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D-Blog Week: Snapshots.

My next endocrinologist appointment is at the end of June, but I needed to spot-check where my A1C was at.  My last "official" A1C result was an 8.6, which for me is way too high and indicative of my attention being elsewhere (read: raising the baby, running my business, chasing Siah, etc).  I've been trying to reclaim my pre-pregnancy range of 6.8 - 7.0%, and I needed a little (hopefully) positive reinforcement that things were moving in the right direction.

After consulting with the Twittersphere to see if anyone else had tried the Bayer (not Abby) A1C Now test, and how it compared to their actual lab results.  For the most part, my fellow PWDs reported that the Bayer test was in the ballpark of their lab work, which reinforced my decision to spend $30 on this at-home test.

Even if this is off by a little bit, it's still a better number than where I was a few months ago.  And for that, I'm very thankful.  I needed some positive reinforcement.

This might not be your A1C goal, but it's much closer to mine than where I was before.  So reserve your judgment! Also, smile more.  It's fun.

I'm going to pick up another at-home test and compare those results to my June "official" ones.  (And yes, the test is resting in our Boon bottle drying rack.  I love that stupid thing.  Makes me feel like I'm growing the little wheat grass thing that Christian and Sean had in their Nip/Tuck offices.  Whoa, diversion. But damn, I miss that show.)


And it looks so darn cute sitting in the plastic grass.

Yay for positive reinforcement!

And yay for everything in the house being a photo prop!

Yay!! That is a fabulous drop and you are doing an amazing job of juggling the most important things in life. Diabetes is just one of them, as it should be. :) Enjoy your vacation!

Oh, I had never heard of that. I think I'll spot check too. :)

This is awesome! Congrats!! I love it looks like it's in a field too lol

Congratulation on the A1C nice snapshot

hmmm... My Target sells the 2 tests for $30, have you looked online?

Great job getting your A1c down! I saw those monitors, and almost bought one. Then I decided that I'm still at the stage of being obsessive about testing with my glucose monitor, and I didn't need to give myself another tool to obsess with. I do have one question though, is it a one time only monitor? I thought that it was like the regular monitor and you could put another strip in it and test again.

I have heard those are pretty close. Can't wait for you to compare next month.

Love the picture....nice, number, too!!

I'm always so tempted to buy one! We have an appointment coming up soon and our last A1c was atrocious despite good efforts (darn illnesses!).

But I figure it can only get better, right?

I saw those in Walgreens and was considering it, and then I told myself off because I also have an Endo appointment in June. I'm actually not even sure when the last time he did an A1c was. So I figure that I'll have him do one and then it'll be done. No reason to be obsessive here, right? Like I've never tested every fifteen minutes...

My favorite part of the post was the bottle dryer. I have no bottles to dry, but I think I need one.
BTW, Amy T. just spoke about social media at our A1C Champs meeting. Who should come up on the big screen but the B-Sparl and SUM!
Congrats on the drop, too!

That is great that your A1C came down...
I miss Nip/Tuck too... it made me feel like diabetes wasn't the worse thing I could have wrong with me!

Great job on the drop - I also had an (oh sh*t moment) 8.6 two endo trips ago, followed by a 7.5 at my last appointment. Here's to hoping we'll both get under 7 next time!


Umm how does this happen to us all the time because my last a1c was the same as yours 8.6!!!!!!!!! Weirdddddd

I've tested the Bayer versus my endo twice now (within a day of each other), and both times the Bayer came in 0.3% lower than my endo. Close enough!

Great number, Kerri!! I didn't even know these little tests existed. :) Does anyone here know if they are they sold in Canada??

I've got one of these at home and I keep meaning to use it just before my endo's visit to see how it compares. Of course that was last week and I completely spaced. Oh well.

I used these twice and both were incredibly inaccurate. Once it read in the low 8s and I had a 6.8 a1c. I just want readers to be aware of the limitations.

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