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At the End of the Rainbow.

Normally, the morning kicks off between 7:30 and 8 am, with my kid's voice ringing out from the baby monitor and jolting me from sleep. 

This morning, she decided that 5:30 was EXACTLY the best time EVER to wake up, and everyone should join her!  Ha ha!

So when my coffee cup ended up hugged by the rainbow streaming in through the front door window, I found it only fair:

I find this to be very appropriate.

Full coffee pot, blood sugar of 84 mg/dL (or 92 mg/dL, or 102 mg/dL, depending on which meter you ask), and a smiling baby ... this early morning is looking up.


Cannot. Wait. to find the end of the rainbow this morning :)

Sounds like your day is off to a great start! Hope the rest of the day matches up :)

What an awesome start to the day, however early! And look: there really is gold at the end of the rainbow (coffee is a treasure, right?). Happy Thursday morning, Kerri!

I hope the rest of your continues that way :)

I love the sheep on the coffee mug. :)

Hey, you and I are #bgnow fasting buddies! I was 84 mg/dL this morning, too! And I was 125 mg/dL 2 hours post-prandial. Take that, diabetes! Me and my peanut butter waffle are no match for you. =P

As much as I don't like when the babies get up early, I do like the fact that I can actually shower before 10 am...

I distinctly remember being a little kid and sneaking into my parents room at the crack of dawn. My sister and I were particularly cruel, and we pried my mother's eyelids apart with our fingers and asked if she was awake. (We thought this was how you woke someone up.) And she'd just get us some chocolate milk and let us watch cartoons on her bed while she went back to sleep! Have a great day, Kerri!

(Oh, and did you really check your blood sugar three times, or were you just making a point?)


(Yes, I did read the whole post, but sheep always eclipse everything else)

The Knitter ;)

102 or 84? That's a bias of 21% based on 84. Not very comforting. And wouldn't pass the ISO 15197 glucose meter standard which is not a good standard anyway.

sounds good to me!

I don't think I have ever seen a rainbow like that. Amazing!

Kerri, I've followed your blog on Facebook via my smart phone for a few months, and it's a great & totally pos. way to start my day. I've been a Type 1 for 24 yrs. and have never gotten to know, or even met, others until very recently. It's great to get some tips, have some laughs and to feel like I'm not alone. Keep up the GREAT WORK:) Marsha

Six Until Me gets each morning off to a great start! After 24 years of Type 1, I now have tips and laughs from Kerri & friends who know exactly what it's like to live as a PWD. Thanks for sharing :)

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