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Blouse or Bolus?

"No, I said BOLUS.  Not blouse!"

"I said 'bolus,' not 'blouse.'"

I have this conversation ten times a day with my spell check. 


Have you added "bolus" to your spell-check dictionary? You should.

I LOVE this! I go through this a million times a day too! :) :)

Oh how I hate my new phone and its autocorrect/spellcheck. It absolutely drives me nuts! I am glad I am not the only one.

Tell your computer that it is not smarter than you and prove it by adding bolus to your spellcheck dictionary next time it pops up.

Spell check always drives me bananas. Gotta keep close tabs on it!


And whenever I want to tweet about a blouse, well just forget it!


blouse! blouse!! blouse!!!


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