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To my daughter,

YOU CAN WALK!!! And it's about time, my love.  Because even though I know it's totally fine that you didn't truly walk until you were fourteen months old and you didn't regard it as your preferred method of transportation until like two weeks ago, I was still a little concerned.  It seemed like everyone was running all over the place, and you were content to crawl.  Was it because you're my first and I love your face and I pick you up and snuggle you at every available opportunity?

Mowing the lawn has never looked happier.

Either way - HA!  You showed me.  You started taking your tentative first steps a while ago, but now you literally run amuck.  Your fat little legs can move you from one side of the back deck to the other in record time.  You do laps around the patio table.  You want to climb the stairs and chase the kitties and push your toy lawnmower and you definitely want to point your fingers in the air while you walk and yell "YAY!!!!"  (The fingers-in-the-air thing makes me laugh out loud, because you look like a high speed disco queen.)  And while I may regret saying this, I'm so glad you're walking.  Mainly because it shows that you're growing up, but also because you look so silly standing up and toddling around because you are so damn twerpy.

You have changed so much in the last few weeks that it's starting to make me nervous.  (I checked your back for a "pause" button, but haven't found it yet.)  It's cool though because we can actually PLAY.  Last week, we swapped out your little baby car seat for the Big Girl car seat, and conveniently, the box transformed swiftly and easily into a spaceship.  You crawled right inside the thing and tolerated my silliness while we pretended to travel through space, with Space Siah right outside of the ship's window.

Flying our cardboard spaceship through space, time, and cats.

Your vocabulary is coming along, but in entertaining patches.  We're way past "kitty" now, and have moved on swiftly to "cow," "duck," and "snack."  (These words are not necessarily related.)  Your babbling is taking on a very conversational tone, and when you "read" your books out loud to me, it almost sounds correct.  When I ask you what the cow says, you reply confidently with "moooo ... oon?"  A piggy says "nuff nuff" and sometimes also "piggy."  Bunnies say "rabbit, rabbit."  Actually, many animals say their own names in our house, which may lead to some confusion in the future.  But for now, it is fun to watch you giggle when I pound my chest and yell "Go-rill-a!!"

However, what makes me laugh the most is what I hear in your babbling.  Oftentimes, you just toddle around mumbling "Dumbledore," which makes me wonder how much Harry Potter I read while pregnant.  "Chris, I swear she is saying 'Dumbledore.'"  And your daddy laughed at me, until we were in the car last night and he heard you from the backseat musing quietly about "Dumbledore, Dumbledore."  I rest my case.

And that hair.  Oh Birdy, I know that your auntie has curly hair and that your great-Grammie had curly hair, but seriously, yours is out of control.  In the morning, when your mom and dad rescue you from your crib, your hair makes you look six inches taller than you actually are.  Daddy calls you "tornado head," and he's totally right.  It doesn't help that you are fast becoming Linus with your blanket, dragging that knitted, cotton lovey around with you and occasionally rubbing your face into it, thus teasing your brown curls into complete chaos.  Kid, I wish my hair had that kind of volume.   

To me, you are the prettiest little brown-eyed girl I've ever seen.  But clearly, you look nothing like me.  I am okay with this, because you look just like your adorable daddy.  Just not like me.  And this was confirmed by the woman at the grocery store a few weeks ago who asked me if I did domestic adoption.  "No, she's my biological daughter."  Awkward pause.  "But ... thank you?"  (What do you say to that?)  Regardless of who you look like or where you came from, I think you're awesome.

Fifteen months already.  Damn girl, you need to slow down and let me catch up with all this change.  You are leaving the baby version of yourself behind and are turning into my little girl right before my eyes. 

Faster than you can babble "Dumbledore."



Put a brick on her head and tell her to stop growing up so fast!! :)

Who ASKS if a child is adopted?! This the strangest, rudest thing I've ever heard. Even if the child is black and the mom is white, I would probably never actually ASK. Sheesh! The nerve of some people.

But Birdy is beautiful and I hope I get to see her before she graduates high school!

I do enjoy her monthly 'milestones' so much--she's a beauty and clearly has your spirit, if not your 'face'. Enjoy these wonderful days.

So. Cute.
The End :)

Allison - I was a little like "Hey, okay! You're a weirdo from the grocery store," but it just goes to show that some people have no social graces. I'm used to people saying very odd things to me.

Linds - I am heading to the store today for a brick. ;)

Wow, she's growing up so fast! I think most parents would say "be careful what you wish for" and walking is certainly one of those, because it quickly turns into running! Still, that means more excitement is ahead. You have a few years before potty-training is on the horizon, but that will be another fun experience, no doubt. In the interim, video-record these first steps and many of the others along the way, as these days will be history so soon!

She's getting so big! So adorable.

And on the adoption thing--people astound me. My mom tells a story about being at the grocery store with my sister and me when we were little, and a woman walked up to her and told her that she must not be feeding us enough. So this level of rudeness is not a recent event (I'm over 40). People can be so strange.

My best friend's kids--all three of them--looked exactly like their daddy for the first 5 or 6 years. As they grew, they took on more of the characteristics of both parents.

She's absolutely precious, thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Those are the cutest little fat legs ever! And that spaceship box is awsome--what a great mom you are! I love hearing about birdy's milestones--it brings me back to my own babies, now 8 and 11. It's such a sweet time and it goes by so fast. :( But more good things are coming. :)


Seriously? That adoption question?? People just baffle me . . . (PS: I still see a lot of you in her!!)

My friend's two-month old granddaughter projectile vomited breast milk on my last night just before I went out on the tennis court. Yes, I played for two hours smelling like baby puke. It actually made me nostalgic!

She is super adorable! I found your blog while googling pregnancy and diabetes, and I must say, you are an inspiration that one day, I can do it! I mean, I know it'll be tough, but it can be done. And the reward is the best, as I'm sure you are well aware of! Thank you!

First off, HOW RUDE!!! I mean, people all over say stupid things (like the people who asked me if I said goodbye to my mother before she died-what kind of question is that??), but asking if your child is adopted? Where do they get the nerve? Where does a question like that even come from? And why ask you???

Second, OH MY GOSH BIRDIE GOT SOOO BIG!!! And adorable! Oooh, I just wanna hug her!

Third, Dumbledore? Seriously? Her vocabulary consists of moon, kitty, duck, snack, cow...and Dumbledore? What kind of little kid word is that?

(Answer: A cute one!)

:) She's adorable. And I'm adopted and looked so much like my adopted dad that most people think I wasn't adopted. :P She really does look so much like Chris!

Cara - Exactly. :) One of my cousins is adopted and he looks exactly like his mother. Some people are just rude. And I always manage to find them. ;)

She is terribly adorable! walking a little later might not be so bad, my one nephew walked at 10 months and the other did at 9 months and that seemed really soon! I cant imagine someone asking if she's adopted! Enjoy her all you can :)

Birdie is so cute - the adoption thing happened to me, my ex is 1/2 Japanese and my daughter favors that side of the family, especially as baby and toddler - so we were on an airport bus going from parking to the airport and this lady kept staring at her and whispering to her husband and finally asked me - where did you adopt her from. I said she's mine - pointed to my husband and said - he is 1/2 Japanese (he doesn't look it and neither does my daughter now - they change so much as they grow) the lady was mortified and her husband couldn't stop laughing. I got the impression he was thrilled her nosiness had finally embarrassed her. I was laughing inside myself - at least she was embarrassed she asked such a question and was wrong.

Enjoy her. My son is nearly 4 1/2, and we have another child on the way. This post reminds me of the days when he was growing up, and while I love everything about him now, those days of pulling himself up are gone. Two days ago, I said to him "dee-ba-dee" (which was the start of a silly game we played when he was really young... like, two or three) and he was confused. At the time, he remembered all the silly words and appropriate responses, but the kid who never forgets anything had no clue what I was talking about. They grow up too fast.

I KNEW I loved that kid! The fact that she's saying "Dumbledore" just cemented it! Can we PLEASE clone her? :-)

Since BSparl is babbling, I think you absolutely *must* watch this now (the famous ranting toddler Facebook video): http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1254261195230

(Or at least part of it, it's quite long.)

Time flies! I know you hear it all the time but it's true.

Take it from the ninja with a senior in high school.

Wow, you can make a post about a baby so readable.

Aw she is such a cutie pa-tootie! I can't believe some complete strager would ask you about adoption? So crazy! She is beautiful Kerri! :)

omg i LOVE these milestone posts.

and my kid didn't walk until she was almost 14 months, so i can relate to your 'mild' 'concern'.

and that curly hair! awesome!

i hope astro-siah was wearing proper space gear. ;)

I was just wondering the other day when your next letter to Birdie post would be!
Bean started walking two days after her 15mo check up and I totally called the ped's office so they would put it in her chart that she wasn't 'delayed'...ah, first time moms!! ;)
Bug made the funniest sound for sheep...can't figure out how to type it...she would open her mouth and suck air in and make the weirdest sound...so cute!
And as soon as you find that pause button, please let me know!! :)

Brings back so many sweet memories :) First baby's milestones...first time mama experiences this amazing love.

Enjoy it.

My first is 8 now.

For the record, she's very chatty and sometimes it still sounds like babble :)

About the walking: tiny babies tend to walk earlier than larger ones. My son didn't walk until he was 14 months, either, and he turned out to be academically gifted. So NO worries, OK?? :-)

About adoption: my son is half Japanese, and I was once asked if he was Native American, and where I got him from. I just silently pointed to my belly! I really wasn't offended, because I just regarded it as a somewhat tactless curiosity question. But then, I don't get offended easily!

I do love your baby stories, and please give her a kiss for me -- I'm a baby addict! :-)

Did someone really ask you that? That's crazy. If someone was bold enough to ask me personal things about my child, I would be very frustrated. I guess it happens. Anyway, good job not smacking her good.

SO cute!!! Thanks for sharing this adorable post and pics. They DO grow up fast!

My boys are adopted (they are their fathers bio kids), and I've been mistaken for the babysitter! People need to stop assuming already.

I think you'll see more of you in her as she grows. :)

Always love your posts to Birdy, even when I read them 2 months late! Interesting yet useless trivia - scientists who study such nonsense say it's an evolutionary tactic that babies look so much like their daddies the first 2 years. To ensure Daddy knows he's the donor and will stick around to provide and fend off marauding saber-toothed tigers during that crucial first couple years. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to work for much of the current population.

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