you Abigail for putting into words how my son felt/feels...and BTW, he never gave me back the 'store the butter' part of the fridge...:))

Pretty much amen to everything you just said. haha I think my roommates are getting sick of me talking about Diabetes Blogs ALL THE TIME.

Great scattering of letters, Abby! Thanks for sharing these. Love the one to everyone... Good stuff! Thank you for sharing.


I was once a Silhouette user too, and I remember how much they HURT compared to Mios. Amazing.

Now if I can only get over the sensors...ullllgh that needle is HUUUUGE. ;(

Joe stabs those little Mo Fo's like you wouldn't believe. I haven't noticed their "low-probability-to-gushing" properties, but I will start to take notice.

And... me too... I should be writing an apology for all of my "D" talk to non-"D"-ers right after Joe was diagnosed. I bet I was ANNOYING.

"If I know you from nursing school, I’m sorry for the way I acted in every class that diabetes was mentioned."

Power to you Abby! I wish I had the b@lls to flip out in class every time diabetes was mentioned in nursing school. Instead I just fumed quietly at my desk . . I'm sure no one noticed the smoke pouring outta my ears! ;-)

This is so cute! It makes me happy that you spoke up in class and I wish I could write a letter to my body parts too. I wonder what they would say back...

"If I know you from nursing school, I’m sorry for the way I acted in every class that diabetes was mentioned."

I know the feeling, only in AP Bio... I actually passed around my DexCom when we were talking about blood sugar regulation. :P

The pinky fingers rock! They for sure deserve a shout out!

I love all of these letters! As both a DMom and a nurse, I can relate, and got a chuckle, out of each of them. Thanks Abby!

LOL, as a D Mom I really appreciate the vegetable drawer line. But truthfully I hope someday you never need to use your or your mom's veggie drawer for anything other than veggies....

Just noticed the Vol 1. I'm assuming that means I can make this a regular thing? AwesomeSauce.


Love these letters...especially the one to your mom about the vegetable drawer...that one especially made me smile :)

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