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Novolog Cake Pops = Amazing.

You know when you're skimming through the newsfeed on Facebook, and something totally grabs your face and says "LOOK AT ME I AM THE AWESOME?"

Yes, that's precisely what happened when I stumbled upon Faye's photo of Novolog-inspired cake pops.  (You did read that correctly.  Here, look:)

We're gonna need a bigger bottle.
Photo - and cake pops - by Faye!

Faye has been living with type 1 since the age of 9, and for her 18th diaversary she wanted to make something special and bolus-worthy. Her current obsession has been cake pops (making them and feeding them to her non-d friends, even though I can safely say that some of her d-friends would happily go chompies on one), so when she saw the bright orange candy melts at her local AC Moore, a lightbulb went off - NovoLog cake pops! It was too funny (and ironic) to pass up. It's a celebration of living with diabetes for 18 years, and it's also a tribute to the diabetes community and a reminder to find the humor in our journey.

In addition to being a mad scientist in the kitchen, she is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in the Philadelphia area.  You can check out here photography site here!

Awesome, Faye.  Thanks for sharing this.  Let me know when your photography/bakery is shipping to Rhode Island!  :)


Love. Love. LOVE!!!!

Oh my GOSH! I love it! Those are awesome! Thanks for making me smile!

Wow, creativity knows know bounds!

These are so awesome! I'd love to take a bite out of that bottle.

Soooo... I'm not the only Diabetic with a sweet tooth??!! I thought I was alone on that one, too! Those are awesome and 'YES, I CAN eat *that*' :)

("There are only 2 things we can't eat. Poison... and cookies... made with poison" ...lol)

So BRILLIANT!!!! Faye, will you make these for our next meet up? It's getting hot in Philly, that should mean a pending meet-up soon - right?

This is awesome! LOVE this!!!

Wow, what an original idea. Love them! #wishicouldtastethem

*WANT*. (That is all.)

Mad love for these


Such a cool idea!!
We just had 'normal' cupcakes this year...will sooo have to get more creative next year! ;)

I WISH I were that creative!! I loved these when I saw them too :)

WOW! This is AMAZING!!! So cool! Thanks for posting!

Best cake pops ever!

I, too, love to make (and eat!) cake pops, but Faye's Novolog cake pops trump anything I've ever created! :)

They make me laugh, they make me want to bolus and they make me hungry. They are simply marvelous!

Wow. That's more than just a cakepop...that is GENUINE ART!!!!! I hope she makes more yummy creations and shares the pictures!!!!

They are amazing. I bet they taste as good as they look.

Faye is quite talented for sure.

It would have been awesome if she listed the nutrition facts on the back. None the less these are great, pure genius.

I am laughing on the floor with this one. On my fifth cancerveristy I made boobie cakes using an Easter egg cupcake mold and ju-ju-bees and took them to my oncologist and surgeon. Everyone was very receptive. Glad to know that I can make the same fun on my diaversity.

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