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The One About Not Getting It RIght On the First Try.

Chug, chug, chug!!So last night's basal adjustments were a bit ... eh. 

Actually, they totally sucked it up.

I went to bed at 140 mg/dl, knowing that a low might be lurking due to the basal tweaks, but the Dexcom was flatlined, so I felt reasonably comfortable.  At my 2:30 am check, I was 108 mg/dl, and again saw the flatline on that graph.

So when I woke up to the Dexcom BEEEEEEEEP!ing at me and my head almost sunk into the sweaty pillow, I wasn't pleased.  Honestly, I was frozen there a bit, trying to communicate with my hand to force it to reach up and wipe the sweat from my forehead.

"Chris."  The ceiling fan was whirring, but he woke with a start at the sound of my voice.  He reached over and touched my forehead, almost like he knew exactly what was going on.

"You're sweaty," he said, already getting up from bed.

"I need juice."  Conserving my movements to hang on to as much glucose as I could.

He was already in the kitchen and coming back with a glass of grape juice before I realized I was holding my breath.  

Nothing tastes more desperate than that feeling of grape juice hitting my still-sleepy mouth.  I worry briefly about the sheets I had taken out of the dryer earlier in the day, knowing I was probably staining them purple with every clumsy sip.

Chris reached over and took the Dexcom receiver from my side of the bed.  "I didn't hear this go off."

"I did."

"I need to hear it, too."  He put the receiver between us and rubbed my shoulders, the empty juice glass safely on the bedside table.

It took almost fifteen minutes for me to be able to function in any way.  By the time I actually tested my blood sugar, I was 71 mg/dl.  I don't want to think about how low I was at the outset.  I was able to walk into the bathroom and brush my teeth.  Catching a look at myself in the mirror, I looked like I had been dragged through hell.

Back in bed, I turned my pillow over to the sweat-free side.

"Baby.  You know how I said that the sweating symptom disappeared?"


"It's back."

Basals have been tweaked to reflect a lower range.  Here's hoping tonight is an easier night's rest.


oy, kerri!! i'm so sorry; that is SO scary when that happens. i'm glad you turned 'em down a bit. and *phew* thank goodness for chris! caring husbands are a god-send with this dang disease...:/

My Dexcom receiver resides between our pillows for this very reason--I almost never hear it. I usually wake up to, "Holly, you're beeping." Hope you find a stable basal rate soon. Middle of the night lows are the worst!

Ugh, that sounds awful. I hate the night sweats and the heart racing that goes with them.

Here's to a better night tonight!

I couldn't think of a better word than desperate. Beautiful post. I hope tonight is better!

I'm so happy Chris was there for you. What a great guy! I am also terrified of changing my son's overnight basal rates. I hope you get it right tonight. good luck!

Oi, I hate those, K. I'm sorry. Good luck with tonight's adjustments. I'm thinking of you. xoxo

Aw, your husband is so sweet! :) That stinks about the sweaty low blood sugar, those are the worst! Good luck tonight.

:( I hate these nights. Night lows are the WORST. Chris is so amazing. You are so lucky! Hopefully you get better sleep tonight and figure out those pesky basals.

UGH!! Middle-of-the-night-lows just plain suck! At least you tired to tweek it... I'm horrible at that!

Your husband sounds great. Nice post. Basals cerainly aren't boring. When you deal with d, that is.

YUCK! Sure hope tonight is way, way better!

Been there ! I empathize with you...suggest eating 1 chip-ahoy cookie before putting the head down......Ok, maybe 2

Good luck tonight! This is why I will forever check Riley and Devin while they are sleeping. I actually sleep better, even if it is interrupted, just because I know they are okay.

I hope all goes well tonight. I am also dealing with high bg's in the morning but I think its caused by my evening lows. I have been experiencing low bgs around 9pm. 40's and 50's. So I treat the low and watch the CGM go up and up and up till about 4am. So I have been focusing on my evening bgs. I'll have to do your diabetes science experiment soon - I am sure. Hang in there. @>--;--

Night time lows sure do suck. By the time I've stumbled to the kitchen, I'm so thoroughly awake, I can't VT back to sleep (double-suck). That's why I like having juice boxes in my bedside table. I can just reach over, slurp away, and often I can drift back to sleep. I LOVE juice boxes!

I am not sure I have ever read a low post that touched me as this one has Kerri. Sharing it. Thank you.

Wow! You are lucky to have a husband. I only have me, myself, I and my MM Revel with CGM. So far I have never experienced an extreme low in bed (just maybe 65, caught on the CGM before things got out of control.) I set my LOW BG setting for 88 and my HIGH BG setting for 144. Works for me.

Do you have any trouble with the receiver getting info while you sleep? Where is your transmitter? I used to wear mine on my upper abdomen,and was completely frustrated by the spotty readings I sometimes got (with receiver on bedside table). I'm gonna try mine again this weekend...

This makes me feel so bad for you, I know how this feels and when I look in the mirror afterwards I look like I have been thru hell and back. I wish there was an easy answer but everything affects blood sugars even the type of mood I am in.

Basal testing sucks - but Chris is totally awesome!!

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