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Medtronic: You Need to Call These People.

After Abby wrote about her diabetes-themed tattoo, there were a lot of comments from people either yaying or naying the idea of a tattoo.  I received a few emails with some photos, but the BEST photo I've seen so far is from a mom in Quebec, Canada.  Camille is the mom of a kid with diabetes, and she and her husband got inked in solidarity for their son. 

From Camille's email:  "My hubby and I both got inked last October in support of our four years old son Jacob who was diagnosed [in] January 2010. He started pumping in August 2010. One day he said to me, ''Mom, am I the only one in the world who has a pump?'' I knew he felt alone on his diabetes planet so we decided to join him! I told him that we too would get pumps, that T1 is part of who we are and that the love we share is way stronger than D!"

Incredible ink.  Incredible!
Two dedicated parents, and one cute kid with a great smile.

If that's not the most badass advertising Medtronic will ever get, I don't know what is.


So awesome! Coolest. Parents. Evah!


WOW! My grandson would say "those are SICK"! (that's a good thing!)

WOW!!!!! Now that's a family I'd like to meet. Thanks for sharing your story!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story! That is a loved (and very cute) little boy!

That's right...that's the way us Canadians roll!!

Love it, very COOL!!

Even though its our tattoos and our story, it brought a tear to my eye! Thank you Kerri for sharing the love and devotion we have for our sweet boy! =0)

LOVE it... that's so cool! And yeah... that's how we roll! ^

Parents of T1 kids are the coolest people ever. Especially these two. LOVE the ink.

Those parent are AWESOME!!! And whoever inked them did an amazing job!! Those tattoos almost look real!

What an amazing family!

I think it was a cute idea, they were making their son feel better about being a type 1 diabetic. I do not have diabetes but my best friend had type 1 diabetes and was on a pump, her diabetes went away.

Absolutely wonderful!

This is freaking awesome.

WOW!! I have goose bumps.


Amazing! I have to say that is a family that is stinking together! I love the Tat! I would love to meet this family! You all have us here in Missouri head held high and shouting out for a CURE! xoxo

Having Type 1 is basically having it tattooed as well. Awww, Camille and her husband make this parent proud. Tell Jacob that my son Brendon has a pump too! And that Brendon has a little brother named Jacob. He is not alone :)

Krystie, type 1 diabetes can't go away...

Wow. Those rock.

WOW!!!! This is so amazing. What wonderful parents

That little guy really is cute! Awesome story - thanks for sharing it with us all.

Truly heart-warming! Thanks to your putting our company-name in the title, my alerts picked it up and we will definitely circle back with Camille.
Lynda from Medtronic :)

So amazingly cool!

WOW! What awesome parents. Very original idea for showing support for their son. Seen plenty of medical alert diabetes tattoos but nothing like this before. Love it!

Beautiful....Mom and Dad..you R O C K!!!!!!

So unique!! What creativity! (also awesome bad assery)

That, my friends, is some seriously righteous ink!!! And now I need a tissue. WoW!!

Wow!!! So heartwarming! The little guy is so loved! this act is beautiful because it speaks volumes. It tells him, through actions, that they recognize what a burden it must be to have diabetes and deal with a pump, and that though they don't have to, nor can they ever truly understand, they are diving in with him so that he never has to feel alone.

I love it!

Actually Kristie, even type 2 can't go away. It can be under control, but if you go back to bad eating habits and do not exercise it will definately be a problem. You either have it or you don't.

Kerri - wow - thanks for sharing this story! We aim to make every one of our customer experiences as great as this one, and are glad when our technology can be part of their successful diabetes management story. We'll definitely reach out to this family.

Amanda Sheldon
Director of Public Relations
Diabetes business unit of Medtronic

Righteous ink INDEED! I can only hope to be half as awesome as these guys if/when I have kiddos myself. What love!

My wife says she won't get a tat for me! Oh well. Someone said it gave them goosebumps, well that certainly better than "pump bumps". Oh the itch of it all. Great photo of Mom, Dad and the little pumper. We pumpers are everywhere.

What a wonderful show of support. As a grandmother, adamantly opposed to tattoos, I would gladly get inked to show unity for a grandchild in need of a pump.

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