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Diabetes Rockstars.

People within the diabetes community are strong, resilient ... and apparently pretty creative on the lyrical tip.  This video was sent to me by a reader, and even though the visuals on it are just the lyrics, it did crack me up (and she's quite the songbird)!  Created by Denise, who blogs at My Sweet Bean and her Pod, this song is now part of the diabetes-themed song library.

"We can rock a SWAG for any popsicle." and "Pancreas stand-ins, now put your hands up" may be among the best diabetes-lyrics I've heard since ShugaSheen's debut.


That mama has talent! I've grooved out to this song a dozen times, and it is still as fun listening to it this time, as it was the first!

A wonderful tribute! Love Denise!

it's like being at camp :)

At a party with us, you'll see us bolus with love...what a sweet song, I've been singing this in my head for days. Such a great son Denise! Thanks for featuring it Kerri!

This song's gonna be in my head for the rest of the day, at least... great musical talent there! Love it. Thanks for sharing it, Kerri!

I love this song! She's awesome..."pods, pumps, pens, inject with syringe"...HOLLA!

WOW...I'm flabbergasted! What an honor to be posted about on six until me!!
Thank you!! :)

Oh, and I'm lovin me some ShugaSheen!!

Tears, laughter...so creative. Love it...and thanks!

You made my day! LOL! Thanks!

This reminds me of the "Barbie Girl" parody my cabinmates and I did at Diabetes camp: "Barton Girl"!

I think the lyrics are in the Clara Barton Camp Songbook now. :D

LOVE DENISE! Not only is she a creative genius, she is a huge support system in the D-OC.

Made me rock out & tear up at the same time. I was 23 when I was diagnosed, but I think I'll go call my Mommy & tell her I love her. :D

Oh and Denise has some talent!!!

oh gosh, this is awesome. I posted the you tube video on facebook. Made me think of my mom the whole time. so much love and thanks felt. An overwhelming sense of thankfulness really. I hate that my mom had to deal with my disease.

This was AMAZING! I too was diagnosed as an adult (18), but I am seeing what the D-moms go through here in the DOC...they are an awesome pack. Loved it! Way to go Denise!!! :D

Love Denise, her blog AND this song! Such a great song! :)


That was amazing...not sure I will ever listen to Katy Perry the same way again...love this version so much better!! Awesome, thanks for sharing!

I'm not a diabetic, but I'm learning from the DOC all the time. I'm obsessed with medicine, and I'm writing a character with T1. I also love seeing BSparl!
Found this in your d-song book and it's stuck in my head. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ6AdMNrxfo

Hey y'all! This was wonderful!! I work in the endocrine clinic at Cook Children's in Fort Worth, Texas. We are looking for a diabetes song to go with the "We Will Rock You" song by Queen. Can anybody help me out? Email me at kari.hudspeth@cookchildrens.org. Thanks!!

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