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CWD: Catching Up.

With early morning "fun runs" (note: fun never equals run, as far as I'm concerned), non-stop Friends for Life sessions, business meetings, excessive drinking of both the Diet Coke and perhaps a shot of Patron or two (don't judge - humans attend Friends for Life, too, you know), and a severe lack of WiFi in the Coronado Springs Resort down at Disney World, blogging was hard last week.

Actually, I barely acknowledged the Internet last week.  Once I was back in my hotel room each night, I face-planted into bed instead of doing some writing.  But it was amazing to be so present at this year's Friends for Life conference, instead of concentrating on emails and other online messes.  This conference was emotionally exhausting in the most beautiful way, and has completely and utterly revived my diabetes management.  (FFL : diabetes defibrillator as fun : not running?)  I've reconnected with some of my favorite diabetes family members, and met some new ones I have been itching to hug in person for months now.  So much to think about, so much to say, and so, so much coffee is needed to process this stuff.

The words are still queuing up in my head, but today is a travel day, so I'm still not reunited with my office.  However, while my blog collected a little dust last week, thankfully my camera did not. 

 Scott, Kerri, and George at Friends for Life.  They are indeed my "insert conference title here."
Scott, Kerri, and George.  [Insert name of the conference here.]

Creative Muscle 101
Me with Peter Nerothin of Insulindependence.  His organization is one I'm looking forward to sharing more details about here.  He's a brilliant guy with some seriously fashionable pants.

Me and my "first child." 

Sara(aah) and I thought we would wait until we were both completely exhausted and totally beat down to take a photo together.  :)  But we DID it!

Jacquie is awesome.  As you probably already knew.

Meeting Jacquie from Typical Type 1 was a huge highlight for many reasons, but once I realized we shared a common sense of fashion, it was total game on.  (Ann Taylor Loft skirts for the frickin' win.)

Scrumptious ... the FOOD he cooks, you perverts!  Not him!
As a person whose pots and pans are most often clean and covered in a thin layer of dust, meeting Chef Sam Talbot was mostly exciting because he's tall, has type 1 diabetes, and enjoys a good cuss now and again.  While I plan to purchase his cookbook, I am terrified to attempt the recipes and will most likely notify the fire station when I crack the spine of that book.  But PWD FTW once again.  :)

So.  Embarrassing.
And this sad photo.  Of me, stuck in the pouring rain in my CWD rain poncho.  It started pouring in the Magic Kingdom on Sunday, and I didn't notice.  (I was fiddling with my cell phone while waiting for Chris - who flew down on Friday night to enjoy the weekend in Disney World with his frazzled wife - to finish up a phone call in a different area.)  Then the sky opened up, and I ended up stuck underneath an awning for about 20 minutes, strategically positioned underneath a narrow window awning. Chris was across the "street" and safely in a shop, with several dozen people, all facing my soggy, soloist self.  He tossed the CWD poncho across the alley like a life preserver, and people waved at me while I stood there - completely by myself and being pelted by raindrops - across the alley. Most awkward moment, by far, of the whole vacation. 

I miss my PWD friends.  And I can't wait for next year's conference. 


Such a treat to meet you and hubby too! Hopefully BSparl next time. She and Lila can hang. :)

I wish we had something like this in the UK.

It all sounds so wonderful! Can't wait to hear more about it!

You deserve a break now and then from the internets and so glad to see you got one during the amazing event. :)

Thanks for the great photos to start the week off with a smile, Kerri. Bummed to have missed out on the FFL fun this year, but can't wait to read everyone's takes on it and see even more photos. Sounds like good times and good peoples, even with the rain ponchos.

Yay! It was so great to finally see your face outside the context of my laptop screen!

Also for the win: $9 tank tops from Target.

Kerri - It would be against the blogger code to copy and paste your blog into my own, right?

Jacquie - I think I had 4 or 5 of the Target tank tops with me :)

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm hoping to be able to attend next year and finally meet all of you guys!!!

Are you kidding me with Chef Sam??? You forgot to mention one thing: HE IS FOXY AS HELL. *fans self* These conferences sound so awesome, I wish I could attend so I can meet you and Jacquie, and um, Sam. ;)

You forgot to mention "good looking" in the list of mentioning why it was exciting to meet Chef Sam! It seems all these great diabetes gatherings are always on the east coast, or are those just the ones that you attend? Would love to hear about something on the west coast, or even more specifically, Seattle

Nice meeting you again!

To Donna: there is a UK CWD conference. Maybe it could use an adult T1 track as well?

FFL UK sold out in weeks, maybe days several months ago. CWD's Focus on Technology )pumps, sensors, etc.) will be in Seattle Nov 18-20. FFL Canada in Toronto July 29-31, 2011, in Vancouver Aug 29-31, 2012. Full list of upcoming events is at www.childrenwithdiabetes.com Sorry for typos.

Maybe next year I can enjoy some Patron with you ;)

Glad to see you met Peter. I volunteer some of my time to manage one of Insulindependence's clubs and have run a number of races with Peter and the rest of the IN gang. GREAT organization and GREAT people. The Triabuddies stuff chokes me up every time. ;-)

Oh Kerri how I wish I had gone. Florida in July just seems like suicide to my poor fair skin :( One day I will muster the courage after I have bought stock in Banana Boat maybe.

Question? why didn't you just cross the alley? I think I need to go back and reread that part lol

Man no internet access at Coronado springs? We're going there in a couple weeks and I was really hoping for the free wifi. Not even in the conference rooms?

Sigh. May have to break down and pay for it.

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