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Birdy Finds a Pump.

Kid won't leave this shit alone.

She is so curious. 

"Whaaaas daaaat?"


It's a pancreas, kid! You've never seen a pancreas on the outside before?

See also, my niece :)


Quick, say "Kitty!" Works for my husband...;)

Am I the only one trying to picture Kerri actually taking this photograph? Holy Camerabatics batman! :-)

buttons and lights...totally irresistible!

Am I the only one who wants audio of Birdie saying "whaaaaats Daaaaaaat?" I'm guessing there would be some serious adorable there!

oooooh! Buttons!!!!

Lock that baby up!

The screen, that is :)

How cute! And yes... I wonder about the camera-dynamics here. Wonder if Siah was snapping the photo..? Hmm.

...and you'll be hearing "Whaaaas daaaat?" for the next year & a half or so! :p

Such a cute lil' Birdy!

Avery (age 3) today heard my pump buzz and told me, 'You have to check your blood sugar now'

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