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Dear Birdy,

Is it okay if I call you thirteen months old?  Because just saying "one year" doesn't do you justice at this point (and it also freaks me out because seriously? a year already?). 

I'm not sure when personality hits in full for little kids, but yours is up and running.  Birdy, you are a ridiculous goofball.  Whenever I take you out and you get to see new people, you turn into this friendly monster, grinning and waving and making smush faces at them.  (What's smush face, you ask?  Here:)

Smush face'd BSparl

You "get" things now.  You understand that the little plastic tea pot is for filling little plastic tea cups (and anything else that has a space where tea can hide, including hats).  You have figured out that the cat will let you pet her if you approach her quietly.  You know how the tv remote works.  You have mastered the concept of "extreme splashing" in the bathtub (soaking me to the core). And you've finally figured out that the insulin pump is attached to mama, and you can't take off with it too quickly or I yelp.

This month, you and I spent our longest time apart so far, when Daddy and I went on vacation.  We missed you so much and we loved Skyping with you every night, so we could see you playing and smiling even thousands of miles away.  (Modern technology is amazing.  And by the time you read these letters, I'm sure we'll be able to send our words to one another through fiber optic thoughts or minute radioactive hamburgers or something.)  While it was nice to spend time with your Daddy, we were both so happy to see your face and give you snuggles when we came home.

You're starting to expand your vocabulary, in weird little ways.  We know "kitty" and "duck."  And "bottle."  (You say "bot," but it's close enough.)  "What'sdat?"  And you looooove balloons, chasing after their strings as they float around the kitchen, shouting "Bra!! Braa!"  (Yes, you call balloons 'bra.'  This may be a source of confusion for you as you age, but for now, we're going with it.)

BSparl. 13 months old

Kid, you are a total trip, and my best friend. Your hugs are the softest. You have this mess of curly hair, the origin of which baffles me. You sniff the flowers and chase bugs and dig in the dirt, all while sporting a grin. And you laugh at your own toots. 

I love you, I love you, I love you.  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, and the happy you make me knows no bounds.



LOVE this, Kerri!! Happy 13th month, little Birdy! there's no feeling quite like this, eh?!!!

Why am I crying right now? Being a mom really is amazing, isn't it? I love that through this medium you and BSparl will be able to remember it all. My old-fashioned "As you grow" books are on the bookshelf right in front of me in my office and even that little slice of memory is delicious.

I love the smush face. I remember when my nephew did it all. the. time.

So sweet :)

It keeps getting better, Mama!

When I give my daughter's age at her T1 dx, I always say "24 months". Because there's such a difference between 24 and 36 months, and just saying "2" doesn't really describe her age accurately.

Totally get that :)

Awww...I know that love. Isn't mommy-hood just the best? Beautiful letter, Kerri. :)

Love the face! My niece used to make a similar face when she was younger ... wonder what makes them do that?!?! Too cute nonetheless. And my eyes welled up while reading this. Just beautiful :)

Smush Face=SO CUTE!!!

FWIW, I had curly hair as a baby (Mom couldn't figure out how), but after I had my first haircut (at 18 months) it was stick-straight... just until stick-straight-hair became trendy, when it took on a wave. (Go figure.)

As it turns out, Dad's mother's side of the family tends towards curly hair (which may or may not straighten out over time). Ask your grandparents and their siblings, and Chris's grandparents and their siblings. You may find something interesting.

smush face! :)

So very sweet! She is absolutely adorable and the absolute love you have for her was oozing out with every word. :)
Totally love the smush face! Bean made one similar that we called her squooshy face. Now I have to dig out the scrapbook and look for it!! ;)

That child of yours it beyond beyond!
She's just as adorable as she can be, and obviously adored. Congratulations to you and your husband.

She's just beautiful!! :-) and it sounds like you're enjoying every single day with her, as you should, because kids grow up so fast!!

Will. Not. Cry. Will. Not. Cry.

Oh, shoot. Pass me a tissue.

AWE! I miss my kids being little.

awwww she's adorable! baby hugs are the best! and little smush face is just sooo cute! enjoy every moment!

What a cute post, Kerri. So adorable. And that smush face... classic. Thanks for sharing this.

I love you guys. Seriously, best mom ever. Please write a book? PLEASE?
You guys are the most amazing family!!!!

This was as cute as it gets. Seriously, sweetest letter ever! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

She is seriously cute!!! I would have a hard time not kissing her every time she made her smush face. :)

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